How safe is the inflatable castle?

Inflatable castles (trampolines) are loved by almost all children, but their safety is really worrying.

However, a frightening scene took place in the 10,000-mu Pear Garden scenic spot in Shangqiu, Henan Province.

The sudden dust wind blew an inflatable castle in the scenic spot and overturned it into the sky.

As can be seen from the live video, the strong wind lifted the trampoline to a height of several tens of meters and the scene was in chaos.

Witnesses said they saw the two children blown into the air and then fell heavily.

According to Shangqiu Local Bulletin:

The incident resulted in the death of 2 children, 18 children were injured to varying degrees, and 1 child was sent to the intensive care unit.

Inflatable castles can be seen everywhere. They are amusement facilities that are filled with air for children to play with. Because of their large size, most of them are built outdoors, such as at the gate of shopping malls, parks and squares.

They are gorgeous in color and varied in shape. Children can jump, slide and climb on them at will… They are very popular with children.

However, this seemingly dreamy and popular amusement facility hides a huge potential safety hazard.

Castles everywhere, more than once [cannibalism]

In March 2017, a large inflatable children’s castle in a park in Linyi City, Shandong Province was blown over and fell into the water, injuring 9 children.

In May 2017, a children’s inflatable fort in Shandong was overturned by strong winds. A child playing on it was thrown to the ground and seriously injured and died.

In March 2016, an inflatable trampoline was blown to about 6 meters high by strong winds at an intersection in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, killing one child and injuring many others.

In February 2016, the inflatable castle in Guigang, Guangxi, was not fixed properly. Due to the wind, it turned sideways. Two children were slightly injured and one 8-year-old child was seriously injured and unconscious.

In June 2015, an inflatable castle in Tian Yang, Guangxi was blown more than 30 meters away by the wind, and a little girl died after ineffective rescue.

In October 2014, the two-or three-story inflatable castle on Baodi Square in Yangpu District of Shanghai was blown upside down by the strong wind. The castle was finally turned upside down 20 meters away and 13 children were taken directly to the hospital.

The inflatable castle is huge, why [fragile]

Many parents said that the inflatable castle is so big, five or six meters high, and has an area of at least a hundred square meters. It is not so [fragile] and will not be overturned without a 10-level wind, is it?

Curiosity Laboratory has previously conducted experiments to blow a 500 kg inflatable castle:

A strong wind of 7 can blow the inflatable castle.

Strong winds of magnitude 8 can blow the monster over directly.

According to foreign experimental analysis, smaller inflatable castles can be blown away by wind force above level 4.

The inflatable castle itself has a large height and a large area, but it is inflatable, relatively light, and its center of gravity is very unstable. If it is not fixed in place, it will easily roll over in windy days.

In the event of an accident, the inflatable castle is bare and there is no place to catch it. The small children will be thrown out directly.

What is more terrible is that there is also the possibility of being pressed on by the inflatable castle that has turned sideways.

Supervision [Blind Area], Risk Parents Bear?

Although inflatable castles are similar to other amusement items in the park in the eyes of parents, they are a blind spot in supervision.

Although a new national standard < < Safety Code for Inflatable Amusement Facilities > > was issued in December last year, regulations and requirements were made on a number of technologies including fixing, blower, venue and so on for inflatable amusement facilities.

However, this kind of small amusement facility not only has low manufacturing cost, but also has low operating threshold. It can be operated only with a venue and an industrial and commercial business license.

In other words, whether the equipment is safe, whether it is old and needs repair, and whether it is unhygienic can only be decided by the conscience of the small traders.

In fact, in the operation, many vendors feel that [there is no need to fix], and the fixed lock catch becomes a decoration.

Some pressed a few stones and sandbags, or tied a few ropes to a small tree nearby. Even what did not do it and quietly put it on the flat ground.

When something really happens, parents cannot ask if they want to take responsibility.

Inflatable castles themselves have great potential safety hazards. As they are mostly placed outdoors, their sanitary conditions are unknown and they are easy to infect diseases.

Parents are eager for their children’s happiness and are willing to pay for their children’s happiness, but not all consumption behaviors can be more protected.

When supervision is in a [blind spot], parents can only strengthen prevention and protect their children.

Don’t let children’s happiness turn into blood!