How many of the 13 rumors circulated among friends have you believed?

My name is Tingting

I am a white-collar worker in the city.

I was killed by rumors from my circle of friends.


As a beautiful aluminum child, I

I have always felt that the world is still very beautiful.


Since I got contaminated with the bad habit of brushing my circle of friends,

The world seems to be full of malice towards me.

Let’s just say that as soon as we get up this morning,

I brush my teeth and brush my circle of friends.

Oh, mama! Scared Miss Ben to death

Forget it

Rinse your mouth with clear water

Hurry up and eat a few mouthfuls of bread.

What? Am I dead again?

Don’t mention it

I am an independent and strong modern woman.

This little setback is nothing.

So this girl decals yellow to the mirror

Draw a beautiful makeup first

My cell phone almost fell to the ground.

The eyeliner is all crooked. Have you

Also let people don’t let a little makeup out to show off in an ostentatious manner

Fortunately, this girl is naturally beautiful.

You can shine without makeup.

Go to the company to find those Bichi

Soothe my little hurt heart

Go to the security check machine at the subway station.

I have also opened a circle of friends in a cheap place.


I just died again

In shock

When you get to the company, drink some water quickly.

Calm my uneasiness

… …

Ten thousand grass mud horses galloped in their stomachs.

Very not easy to stay up until noon

Life goes on, doesn’t it

Take out the leftovers packed last night from the refrigerator.

Eat hot in microwave oven

This time

I’ve died twice in a row

He was injured by ten combo strikes.

My stomach began to tumble

I am so beautiful! I can’t die

I’m going to the hospital for an infusion

… …

Are you going to die in the hospital?

It is not appropriate to stay here for a long time.

Death will also die on my bed covered with petals.

Turned his head out of the hospital

Jump on a Uber

I twisted open a bottle of old mountain spring mineral water.

… …

We do not produce poisonous water

Do we only work as poison porters?

Lying on his fragrant boudoir bed

My strength seems to have recovered slightly.

Although I don’t eat or drink all day,

But it should not have died that soon.

There are also some spinach in the refrigerator.

Can I do it myself

Jesus Christ!

Can you leave me a way to live?

Will you please take a bath

All I left was my underwear and went into the bathroom.

… …

You can open the pattern death mode in your bathroom.

I have to tell my best friends tomorrow


Maybe I won’t live till tomorrow

Forget it

It takes a thousand days to raise soldiers for a while.

Trying to kill this girl

Isn’t it spicy? Easy

I’m going to practice beauty awareness.

Lie in bed

Turn on your phone

Connect Wi-Fi

Take a look at this girl’s glorious life

… …

My name is Tingting

I have never been beautiful in my life.

He died in the circle of friends like this.

A Tingting died

There are also ten million Tingting in Qian Qian.

Don’t want to die in the circle of friends?

Here’s the truth