How is it more appropriate to keep your baby warm in winter?

Recently, there has been another wave of cooling. When the old people in the family call, they will habitually urge their children to wear more clothes.

Although he said [uh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh

It’s freezing cold, of course, you have to wear more clothes than usual, especially in areas where postage is not warm, so you can only rely on clothes and integrity to keep warm.

However, some precious mothers and fathers also wrap their children like zongzi at home. I just want to ask: There are so many heating equipment available now, why not?

Babies, especially newborns, are more suitable to stay in an environment with room temperature of 20 ~ 22 ℃ and relative humidity of 55%.

If the temperature in the room is too low, many adults will wear two pieces to carry it, but the baby’s thermoregulation ability is worse than that of adults, and the thermal insulation effect of wearing more clothes alone is not good.

Moreover, wearing too many clothes may affect the baby’s motor development.

We adults all have this feeling. The clothes are too thick to move quickly, and so is the baby. He even has difficulty raising his hand, not to mention other activities, by putting up the baby layer after layer of clothes.

If the baby is in the period of big movement development and needs more activities, the baby’s big movement development may lag behind for several months.

It is really worthwhile to spend some money to warm up the home and improve the quality of life of the baby and the whole family instead of making excuses for buying in buy buy.

All kinds of heating equipment compete

1. Air conditioning

Of all the heating equipment, air conditioning is the safest one. Of all the kinds, there is always one suitable for your home.

For rooms with a small area, the temperature in the air-conditioned room can soon increase.

Use Note:

If the air conditioner is turned on for a long time, it is easy to dry. It is better to use the humidifier together. In addition, the air conditioner should be opened every once in a while for ventilation.

2. Electric Heater

Heating equipment such as electric heaters can quickly raise the temperature in a small range, and the closer they are, the higher the temperature will be. One of the resulting safety risks is scalding.

Use Note:

When in use, keep it out of the baby’s range of activities and do not let the baby stay alone in the room with the electric heater on, especially if the baby can already crawl and walk. In addition, attention should be paid to moisturizing and ventilation.

3. Electric heater, hot water bag

Only those with qualified quality, no short circuit, no in-situ explosion and no sudden water leakage will be discussed here.

Use Note:

When in use, care should be taken not to make direct contact with the skin. It must be separated by towels or clothes. It should not be fixed in one place and changed at intervals.

In addition, if it is electric heater, hot water bag warm bed, must take it out before going to bed. Because even if the temperature of electric heater, hot water bag is not too high, contact time for a long time may also be scalded, after falling asleep, this kind of scalding is more difficult to detect, so the safest way is to warm the bed in advance, and take it out when the bed is warm.

4. Electric blanket

Electric blankets can quickly warm the bed, but the temperature is not easy to control. Continuous heating may dehydrate the baby.

Use Note:

If you want to use an electric blanket to warm the bed, the safest way is to warm the bed in advance. When the bed is warm, it can be turned off.

5. Yuba

There is no bath bully in the bath, and adults may not be able to stand it. However, the baby’s visual function is not fully developed at birth, and long-term exposure to strong light may damage the baby’s visual system.

Use Note:

It is better not to keep the bath heater on when bathing the baby. You can turn the bath heater on before bathing to preheat the bathroom, turn it off when the bathroom temperature rises to a more appropriate level, and then take the baby in to take a bath.

The best [heating equipment] for the baby is actually you.

For a small-month-old baby, the body of his parents is indeed his best heater.

Parents can warm the baby by touching the baby’s skin, which is called kangaroo care in premature infant care.

Take off your baby’s clothes or leave only diapers, place them in front of your bare chest, and then cover you all with a blanket. This kind of skin contact can not only warm the baby, but also promote close contact between parents and children and increase the baby’s sense of security.

You should understand that what I am saying is to let you hold the baby together in a warm room, not to let you all hold together trembling with cold.

Although the temperature outside is low, at least we can choose to warm our home, not only to not wrap the baby into [small zongzi], but also to make the whole family more comfortable ~