How to do gout attack? In addition to taking medicine, these 6 tricks are necessary.

There is a saying that describes toothache like this-toothache is not a disease, it kills people.

Gout is more severe than toothache. When it does not attack, it is mostly [uric acid is high]. Once it hurts, it is more deadly.

When gout attacks, colchicine, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or glucocorticoids can all have obvious effects.

Of course, in addition to drugs, the following six methods can also relieve the pain during the attack.

Local cold compress

When gout attacks, ice bags or ice mineral water can be used to cold compress the painful joints for 20-30 minutes. Cold compress can relieve local inflammation and pain.

Note that don’t apply hot compress or soak your feet with hot water. Rising temperature will aggravate inflammatory reaction, edema and pain.

Drink plenty of water

Drink more water to produce more urine, take away more uric acid and prevent urinary calculi.

Normal people urinate about 1.5 L per day on average, while friends with gout should ensure more than 2 L of drinking water per day.

Low-calorie, alkaline drinks are very suitable for gout patients, such as soda water. Of course, friends who do not like soda water can also choose plain boiled water and light tea.

Besides plain boiled water, you can also drink it like this.

Raise one’s lower limbs

When gout attacks, edema usually exists in the pain area, so the principle of “water goes lower” can be used to raise the lower limbs to reduce edema. For example, when sleeping, put a pillow under your feet and shorten the standing time when getting out of bed.

Don’t torture yourself with shoes

When gout attacks, the joints are painful and swollen, and wearing another pair of shoes is even worse. If some patients have to walk, they must wear a pair of loose shoes.

In addition, there is also attention to wearing socks. If the weather is cold, you can also wear socks, but the socks should not be too tight.

Divert one’s attention

Some friends lie motionless when gout attacks. Everyone knows the pain. However, if you lie motionless in bed and only think about joint pain and are completely immersed in it, the pain will be obvious.

Therefore, when gout attacks, try to divert your attention, watch movies, talk more and divert your attention.

Control diet

Two things need to be done to control diet, one is to ban alcohol and the other is to reduce the intake of high purine foods. Alcohol and high purine intake will increase uric acid and affect gout control.

Why can’t gout drink?