How do you know how much children should wear and whether it is hot or not?

Whenever the seasons alternate, parents begin to worry about a problem:

How many clothes should the baby wear?

If you wear less, you are afraid that your baby will freeze. If you wear more, you are afraid of covering up your prickly heat.

Today, Dr. Clove invited Dr. Shi Chunmei to tell everyone about the baby’s exquisite clothes.

How much should the baby wear?

Clothes are used to keep warm. Of course, baby’s clothes also need to be adjusted according to the temperature.

If the temperature exceeds 24 ℃, generally speaking, a single coat is enough.

Parents should never think that the baby is especially afraid of cold because of its small body. If the baby is wrapped too tightly, the baby’s skin is delicate and sweats a lot, and it is easy to cover up prickly heat.

If there is already prickly heat, what should I do? Click on the link to deal with prickly heat.

Usually, parents can match the baby’s clothes according to how much they wear. If parents think it is right to wear one dress, then the baby should not wear more than two layers of clothes.

If the temperature is lower than 24 ℃, the baby can wear several more layers.

For example, wear a undershirt on the top, a diaper on the bottom, a climbing suit, pajamas, and finally a small blanket. If it is very cold, you can bring the baby another hat.

The body temperature regulation ability of premature babies is relatively poor, and an additional layer of clothes is needed on this basis until the weight of premature babies reaches the level of full-term babies, and the body can adapt to changes in ambient temperature.

How to judge whether the baby is hot?

To judge whether the baby is hot, parents can touch the baby’s back, chest or belly.

If the baby’s back, chest or belly feels warm and dry, it is just right. If you feel sweat on one hand, you are wearing too much; If you feel cool, you are wearing less.

Many parents love to touch the baby’s hands and feet when judging the baby’s body temperature. In fact, the baby’s hands and feet are already lower than the temperature of the chest and abdomen under normal circumstances. When wearing appropriate clothes, it may feel slightly warm. As long as it is not too cold, don’t blindly add clothes to the baby.

The temperature changes greatly in different seasons, so wear it like this.

When the temperature changes greatly in different seasons, Ding Ma tells everyone two practical methods:

When you go out, bring a small vest or a thin coat at hand. When you cool down, you can add clothes to your baby in time.

If the baby wants to take part in outdoor activities with a large amount of exercise, he can bring an underwear with him and change the sweaty clothes in time after the baby sweats to make the baby feel more comfortable.