How to keep the urine in the middle of the morning cleaning?

During physical examination, if you want to obtain accurate urine routine examination results, the first thing you need is a reliable urine sample.

The [spectrum] on which urine samples are taken is the sentence that doctors often say [clean middle urine in the morning].

Early morning urine

This refers to the urine discharged from the bladder for the first time after sleep.

First of all, people don’t eat or drink during sleep, the composition of urine will not be affected too much by food and drinking water, and various abnormal components or cells will deposit more in urine. If there are abnormalities, it becomes easier to find them.

Secondly, after a whole night, bacteria have more time to grow in the bladder. Some bacteria stay in the bladder for more than 4 hours, which can decompose nitrate in urine into nitrite, thus providing better guidance for the diagnosis of urinary tract infection.

Finally, since the acid-base and concentrated state of urine are determined by the function of renal tubules, the acid-base and osmotic pressure in morning urine are also more characteristic for reflecting the health status of human body after 6-8 hours, thus being more meaningful for judging the function of renal tubules.

Clean urine

The word “clean” is still well understood, that is, it is necessary to ensure that the urine samples taken are clean.

In order to ensure this, the hygiene of private parts needs to be guaranteed when urine is taken.

Women should clean their vulva first when taking urine, and avoid menstrual period as much as possible to avoid mixing leucorrhea and menstrual blood.

For male patients, prostate fluid should be avoided when urine is taken.

Also don’t forget to put urine in a clean container for inspection.

Midcourse urine

When urination is halfway through, the urine that feels the happiest and smoother is the so-called [middle urine].

When we urinate, we can divide the urine into anterior, middle and posterior segments according to the order in which the urine is excreted. In the outer third of the urethra of healthy people, there may also be some proteins and white blood cells. When the urine volume is too small and the flow rate is too low to wash clean, these substances may affect the test results.

The reason why [middle urine] is selected for testing is that it is large in quantity and fast in flow rate. Compared with the front and back urine, it is less susceptible to contamination, and the urine specimen thus obtained is also more reliable.

The above is the skill of taking urine samples, which is not complicated. The next time you do a urine test, remember to do so, and the test results will be more accurate.