How to choose picture books? How do you use it?

Thanks to the “picture book craze” in China in the past two years, many parents are no longer unfamiliar with picture books. Thanks to the efforts of many children’s reading promoters, parents also have a certain understanding of the importance of reading.

Many impatient parents, baby is not big, picture books have been hoarded a lot. But do you know the correct way to open picture books? Why do you want to call parent-child reading instead of picture books? Is early parent-child reading good for children? What if children always like to read the same book over and over again?

Today, Ding Ma talked with everyone about [parent-child reading].

Why do you want [parent-child reading]?

The most essential meaning of parent-child reading lies in [love and companionship].

It is not to say that the picture books are bought and thrown to the children and let them turn them over. Only when parents accompany the children [read together] can the value of the picture books be demonstrated.

Especially the baby, they do not have independent reading ability, need parents to take them through the pictures in the picture book while telling them stories.

In fact, young children may not be able to understand the content of the picture or the plot of the story. But his father or mother held him in her arms. Reading to him and accompanying him to grow up are your common warm memories. Children can feel the love of their parents for him, which plays an indelible role in the establishment of his early sense of security and the development of his future emotions.

However, the growth of a child is irreversible. The time you hold him in your arms, accompany him to read books and tell him stories is actually only a few years.

Little knowledge: My child doesn’t like reading books, so he ran away after reading two pages.

Children in early childhood do not have high concentration, and the concentration time may only be a few tens of seconds. At the beginning of parent-child reading, you may have just told the beginning of a story, and Eva ran to the side to play with her.

Don’t think he didn’t listen when he ran away, you can continue to speak.

For children under two years old, even if you don’t tell them stories, it is also very beneficial for children to accompany them to talk more with them every day.

How old can a child start parent-child reading?

Parent-child reading can cultivate the baby’s interest in reading and help him form reading habits.

Interest is the most primitive motivation. Only when children have interest from an early age can they really love reading. When he has the ability to read independently, he will find books to read by himself. Before that, parents’ words and deeds are very important.

As the amount of reading increases, the child’s reading ability will be correspondingly stronger. In this way, he can master more knowledge through reading, better understand the world and himself.

So when can what start [parent-child reading]?

If [parent-child reading] is understood in a broad sense, the child can start when he is still in his stomach-the reading form at this time is to tell TA stories.

After the child is born, he can be shown a strong color contrast (such as black and white pattern) card. In three or four months, you can see the cards with colored patterns.

If you are older, you can take your baby to read cloth books, bath books, cardboard books, and simple plot [single picture books]…

Some parents are beginning to worry when they see here: Oh, my child is already two years old and hasn’t read much picture books yet! Are you lagging behind?

Don’t worry, as I said before, the greatest significance of early parent-child reading lies in [love and companionship].

As long as you love your child, you are always willing to spend time and patience with your child. Even if you don’t read picture books, it is also very meaningful to talk with your child every day.

How to choose picture books?

Regarding the choice of picture books, there is such a general principle, which is called [three have four big].

[Three haves] refers to:

    Interesting, useful and beneficial

[Big Four] refers to:

    Master: Master-level Master Award: Picture books have won the international awards of this year’s painting. The sales volume of picture books since their publication is very high. Love: The theme of picture books is full of love.

In addition, children will have different psychological development characteristics at different ages.

For example, a child of about two years old is in the establishment period of self-care ability, so he can be shown some picture books on the cultivation of living habits, such as < < crocodiles are afraid of dentists’ fear > >; When he reached the age of three or four, he entered the embryonic stage of gender consciousness, and could show him picture books on related topics, such as < < Serena rushed forward > >…

Little knowledge: What should children do if they want to gnaw or tear books?

Children do not need to deliberately stop reading or tearing books.

Whether it is eating books or tearing books, it is a periodic and normal behavior. Eating books is inevitable for children who want to eat books. After one year old, babies will generally stop eating books.

The same is true for tearing books. After that stage, when the baby grows up, it will naturally stop this behavior.

What parents have to do is to buy some special materials that are resistant to chewing and tearing and are not so easily damaged for their children, such as cloth books, bath books, cardboard books, etc.

In fact, parents don’t have to worry too much about what kind of picture books to choose.

Especially for children in early childhood, what is more important for them is that their parents love them and are willing to accompany them and read to them.

As for children with certain reading ability in childhood, parents may as well observe their children’s interests and preferences and choose picture books suitable for them.

It is also a great idea to bring the children to the front of many picture books in the bookstore and let the children choose their own picture books.

How should picture books be used?

Picture books are made up of pictures and characters, so the conventional opening methods of picture books are [looking at pictures] and [reading characters].

It should be noted here that when adults read a picture book, because the first language is words, they often neglect the words on the book and ignore the picture.

Children’s reading habits are different from those of adults. Because children do not read very well, their first language is pictures. When reading a picture book, they will understand the contents of the book through pictures.

This is also what parents should pay attention to when accompanying their children to read books. Don’t patronize reading words to their children. They must guide their children to observe the picture and understand the information conveyed by the picture and the content to be expressed.

Little knowledge: I have prepared a lot of picture books, but children only like to read those two books.

Children like to repeat it constantly. Sometimes, he likes to read such a picture book, even one or two pages in a picture book.

For their favorite picture books, they may have to read them several times a day, but other picture books are not interested.

This is in line with the characteristics of children’s psychological development and is very normal. Parents need not worry or deliberately interfere.

You can choose when your child is in a good mood, or choose the right time to let your child know the new picture book. There is no need to act too hastily.

Sometimes, it is faster to take your time.

In addition to reading pictures and words, picture books can actually do a lot of extensions. According to the characteristics of each picture book, there are many things that can be done. For example:

    A rehearsal [theatre]; Guide children to draw pictures and do theme handicrafts; Do some practice in connection with life, for example, after watching < < mother buys mung beans > >, you can go to the supermarket or market with your children, buy some mung beans and go home to cook mung bean soup, make mung bean paste and mung bean ice…

Due to space constraints, Ding Ma will no longer expand here!