How should baby’s foreskin be cared for?

A layer of skin wrapped around the penis is called foreskin. Proper care of foreskin can effectively prevent many health problems. Let’s talk about how to care for the foreskin of male babies.

Don’t worry too much, the foreskin will shrink back.

Under normal circumstances, the foreskin of a male baby will cover the glans penis. Especially when born, the foreskin will look very tight, and some parents will worry about affecting the child’s development.

Although it looks [tight], it is natural. As long as it does not affect the baby’s urination, parents should not pay too much attention. As the boy gets older, the foreskin will become loose and can gradually retract backward.

As boys learn more about their bodies, they will generally find out how to retract their foreskin. Most boys can completely retract their foreskin by themselves around the age of 16.

Once the foreskin can naturally retract back, the child can better clean the foreskin during daily bathing.

How to clean the baby’s foreskin?

When the baby was a child, there was no way to clean himself. At this time, parents should pay attention to helping the child clean up his private parts.

1. Gently pull up: Gently pull the foreskin back, but must not force. If the foreskin is not ready to force it back, it may damage the baby’s penis. Moreover, the baby’s skin is very tender, too strong may cause skin pain, bleeding and even tearing.

2. Mild care: Clean the inner side of the foreskin with mild bath lotion and clear water suitable for infants, but there is no need to use special detergent or cotton swabs.

3. Thoroughly clean: Pay attention to thoroughly clean the inner side of the foreskin and ensure timely drying.

4. Remember to turn back: Gently turn back the foreskin and cover the penis head.

When the baby is older and can take a bath by himself, parents should actively guide the child to gently pull the foreskin back and clean secretions when taking a bath. Let the child understand that cleaning foreskin is as normal as washing hair and face, and is a part of health.

Should what consult a doctor?

If the child has any of the following conditions, he or she needs to consult a pediatrician:

    Feel unwell when urinating; During urination, the foreskin is filled with urine or bubbles. Red swelling, itching or swelling of foreskin; The foreskin cannot retract.

Sometimes, doctors may find that the child has phimosis, that is, the foreskin is too tight and adheres to the penis head.

If the child is still young, you can observe it again, but if phimosis still exists near puberty, which may affect the development, you should ask a doctor to judge whether surgical treatment is needed in time. For more related contents, it is recommended to continue reading < < whether to circumcise the baby or not? > >.

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