How can we make our baby healthy and less sick? Enhance immunity depends on these eight moves,

Every mother hopes that her child will be healthy and less sick. Once the baby gets sick, the whole family will shake and shake, which is a headache for every parent. Therefore, only when mothers are often struggling to find out can how make her child less sick?

In life, many mothers often try various folk remedies in order to make their children less sick and improve their immunity. However, facts have proved that there is no evidence that protein powder, amino acid solution, gamma globulin, bovine colostrum, etc. can improve the immunity of normal children.

Instead of pinning their hopes on various health products such as bovine colostrum, it is better to pay attention to daily life in daily life and promote the maturity of baby’s immunity through simpler and more effective methods.

Then the question arises… … …

How can make children less sick?

Babies are more likely to get sick than adults, often because their immune system is not perfect.

[Immune System] is a precise and complex defense network composed of immune cells, immune tissues, immune molecules, etc. in the human body, which can resist the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms to the body and prevent diseases.

People’s immunity is not perfect from birth, but gradually develops and matures in practice. Children are more likely to get sick than adults due to imperfect immune function. However, when the baby is older, for example, when he enters kindergarten and starts to live in groups, he is prone to cross infection, so he will get sick a little more.

If you want your baby to get less sick, you must help your baby to promote their immunity maturity.

The following 8 methods can simply and effectively promote the maturity of baby’s immunity.

Immunity enhancement? Please use these eight tricks

STEP 1 Adhere to breastfeeding

Health starts with dolls and immunity starts with breast milk. Compared with formula milk feeding, breast-fed infants can obtain normal and good health and intelligence level, and have lower risk of infection, allergy and other diseases.

Breast milk, especially colostrum, It is rich in substances that enhance immunity. Moreover, these immunologically active substances will not be destroyed by gastric juice, and can reach the intestinal tract directly and be absorbed by the baby’s body, thus establishing the first line of immune defense for the baby after birth. Don’t think colostrum looks yellow and unclean. In fact, nutrition is the best. Don’t listen to anyone’s nonsense and squeeze it out and lose it.

In addition, the earlier the milk is opened, the higher the concentration of immunoactive substances in the colostrum the child receives. The recommended breastfeeding concept is to let the child lie prone on the mother’s chest to drink milk within one hour after delivery. The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months and continuous breastfeeding until the baby is 2 years old.

2. Vaccination according to the procedure

Breast milk can stimulate the establishment of the baby’s immune system and let it play an appropriate defense function. However, this is passive immunity, which is the immunity borrowed by the baby from the mother and can only protect the baby for 6 months. If the baby can obtain a more lasting active immune function, the most direct way is vaccination.

The previous problematic vaccine incident has made many parents nervous about vaccination. In fact, there is no need to stop eating because of choking. Vaccination has a positive effect on preventing diseases and can reduce the risk of various infectious diseases. It is safe to choose vaccines from regular hospitals and channels.

The process of vaccination, In fact, it is a process of small contact with pathogenic microorganisms. It can stimulate the baby’s immune system to produce a small amount of antibodies, However, it will not be serious enough to cause diseases. If the baby encounters the same germs again in the future, the body’s immune system will be able to quickly recognize it and make defensive responses. For example, the immune system has done [exercises]. Through vaccination with different vaccines, the baby can gradually acquire the ability to fight various diseases.

Step 3 Get plenty of sleep

The whole family should treat their children’s sleep as a major event and create a suitable sleeping environment for their children as much as possible when the time comes. If parents cannot do this, don’t blame the children for not sleeping.

Generally speaking, newborns need 14-20 hours of sleep, children aged 1-6 need 11-14 hours, and children aged 7-10 need 10 hours of sleep.

Adequate sleep can not only promote growth hormone secretion, help grow up, but also make the baby’s immune system get timely rest and recovery. If long-term sleep is insufficient, it will disturb the normal physiological rhythm and interfere with the baby’s digestive function, immune function, mood and other aspects, so children who do not sleep well and do not sleep well usually have bad mental mood.

4. Don’t be picky about food and ensure nutrition.

The Chinese Preventive Medicine Association pointed out that in order to enhance the body’s immunity, the most important thing is to ensure a balanced diet, rich nutrition, and adequate intake of nutrients to meet the needs of maintaining the normal immune function of the human body.

After the baby is 6 months old, add supplementary foods to him in time so that he can get balanced and sufficient nutrition. At ordinary times, we should also pay attention not to be picky about food and ensure that meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits and staple foods are ingested.

In addition, milk is still one of the indispensable foods for babies before the age of one. If breast milk has been cut off before the age of one, formula milk similar to breast milk can be selected to ensure nutrition.

5. Go outdoors and exercise more

Studies have shown that if you stick to regular and not excessively strenuous exercise, the number of immune cells in the body will increase and your immunity will naturally increase.

In addition, exercise also helps to ease the baby’s bad mood, and the baby’s mind is spent on physical exercise, so there is less chance to lose his temper and play small temper.

Therefore, when the weather is fine, you may as well take your baby outdoors to play for a while, exercise coordination of movements, cultivate the ability to communicate with people, release his energy, and also let him contact a small amount of pathogenic microorganisms to exercise his immune system.

6. Do not abuse antibiotics

Many parents think that the baby has a cold and hand-foot-mouth disease, so it is not good to use antibiotics without antibiotics, so they either give the child the antibiotics already available in the family without authorization, or ask the doctor to prescribe antibiotics, and the more expensive the better at all costs.

In fact, it is not necessary in many cases, because many common infections in children are viral. Antibiotics against bacterial infections have no effect on the treatment of diseases. On the contrary, they may destroy the normal bacteria and environmental homeostasis in the human body, leading to various disorders, and naturally they will be prone to illness.

And the baby’s body organ function development is not yet mature, abuse of antibiotics will not only cause the baby to produce drug resistance, the effect is not good when it is really needed in the future, but also may cause damage to his liver, kidney and even blood system. Therefore, the baby must be cautious when giving antibiotic treatment, must be under the guidance of doctors, don’t be good at making claims.

7. Adhere to vitamin D supplementation

Many nutritional elements can be fully supplemented through balanced diet and rich food types, but at present there is only one exception. The 2016 China Dietary Guidelines have clearly pointed out that vitamin D should be supplemented. Based on the analysis of national conditions, we recommend that vitamin D 400 IU should be supplemented every day from 2 weeks after the child is born until teenagers or even adults.

Vitamin D is involved in regulating calcium concentration in the body, It strengthens bones, And has certain effect on preventing infection and improving immunity, Is the body physiology essential substance. But the daily diet vitamin D content is less, it can only be synthesized by the skin under ultraviolet radiation, but the baby’s skin is delicate and should not be exposed to the sun for a long time. Modern adults also cannot accept enough ultraviolet radiation due to air pollution, high-rise building shielding and other reasons, so they all need to supplement vitamin D additionally.

8. Wash your hands frequently and pay attention to hygiene.

The most important action is to wash your hands, which is the simplest, most effective and cheap defense method, such as washing your hands before meals and after defecation, washing your hands when you come back from going out, and you cannot eat anything without washing your hands.

At home, attention should be paid to opening windows and ventilating every day to keep indoor air fresh, inhibit the growth of dust mites and other microorganisms, and reduce the number of harmful bacteria.

During the epidemic season, parents should avoid taking their babies to crowded places with poor air circulation, and avoid contact with people suffering from infectious diseases.

[Not clean and not sick]? Don’t take it too seriously

There was also a saying before that it was “not clean but not sick”, but this statement is still controversial, after all, the degree is difficult to control, so we do not recommend it.

Sanitation and cleaning are of course very important, but don’t go to extremes. Don’t walk on thin ice all day long because you worry about your baby touching dirty things, so that your baby can’t touch this or that. You know, even if you do a good job in daily cleaning, it is impossible to achieve complete sterility.

The correct approach is:

Do general hygiene and cleanliness, develop good hygiene habits, don’t have to criticize. Because of fear of dirty and limit the baby’s activities, it is not conducive to the baby’s physical and mental development, parents should not stop eating because of choking.

In a word, adopting a scientific and healthy way of bringing up babies can enable babies to cultivate their own resistance in daily life, which is stronger than any umbrella borrowed from the outside world, and can help them to better resist external disease sources, stay away from disease troubles, and grow up healthily and healthily.