Have you started with small household appliances to improve the happiness index of life?

Home is the happiest place.

A fabric sofa, a book that you like to read, a cup of tea that you like to drink… may all be the best appearance of your imaginary home.

Maybe you will be very busy, or maybe you will be very idle, but life has always been like a slow train with no end point.

The improvement of the quality of life is to find a more comfortable lifestyle in details.

At home, try to configure a humidifier.

Throughout the year, the long-term use of air conditioners will make the air dry and bring many discomforts to people: dry skin and nosebleeds … At this time, it is most appropriate to configure a household humidifier.

Fine water mist can keep the humidity in the room in the state that makes you feel most comfortable. If you still like some special tastes, you can also try the humidifier with essential oil.

Good Partner for Mite Removal: Sweeping Robot and Dehumidifier

1. If you are too lazy to sweep the floor, let the robot do it.

The work is busy, the house has not been cleaned for a long time, and the corners are covered with dust. Mites may be reveling unbridled somewhere.

If you are deeply troubled by allergies, mites will also make your body itchy and sneeze continuously…

Want to remove dust and mites but don’t want to do it yourself? Sweeping robot is a good choice. It doesn’t need to be set up. Put the dust box away and turn on the switch. It will automatically help you clean every corner of the room.

2. If the air is humid, try the dehumidifier.

The most suitable humidity for human body is generally 30% ~ 50%. Using dehumidifier to control the humidity in the home at this level can also effectively reduce the growth of mites.

Electric toothbrush, brushing teeth is labor-saving and clean.

Tooth cleaning is the first topic to wake up every morning to welcome a new life.

Manual brushing, if you don’t use the correct brushing method, it is difficult to achieve the ideal cleaning effect.

The emergence of electric toothbrushes has solved this problem very well. With it, brushing teeth becomes efficient and quick. Relevant research shows that after using electric toothbrushes for three months, people who use electric toothbrushes reduce dental plaque by 21% compared with people who brush their teeth manually.

Egg Boiler, Welfare of Lazy Eating

In the kitchen, egg boilers have become more and more common. It is a blessing for lazy people to save the tedious cooking by oneself.

Put eggs on it. If there is a second layer, you can also beat an egg in a small bowl. After reading a book at the dining table for a while, you can enjoy the white boiled eggs and egg custard with tender and smooth tongue.

An egg contains about 7 grams of protein and all 8 essential amino acids needed by the human body. In addition, egg yolk is rich in lecithin, which is a very important nutrient element in the nervous system. Considering the overall price, eggs are simply the best and cheapest food in the world.

Yogurt machine, make a cup of delicious and healthy yogurt

The yogurt in the store is always sweet and greasy? Healthy yogurt without losing its taste is more popular with everyone.

Imagine using yogurt machine to DIY delicious yogurt in the kitchen. Apart from the satisfaction of taste buds, life seems to be enriched by this small matter.

By the way, you can also use the prepared yogurt and add some ingredients you like to make a delicate dessert.