How can these five hazards be avoided by [brushing] mobile phones all the time?

Brush microblogs, send WeChat, watch friends anytime and anywhere…

Unconsciously, more and more people have become [mobile phone party] [low-head].

Although mobile phones are good, do you know how to deal with these hazards?

Too much use of mobile phones can cause tenosynovitis.

Use your mobile phone to send WeChat, play games too much, and use your thumb frequently for a long time. The tendon sheath of your thumb (the red part in the figure below) causes inflammation, swelling and limited movement due to too frequent activities, thus causing pain.

Tenosynovitis is a chronic strain disease. Correcting long-term incorrect posture is the key to prevention.

Correct way:

  1. If you can use voice input, you will type less, and if you can use two hands, you will use less one hand.

  2. If you use your mobile phone for more than half an hour, you need to stop and relax.

  3. Ensuring full rest of fingers and wrists can relieve pain.

If you still cannot relieve the pain, you can go to a doctor and adopt other treatment methods.

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Lying and watching mobile phones may cause myopia.

When lying down and using a mobile phone, it is easy to read at a relatively close distance for a long time. Moreover, the unstable posture of holding the mobile phone in the arm cannot guarantee that the distance between the eyes and the screen is fixed, and the muscles of the eyeball need to be controlled to adjust continuously from far to near, which is easy to cause asthenopia and lead to myopia.

Correct way:

  1. Pay attention to posture, don’t lie down or look at your cell phone on your stomach.

  2. The best distance between eyes and mobile phones is about 30cm.

  3. Move every half hour, look out into the distance, close your eyes and rest.

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Play with mobile phones for a long time, be careful [dry eye]

In general, people blink about 20 times a minute, but when using mobile phones, due to too much concentration, the number of blinks per minute decreases, resulting in reduced tear secretion and changes in tear composition. Once the stability of tear film and the integrity of corneal epithelium are damaged, it will lead to the occurrence of [dry eye].

Correct way:

  1. Blink more, drink more water and keep indoor air moist.

  2. Pay attention to eye hygiene. If you feel uncomfortable with your eyes for too long, do not rub them or wipe them with paper towel.

  3. Regular rest and more outdoor activities;

  4. If you improve your eye habits and your symptoms do not improve, you’d better see an ophthalmologist or use artificial tears appropriately.

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Can I play with my cell phone when I am with my children?

In modern life, mobile phones are becoming more and more important, and many people will feel that mobile phones seem to stick to their hands.

However, parents will secretly blame themselves in their hearts for holding mobile phones instead of accompanying their babies wholeheartedly.

Correct way:

  1. If you don’t plan to let your baby play with your mobile phone, hide your mobile phone completely so as not to repeatedly attack your baby’s self-confidence and self-esteem in the process of competing for your mobile phone.

  2. You can also have your own life with your baby. On the premise of ensuring safety, timely response and effective companionship, you can play with your mobile phone for a while while your baby is resting and exploring independently.

  3. If the baby needs you, put down your cell phone immediately.

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When looking at things at close range in the dark, the relevant muscles in the eyes will become tense, and a series of other structural changes including: protruding lens, dilated pupil, etc., will cause the increase of intraocular pressure. Therefore, if it is a person with potential glaucoma risk factors, it is possible to induce acute angle-closure glaucoma.

In addition, even if there is no risk of glaucoma, watching a mobile phone in the dark is easy to cause asthenopia and uncomfortable eyes.

Correct way:

  1. Maintain sufficient ambient light;

  2. Don’t look at bright and dazzling light sources such as mobile phones, computers and televisions in the dark.

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The development of science and technology continues to provide convenience and fun for everyone, but has your happiness index also improved?

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