High-tech health products, be careful not to be fooled.

In order to add to the icing on the cake, many people turn to health care products in the hope of eating them healthily. In recent years, those health care products with the so-called [high-tech] [Nobel Prize] background have been publicized with great hype, often giving people the feeling of [ignorance].

However, the reason for [Jue Li] is only because [unknown].

Next, I will take stock of several common [high-tech health products] to help everyone [understand].

All kinds of magical water: negative ion water, nano water, water element water, magnetized water

The body needs water to transport nutrients and metabolic wastes in the body. No matter drinking what water, water can only play this role.

Water itself cannot produce nutritional value, let alone additional health care effects.

Facing all kinds of water, just remember:

Any water that claims to be able to [cure diseases] [protect health] is a liar, just cheating you to spend money in vain. In fact, any such advertisement is suspected of false propaganda and should be reported to the Food and Drug Administration.

As long as the water meets the national standards, it can be drunk safely and safely. Different water may have some differences in taste and mouthfeel, but there is no situation where one water is healthier than the other.

Therefore, no matter negative ion water, nano water, water element water or magnetized water, their efficacy is no different from mineral water and cold white water except for price, and there is no need to drink them as health products.

[cell wall breaking] [pine flower] [spore] powder

Pine pollen is the dried pollen of Pinus massoniana, Pinus tabulaeformis and other plants. Like other parts of the plant, it is mainly composed of protein, carbohydrate and minerals.

It can be said that it contains many other foods, and its content is not necessarily more.

The Health Planning Commission announced in 2004 that pine pollen and other pollen should be managed as common food-that is to say, it can be eaten casually like radish, cabbage, rice and steamed bread, but has no special [health care effect].

Pine pollen or [broken wall pine pollen] produced by some manufacturers has obtained the trademark of police tactical unit of health care products, and its function is to [enhance immunity]. In this regard, two things should be remembered:

  1. It is claimed that [enhancing immunity] is legal, and other functions are illegal.

  2. [Enhancing immunity] is a very vague function. China’s health care product approval can meet the requirements as long as a few designated animal experiments are provided. Such experimental evidence will not be approved by the Food and Drug Administration if it is in Europe, America and other countries.

In short, there is no need to eat any pine pollen product, whether it is [broken wall] or [spores], no matter how hyped it is.

Artemisinin Health Products-Artemisinin Cake and Artemisinin Supplement

Chinese scientist Tu Youyou won the Nobel Prize for artemisinin, and various artemisinin health products were put on the shelves.

[Nobel Prize Artemisia annua cake] [Artemisinin capsule] and so on are all claimed to have [anti-tumor, antibacterial, anti-parasite, antipyretic, improving immunity, improving cardiovascular function, treating silicosis, relieving waist soreness and backache] and other functions.

First of all, artemisinin has been proved to be effective in treating malaria. So if there is no malaria, why take drugs to treat malaria?

Secondly, eating artemisinin for anti-tumor is also unreliable.

In animal experiments and cell experiments, artemisinin has demonstrated its ability to kill cancer cells.

However, in such experiments, countless kinds of substances that can kill cancer cells can be found every year, and in the end, fewer substances can be proved to be really anti-cancer than those that win the first prize in the lottery.

Besides, artemisinin health care products have been recorded as liver injuries. Buying lottery tickets is just a waste of money. To eat such health care products to fight cancer is to test drugs for mice, which may damage health.

As for other [effects], basically the seller writes casually, and if you are serious, you will lose.

Telomerase health product

The 2009 Nobel Prize is about the protection of telomeres on chromosomes and the mechanism of telomerase protection of telomeres.

After digestion, the enzyme cannot have physiological activity. Therefore, the [telomerase health products] on the market claim to [stimulate] [promote] the synthesis of telomerase.

It is logically possible, but it is only [logically] possible. In reality, scientists have not confirmed which thing can have these functions.

Selenium-enriched yeast-glucan-selenium supplement

[Selenium-enriched yeast-glucan] integrates two components: selenium and-glucan.

Selenium is an essential nutrient for human body. Seafood and animal viscera are the most abundant food sources of selenium.

Adults can take 55 micrograms of selenium a day to meet their needs, while pregnant women and parturients need slightly more. There is not enough scientific evidence to judge whether additional supplements in excess of this amount will have anti-cancer or other [health care effects].

Yeast selenium can also be used as a way to supplement selenium. However, unless in a few [selenium-deficient areas], the average person does not need to supplement it.

As for-glucan, it is a polysaccharide that is not digested and absorbed by human body.

Like other dietary fibers, there is no clear data on how effective they are, but fortunately there is no harm, and it is no harm to eat them without considering the cost performance.

A large part of the core concept of health care products is “deception”. The concept of failing to pass the experiment has been replaced by another one, and ordinary nutrients have been labeled as anti-cancer and immunity enhancing. What’s more, under the banner of “State Council” and “Special Supply”, consumers who have urgent needs for health have been specially deceived.

In fact, these health care products are really not so magical and there is no need to spend a high price to buy them.

Next time you see these so-called “high-tech” health products, please keep your eyes open and carefully identify them. Don’t blindly invest large sums of money, which will affect your health. If there is something wrong with your health, you should see a doctor in time and listen to the professional advice of your doctor.