Is the legendary fruit peel really so magical?

In line with the principle of thrift, many food leftover materials feel a pity to abandon, especially when they still have some [special effects], it is even more tangled.

For example, the legendary fruit peel with magical effects.

Eat? Or not? This is a problem.

Can fruit peel be eaten?

As long as it is non-toxic, it can actually be eaten.

As for the legendary problems of pesticides and waxing, they are all normal steps in the process of fruit production and sales. If the implementation is carried out according to the national standards, the pesticide residues are within the standard range, and waxing uses fruit wax, there is nothing to worry about.

However, in order to ensure food safety, WHO gave advice to China in 2015: [Root vegetables and fruits should be peeled].

Therefore, if you are really worried about pesticides and waxing, peel. If you don’t care, it’s no big problem to eat with skin. It’s just that the taste is not flattering.

Fruit peel has magical effect?

Step 1: Apple Peel

Legend: Helping Digestion and Preventing Hypertension

Nutrition Comments: Some nutrients in apple peel are indeed higher than those in pulp. For example, half of the dietary fiber in apples is in the peel. And antioxidant anthocyanins are basically hidden in bright peels. This is probably the reason why apple peels are said to promote digestion and prevent hypertension.

Although the nutritional value of apple peel is good, the peel of an apple is very small, and the nutrition it can contribute is really not as good as that of vegetables.

Suggestion: Apple peel is nutritious, but it is not as exaggerated as legend. It doesn’t matter whether it is peeled or not.

Step 2: Banana Peel

Legend: anti-inflammatory analgesia, prevention and treatment of chapping, relief of beriberi, whitening acne

Nutrition Review: Research data show that banana peel is indeed rich in nutrients: dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium, calcium…

It sounds really good, but it can’t beautify. What rumors spread about the magic substance [banana peel element/banana element] that can beautify is not supported by reliable literature in what, and its credibility is really not high.

Suggestion: So banana peel is definitely edible, but it is said that it is a good animal feed, so the taste is…

3. Pomelo Peel

Legend: Fire Removal and Beauty Treatment

Nutrition Comments: Everyone thinks it is good for anything that suffers. The bitter substances in grapefruit are mainly limonin and naringin. They do have anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, but these are all experimental results obtained from extracts. Because of the relationship between dosage and purity, eating grapefruit peel directly is not necessarily effective.

Pomelo peel does contain essential oil (the main source of aroma), but it is not directly pasted on the face, and it does not have what’s beauty effect.

Suggestion: Pomelo peel is a widely used food material because of its fresh flavor, such as pomelo peel sugar, honey pomelo tea, Japanese pomelo seasoning, etc., but it is only a food material.

4. Pear Skin

Legend: promoting fluid production, moistening dryness, relieving cough and eliminating phlegm

Nutrition Comments: Autumn pear cream, Chuanbei pear soup, etc., as traditional Chinese food for moistening throat and relieving cough, have been widely recognized. However, the existing research has not found that pear skin and pear meat have special ingredients in what compared with other fruits. The reason why pear soup can relieve cough and eliminate phlegm is probably due to the supplement of a large amount of water or placebo effect.

Suggestion: In autumn and winter, it is a good way to relieve throat discomfort by drinking more water with pear soup. However, if you really have respiratory diseases, you should go to see a doctor honestly.

5. Orange Peel

Legend: Clearing Heat and Removing Fire

Nutrition Comments: Many families will feel that orange meat is irritated and need to eat some orange peel to neutralize it.

In fact, oranges and grapefruit above belong to the family (Rutaceae). Grapefruit peel is available and orange peel is similar. Although its [extract] is beneficial to health, it is really difficult to say how effective it can be to boil a few pieces of dried orange peel in water at home.

Suggestion: Orange peel tastes fresh, so it is good to put one or two pieces to remove fishy smell when stewing meat. However, due to possible pesticide residues, it is not recommended to soak them in water every day. In addition, dried orange peel dried in the sun is not the same as traditional Chinese medicine [tangerine peel].

It is really a pity to throw away all kinds of colorful fruit skins. However, the greatest value of food still lies in its delicious taste, nutrition, bad taste or dislike, so let it go.