Healthy and nutritious [vegetable omelet] will only take a few minutes to complete the baby recipe.

Good day, start with breakfast. The pace of modern life is fast, parents and friends often don’t have time to prepare breakfast for their children. Today we will make a healthy, delicious and nutritious, the most important thing is fast hand vegetable egg cake, which is very suitable for growing children.

So how do you make this vegetable egg cake? It’s really very simple, you just have to follow these steps.


1. 100 g flour

Option 1: 50g ordinary flour and 50g corn flour (as shown in the figure)

Option 2: 100 grams of whole wheat flour

Option 3: 100g of ordinary white flour

If whole wheat flour is selected, its gluten is relatively low and its nutritional value is higher than that of ordinary white flour. Corn flour with poor viscosity, other coarse cereal flour, mung bean flour, pea flour, etc. can also be added.

2. No more than two eggs, milk or soya-bean milk can be added.

Adding eggs to flour is a convenient and nutritious method. When kneading dough, you can use warm milk or soybean milk directly without adding a drop of water. The dough thus made is elastic, not easy to adhere, not broken strips or skin, soft in taste, and adds a large amount of protein and B vitamins.

However, if it is a cake spread, you cannot add too many eggs or milk, otherwise you will have too many tendons and Q bombs.

3. Vegetables about 200g

Option 1: Carrot, zucchini, celery, cut into powder (as shown in the figure);

Option 2: Carrots, green beans, sweet corn kernels, can buy frozen mixed vegetables;

Option 3: Purple cabbage, cabbage, onion, cut into fine threads.

Option 4: Follow one’s inclinations. The vegetables left over from the previous night’s cooking can be kept for use. At the same time, in order to save the morning time, wash and cut the vegetables one night in advance, seal them up and put them in the refrigerator for refrigeration.

3. Oil: about 20g, adde several times

4. Appropriate amount of salt, black pepper and shrimp skin

Cooking utensils: It is best to choose a flat-bottomed non-stick pan. Even if you are not very skilled in cooking, this will not burn the pan, and it will better make the cake absorb less oil.

Cooking steps:

Mix the vegetable powder and flour well.

Add appropriate amount of salt, white pepper, shrimp skin, broken egg liquid and appropriate amount of water, and mix in one direction to form batter;

Heat the non-stick pan with a little oil, scoop a spoonful of batter into the pan (the size can be arbitrary), fry one side, and then turn over the side. When both sides are golden yellow and there is no burnt paste, you can get out of the pan.

Repeat the above steps if the decoction is not finished at one time.

Nutritional additive score

According to the idea of making vegetable egg cakes, batter can also be mixed with a little rice porridge, millet porridge, sweet potato mashed, potato mashed and wet bean dregs.

Spread them out in a pan, put some chopped green onion or onion rings on the surface, add some ham strips, crab stick strips, squid whiskers, sausage diced, etc. for decoration, then pour batter into the same procedure, fry one side, and then turn over the side to fry, which will be more attractive and gorgeous breakfast.

Nutritionist Summary

For children, a balanced breakfast cannot just be cake, bread and steamed bread. The staple food contains a variety of ingredients that provide high-quality protein and fresh fruits and vegetables, which will be very good. However, a vegetable egg cake with vegetables providing dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins can prevent and improve constipation in children. Eggs provide high-quality protein and fatty acids, which is conducive to intellectual development. In addition, coarse cereal flour with more abundant nutrients can be used to obtain more abundant B vitamins, and a full breakfast can be easily matched.

Recommend some perfect breakfast combinations

Match 1: Vegetable Egg Cake + Warm Milk/Soymilk + Strawberry/Tomato/Kiwi Fruit + Walnut

Match 2: Vegetable egg cake + coarse cereal porridge + spiced beef + kelp mixed with bean sprouts

Match 3: Vegetable Egg Cake + Bean Curd + Almond Sauce Mixed with Auricularia auricula