Weight loss rebound those things, said too much is tears

There are always friends asking:

I lose weight always rebound, is it why?

Why does every time you lose weight, you will rebound to be fatter than before?

Why do I eat very little now, exercise and never lose weight again?

Why am I fat when I drink water?

… …

For the sake of big guys, a little talk: [rebound those things].

Why did it rebound?

The rebound occurred because it decreased too fast.

Apart from people’s slightly deformed aesthetic view of “thin is beautiful”, the purpose of losing weight should only be to be healthier.

Weight is a reflection of the difference between daily energy intake and consumption, which is true.

But the key to losing weight is fat, not just weight.

All the ways to lose weight quickly are actually to lose a little fat and a lot of water, as well as precious muscles and precious organ components in your body.

This process is close to the [natural degeneration] when people get older, just like the body melts away some precious components, your basal metabolic rate decreases, the energy consumed is greatly reduced, and you become a [fuel-efficient lamp].

Didn’t you understand?

In short, [low basal metabolism] equals [obesity-prone constitution].

Originally, you might need to eat 1,800 kilocalories for a day’s activity consumption, but now your metabolism is low. Eating 1,400 kilocalories is enough. Once you stop losing weight and resume your original diet (eat 1,800 kilocalories as usual, without overeating at all), you will still eat 400 kilocalories more every day for no reason, and then… you will gain weight!

And rebound weight, must exceed the original weight!

Also, especially the rapid weight loss of 5 ~ 10kg a week, the first thing to lose is the water in the body.

Because the body needs a balanced liquid environment, this part of water will always return to weight quickly after stopping losing weight. Only the part of weight that is the most difficult to lose fat needs and can only be lost step by step through the cooperation of diet and exercise.

Fat does not grow in a day, nor can it be reduced in a day or two.

The appropriate weight loss speed is 1 ~ 2 kg per week (not 1 kg per day! ), preferably about 1% of your body weight.

For example, for a person weighing 200 kg, it is acceptable to lose 2 kg per week, but it is too fast to lose more. With the weight loss, the basal metabolic rate will decrease and the rate of loss will also slow down.

There are indeed some methods of [dieting] [acupuncture] [milkshake substitute], which can make you lose weight quickly when you try to lose weight for the first time. Don’t lie to you, be sure to say to them: no!

Otherwise, after the above-mentioned [degeneration] [damage] [reduction] of your body, it is very difficult to recover as before. Therefore, the second, third and countless times of weight loss after rebound will be extremely difficult. Even if you succeed again, most of them will rebound for the second, third and countless times.

If you haven’t lost weight indiscriminately, this is the first time, then congratulations

It’s good that your body has not been reclaimed or trampled by the wild methods at sixes and sevens.

What you have to do is actually simple:

1. Learn the right diet to lose weight. Not too deep, but at least know whether you eat some what every day and whether you eat it properly or not. Starting from adjusting and controlling your diet, even if you don’t do a lot of exercise, your diet structure and calories are reasonable, you will still have the effect of losing weight.

2. It is not expensive to buy a food scale. Know that you eat more or less every day.

3. Give up all kinds of processed and packaged foods as much as possible. Choose more foods with the original appearance of animals and plants.

4. Learn the exercise methods that suit you. Don’t be as professional as fitness professionals, but know the basic warm-up, stretching, strength, resistance, aerobic, anaerobic and safety measures. It’s all about what.

5. Prepare a soft tape measure. It can be used to detect changes in waist circumference and hip circumference, which can better reflect whether your lines are good or not and your health status related to cardiovascular diseases than your weight.

6. Set a reasonable weight loss goal and speed. According to the above. Then relax and realize it slowly.

If you: lose weight and gain weight…

Of course there is still hope!

What you have to do is only a little bit more difficult:

1. Confirm your mental state. If you often have obvious differences, anxiety, depression, loneliness, inferiority complex, self-accusation, irritability, easy to get out of control and overeating, it means that you are not the most ideal weight loss state yet. You need to let yourself see the light [fat] thing first. I don’t care, I don’t care.

2. Make a healthy diet and record it. Just make a reasonable diet, don’t start to reduce the calories in your diet, and know how much you are eating to maintain your weight. Then, just keep it up. If you don’t know that what is healthy, please return to the previous chapter and start learning as if you were losing weight for the first time.

3. Start exercising. The main goal is to improve physical fitness, as long as you can stick to it for a long time. It is best to basically fix the habit of exercising time.

4. Raise to high-intensity exercise. On the basis of a healthy diet to maintain weight, start to do high-intensity exercise. Choose intermittent variable speed running instead of jogging at a constant speed, walking fast or even walking for a long time. Do high-intensity intermittent training, impedance training and strength training. If you don’t understand, please return to the previous chapter and start learning like the first time you lost weight. By the way, exercise should pay attention to correct posture and safety.

5. Increase dietary intake. You are not wrong, it is increase. On the basis of increasing exercise intensity and basic metabolism, dietary nutrition should be increased. The difficulty lies in grasping this amount, so that the weight does not increase as much as possible. If the exercise effect is especially strong, the weight will begin to drop and the body shape will begin to look good.

6. Persistence.

7. Remind some friends: Don’t forget to go to the hospital to check the hormone level. First, see if you have been poisoned by the previous weight loss: endocrine disorders, hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome and other issues. Girls should not take their big aunt seriously.