These drugs have many uses, but you only use them for contraception.

Correct the name of short-acting oral contraceptives

There are three types of contraceptives: emergency contraceptives, short-acting oral contraceptives and long-acting contraceptives.

Emergency contraception is a rescue measure taken within 72 hours after contraceptive failure during the same room. It is to supplement a large amount of progesterone in a short period of time to inhibit ovulation or delay ovulation. In order to achieve the purpose of contraception. Usually because a large amount of hormones enter the body in a short time, Therefore, there will be a series of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, menstrual cycle changes, irregular vaginal bleeding, ovulation period changes, In my private opinion, Many women’s bad impression of short-acting oral contraceptives is probably due to their understanding of emergency contraceptives. Thinking that all contraceptives are a virtue, This is not the case. The main ingredients of short-acting oral contraceptives are progesterone and estrogen. The hormones that you fear at first sight, Under the action of these two hormones, Is it amazing to inhibit ovulation, change the endometrial environment, inhibit implantation, change the characteristics of cervical mucus thrombus, inhibit sperm passage and other changes, thus further realizing the contraceptive effect and basically forming a [false pregnancy] state, that is, to tell one’s body that one is already pregnant, so one cannot be pregnant again? Although there will also be some side effects, But much milder. Short-acting oral contraceptives have been available since around 1960. It has a history of more than 50 years now, However, people’s understanding of its side effects is still in the last century. For example, the problem of getting fat, which girls are worried about, This is mainly because early short-acting oral contraceptives can lead to mild water and sodium retention, So the weight gain is not muscle or fat, But water, However, with the continuous development of technology, This problem can already be solved. There is also the problem of thrombosis. It is mainly related to its own coagulation dysfunction or family genetic history, Of course, it is also related to race. Short-acting oral contraceptives are reversible. Studies have proved that, 70% of women can resume ovulation in the first menstrual cycle after drug withdrawal, Three months after the withdrawal, More than 90% of women can resume ovulation. It can be said that Short-acting oral contraceptives have no effect on fertility. Moreover, research data at home and abroad have proved that, Pregnancy after withdrawal of short-acting oral contraceptives, It has no effect on the development of the fetus, It will not cause fetal malformation. Short-acting oral contraceptives can also be used to treat these diseases. In fact, short-acting oral contraceptives are not as terrible as everyone thinks. What surprises you even more is that They also have some additional effects. This is why doctors will advise some patients, Even the reason why unmarried patients use short-acting oral contraceptives. Irregular menstruation achieves the goal of establishing artificial cycle by taking short-acting oral contraceptives periodically. It is usually taken continuously for 21 days starting from the first day of menstruation. Then stop the drug for 7 days, Then the next cycle starts, In this way, a stable and regular menstrual cycle is artificially established. It is usually used to treat women with long-term menstrual cycle disorders. And infertility caused by irregular menstruation, There is no fixed ovulation period because of irregular menstruation, Or not ovulating at all, The establishment of artificial cycle can effectively control the ovulation period, Stop the drug after the artificial cycle has been established, You can prepare for pregnancy. Dysmenorrhea is mainly aimed at dysmenorrhea caused by adenomyosis and endometriosis. Because the release of estrogen and progesterone from short-acting oral contraceptives can effectively inhibit endometrial hyperplasia. Alleviate dysmenorrhea symptoms. Polycystic ovary syndrome is also a common drug for treating rare menstruation or menopause caused by polycystic ovary syndrome. Usually it takes about three months, Basically, there will be obvious improvement in use. Skin problems mainly refer to acne. Usually associated with higher levels of androgen in the body, Especially during puberty, androgens are closely related to the growth of women’s pubic hair, armpit hair and height. When the body has abnormal regulation, acne will appear. Short-acting oral contraceptives can inhibit androgen secretion, So as to achieve the effect of treating acne. Pre-menstrual syndrome refers to the occurrence of lower abdominal distension, headache, breast distending pain, etc. before menstruation, After using short-acting oral contraceptives, there will be obvious improvement. Delaying menopause can effectively relieve a series of symptoms during perimenopause. While delaying menopause, To protect the cardiovascular system, The effect of delaying aging. Short-acting oral contraceptives have many uses besides contraception. With the development of medical standards, these side effects such as hormones, obesity and disorders, which sound terrible to you, have been greatly reduced. Therefore, I hope you can correctly understand and use short-acting oral contraceptives. Finally, I would like to remind you that if you need to use such drugs, please use them under the guidance of your doctor.