Massage Makes Blood Vessels Younger? Really want to [pass] blood vessels, these three moves are the most reliable

What should I do if the blood vessel is blocked?

-Can massage and slapping dredge blood vessels?

-Can preventive infusion dredge blood vessels every year?

-Can eating agaric, garlic and eggplant dredge blood vessels?

Although we often compare human blood vessels to tap water pipes, it is really not as simple as passing through sewers.

The fact is, blood vessels are generally not blocked, but if they are blocked, misuse of some methods circulated in the community will not only fail to improve the disease condition, but may also affect health.

The reason for this is to ask Dr. Fan Zeyang of vascular surgery to briefly talk about it.

Healthy blood vessels with smooth inner wall and smooth blood flow; In unhealthy blood vessels, the inner wall will produce a substance that blocks blood vessels, which is medically called plaque.

If the blockage is serious, it may bring risks of myocardial infarction, stroke and even death.

Blood vessels are blocked, massage will pass?

Shoulder discomfort, massage may work, but dredging blood vessels is really not its strong point.

Blood vessel blockage is a long and slow process. If it is really blocked, massage, beating, acupuncture, cupping and other methods cannot make blood vessels pass at once.

More importantly, under certain special circumstances, these methods may also [help].

For example, when venous thrombosis of lower limbs occurs, massaging legs not only cannot help reduce swelling, but also may cause thrombosis to fall off, resulting in more serious consequences.

Can regular bloodletting improve the problems of thick blood and numbness of hands and feet?

No, bloodletting therapy is only useful for some special diseases.

Medicine is about evidence, and so far there is no evidence to tell us that long-term bloodletting can improve vascular blockage, so we also do not recommend that everyone bleed at home to cure diseases.

Infusion twice a year helps dredge blood vessels?

Want to prevent? There are methods, but not infusion.

The best way to prevent vascular blockage is always: healthy lifestyle + correct drug control.

If it is acute thrombosis, the doctor will give a very strict infusion plan to improve the condition. If it is chronic coronary heart disease and lower limb arterial disease, infusion really cannot help what.

Eating more XXX is helpful to dredge blood vessels?

There is a sentence I don’t know when I don’t want to say it…

Then say it.

In the vast majority of cases, there is no way to cure diseases simply by eating certain foods.

The best way to eat is still to eat what.

When it comes to specific dietary suggestions, you may say it more smoothly than I do…

For example, what eats more vegetables and fruits, more cereals and beans, and coarse grains and flour and rice should be eaten together. At ordinary times, you can eat some fish, pay attention to supplementing dairy products, and eat less barbecue, red meat, sweets, etc.

Yes, these familiar words are still the best choice for health. I really don’t want everyone to give up or delay formal treatment because of a [dietotherapy]. The body is my own and I can’t afford to delay.

More importantly, if you listen to some [folk remedies] and eat honey what, it will do more harm than good to friends with poor cardiovascular system.

This is not right, that is not right, what should I do if the blood vessels are really blocked?

To deal with vascular blockage, I’ll teach you 3 tricks.

1. Correcting Bad Living Habits

I know you have heard too many [good habits] [good methods], and your ears may have cocoons, but as angiologists, you still have to say:

Eat more vegetables and drink less, control weight and not smoke, control three highs and take good medicine, and exercise properly to be happy!

Step 2 Take the medicine according to the doctor’s advice

Drugs are an important means to control vascular blockage. All kinds of lipid-lowering drugs, hypoglycemic drugs and antihypertensive drugs are doctors’ invisible hands. They can effectively stabilize vascular plaques and prevent the deterioration of the disease.

The medicine prescribed by the doctor must be taken according to the doctor’s advice. If you have finished taking the medicine, don’t think everything is all right. The doctor said that you should review it regularly, so you must remember to review it regularly.

3. Surgery

If the disease is serious, it is not enough to simply take medicine and correct the lifestyle. At this time, doctors will generally suggest surgery to prevent the situation from deteriorating further.

What you should do at this time is to actively cooperate with the treatment, don’t think too much. Medicine is always moving forward in small steps, and there will be more advanced treatment methods to protect the health of more people.

Professional problems, we find professional people to help solve, how about?