Masturbate for 10 hours in a row, there is really no problem! ?

When you spend one long night after another alone holding a roll of paper, have you suddenly opened your brain and asked yourself: Human beings, how long can masturbation last?

In San Francisco, USA, an activity called Masturbate-a-Thon is held every year, that is, the combination of Masturbation + Marathon … This is a marathon to test the limit of masturbation!

Nine hours and 58 minutes, what people! ?

Masturbate-a-Thon has three major items, namely [persistence] [number of times] and [semen emission distance].

You may be able to think that the champion is either white or black. Isn’t there always a saying that “white is fierce, black is fierce and big”?

However, the fact is: the winner of the [lasting] championship twice in a row in 2008 and 2009 was a gentle, ordinary and thin young Japanese man named Masato Sato, who did not look strange at first glance.

He set a world record that stunned the web clan-9 hours and 58 minutes! ! !

To tell the truth, when men are manual, they can stick to it for 18 minutes. Is 9 hours and 58 minutes the concept of what? -When you went out to work in the morning, you saw Sato Jun masturbating there. When you came back from work in the evening, he was still working hard there…

You can ejaculate during the competition, but you must ensure that you have a continuous erection. This is difficult… Imagine for yourself, and there are referees patrolling the competition.

How did he do it?

Step 1 Use props

The rules of the competition do not allow masturbation by touching others, but you can bring all kinds of props you like. Sato brings his favorite plane cup.

Step 2 Do not rest as much as possible

Although the rules allow 5 minutes of rest per hour, one of Sato’s secrets is to push it to the end [without rest as much as possible]. Because after a rest, after eating and drinking some water, you will want to go to the toilet, which is easy to lose all your achievements.

Step 3: Keep practicing

Sato said he practiced in his living room for two hours every day.

In this world, strange souls always meet-Sato and his cohabiting girlfriend may be such a perfect couple. His girlfriend has little interest in sex, Sato does not want to force her, so he is often self-sufficient.

However, his girlfriend will support him in other ways: Sato often starts masturbating early in the morning. His girlfriend cooks, does housework and watches TV beside him, and never interferes with him. She thinks masturbating is Sato’s hobby, so she supports him and helps him time.

Step 4 Stay excited

In the competition field, what makes the vast majority of contestants finally give up may not be physical fatigue, but changes in their psychological state. After a long time, I am tired, bored, boring, and then soft.

How to maintain sexual excitement for a long time is the key to winning, so Sato pays great attention to this aspect of preparation at ordinary times.

For example, the choice of movies, the same type of things will be tired of watching a few times, so he will constantly try new things. Personally, he tends to choose [selected albums], he likes [girl next door Style] in style, and wants cartoons, because he thinks the real version is not as perfect as cartoons… In short, his taste is not necessarily very heavy, but he is quite picky.

Step 5 Cheer yourself up

However, even so, Sato felt that the sixth hour was still very difficult, and he would have a difficult experience at this time. However, as long as [thinking of all the people around him who supported him as a spiritual support], he gave himself another shot of chicken blood and tried to stick to it.

Speaking of which, I was a little touched…

This is how he maintained an erection for 9 hours and 33 minutes in the 2008 Masturbation Marathon, winning the championship at one stroke. In the 2009 competition, he ejaculated only once in the fifth hour and then continued to maintain an erection until the ninth hour and 58 minutes, breaking his own limit and setting a new world record.

His prop is what?

Careful people may want to know when they see here, is there something special about what in his plane cup?

This is a Japanese brand of male adult products, Compared with traditional adult products, The difference of this brand is that it deliberately avoids giving the public the impression of pornography or obscenity in product design and publicity. In appearance, it will not imitate women’s sexual organs, but emphasizes the sense of design, bright tone, scientific and technological sense and function, and is known as [Apple in the field of sex toys]. They believe that such a design will help reduce the embarrassment of potential users when trying to use it, and at the same time bring the impression of cleanliness and hygiene.

If you look closely at the background, you will find that Sato Yashin is actually a member of the company and a member of the board of directors. This person is in charge of the overseas business department when he works and goes to the United States to take part in the masturbation marathon at his own expense in his private time. It is simply a model of doing only one thing well in his life…

[Masturbation is good, everyone should masturbate]

When he was still in college, Sato saw a poster introducing the adult products company in a magazine. He was deeply moved by the company’s idea of “turning sex into something that anyone can enjoy gracefully” and joined the small company with only three people at that time.

He thought it was his best home, Part of it is because he is extremely different: He seems to have been born to masturbate. He once said in an interview, His first experience of masturbation was at the age of 5, Later, I often masturbated. When I was in my third year of college, I did not forget to masturbate while looking for a job. He also likes to use various difficult body postures, so that he later got lumbar disc herniation (so, young man, correct posture is very important) and had to be hospitalized for surgery. During his one-month hospitalization, he thought about life, [should I be a what in the future? After a long struggle, his conclusion was still: masturbation. After leaving the hospital, he met his destined company.

The Masturbation Marathon was initiated by an organization called [Center for Sex and Culture]. They advocate masturbation [nothing shady, should enjoy more]. Sato is determined to go to the United States to participate in the competition at his own expense in recognition of this concept.

[For men, masturbation is the most convenient way to relieve pressure and relax themselves. Everyone should masturbate.]

If everyone can think and enjoy masturbation like Sato, I feel that the whole world may become more peaceful and loving … (Laughter)

After understanding this problem, you may find a new direction in the face of tonight’s long night. Well, do what you can.