How to choose a variety of [laser beauty]?

At present, the medical beauty market can be described as “dazzling”. You will find all kinds of beauty equipment. In order to cater to the public’s taste and improve their familiarity, they even take [stage names]: white porcelain doll, black face doll, photon rejuvenation, color light…

A few lasers without [stage name], the name also makes people feel confused, what [pulse dye laser] [strong pulse light] [dot matrix laser] [radio frequency dot matrix] [non-stripping dot matrix]… are they all what things? Are you related?

Let me tell you a little secret. It doesn’t matter whether these names are remembered or not.

The principle of some devices is similar, but the names are different. Some diseases can be treated with several devices, but the principles may be different.

When deciding which kind of laser (or optical equipment) to use for treatment, two main considerations are considered: Do you want what effect? Is the wavelength of light appropriate?

Do you want to achieve what effect?

Most people think of beauty, of course, but in fact, the role of optics is more than beauty:

  1. Optics is a part of medical treatment, and beauty is only a part of its function.

  2. The diseases that laser can treat are divided into vascular, pigmented, scar, photoaging, etc. Come on, look at the following figure first. Think about it first. What you want is what effect:

FIG. 1 Problems that can be solved by common photomedicine

The trick is not important, the wavelength is important.

Well, have you chosen the effect you want now?

Effect and wavelength, effect and wavelength, effect and wavelength are the factors that affect your decision. Say the important things three times.

The effect is fixed, then how to choose the wavelength?

We use absorption peaks to distinguish [black removal, red removal and wrinkle removal] to achieve the purpose of selective treatment.

    For vascular diseases (red blood streak, capillary dilation, varicose veins, etc.): select laser for hemoglobin; Pigmented diseases (freckles, chloasma, pigmented nevus): laser with selected wavelength for melanin; For wrinkle improvement (improving skin texture and firming skin), scar treatment (acne, striae gravidarum, etc.): Select laser for water.

Melanin, hemoglobin and water absorb different wavelengths of laser and each has its own characteristics. The professional description of this characteristic is [absorption peak].

When the wavelength of light is just at the absorption peak of the target tissue, the absorption of laser in the target area is greater than that of the surrounding tissue, thus achieving the effects of blasting, solidification or reconstruction.

Who is suitable for laser beauty?

  1. The skin of the 20-year-old girl is whiter, but freckles the size of millet grains are evenly distributed on both cheeks and nose.

  2. Women aged 30 ~ 40 have chloasma on both cheeks or around eyes.

  3. Although the acne on the face of the young man who has passed puberty has subsided, the acne pit (acne scar) is still there.

  4. Women or men over 40 years old want to fade wrinkles and maintain skin firmness.

  5. Irregular skin care products that may contain hormones have been applied, with more red blood streaks on the face and uneven skin color.

These friends, it is definitely right to choose light medical treatment.

Can’t what do it?

    Ultraviolet allergy, light sensitive skin or pregnant mothers who have recently taken photosensitive drugs (such as isotretinoin) have received sunexposure (seaside travel), coagulation dysfunction or scar constitution within one month before treatment, patients with treatment area have infection symptoms or herpes simplex infection history, hormone use or diabetes history, immunodeficiency disease, Or use immunosuppressive agents to suffer from tumor or tumor history

Qualified operators are even more important.

In addition to lasers, there are many kinds of light with wide spectrum on the market, such as photon rejuvenation equipment (strong pulse light), dye pulse laser (DPL), [infrared skin tightening] equipment, etc.

You know, there are many manufacturers of lasers in the world. Most hospitals and private beauty salons will not set up one for each laser. Fortunately, some lasers or laser platforms can take into account a variety of therapeutic purposes, so small partners need not worry about difficulties in choosing.

However, it is more important to choose reliable treatment institutions and laser operators with relevant qualifications than to choose laser equipment.

Professional doctors will tailor-make treatment plans for patients and even combine various optical medical equipment to solve the same problem. Disease differences, individual differences, pain tolerance, price… These will be included in the selection of treatment plans.

In a word, laser cosmetology is not so mysterious, nor does it need to be fooled by all kinds of medical cosmetology propaganda. Everyone’s skin problems have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is the most important thing to choose an individualized treatment plan suitable for oneself.

Responsible Editor: Cat Capricorn