How to pick up soap scientifically?

[Picking up Soap] Is a vulgar yellow joke?

You are wrong, it is a scientific lumbar spine detection method, named [pick-up test].

On the left is the posture of normal people picking up soap in the lumbar spine, while the posture on the right indicates that the lumbar spine has pathological changes.

Inspection method for picking up objects:

Place an object on the ground so that the patient can pick it up. If the spine is normal, the knees can be straightened, the waist can bend naturally, and the object can be picked up by bending over. If the patient first holds his knee with one hand, squats down, approaches the object with his waist straight, and bends his knees and hips without bending down to pick up the object, this is the positive test of picking up the object.

Clinical significance:

Positive cases indicate that the patient’s spine has dysfunction, which is mostly seen in spinal diseases such as spinal tuberculosis, ankylosing spondylitis, prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, lumbar muscle trauma and inflammation.