How to treat heartburn and acid regurgitation? Can steamed bread be used as medicine?

When looking at the outpatient department, there are always patients who mention that every time stomach trouble breaks out, acid regurgitation is not timely to eat steamed bread, and then they feel much better. Can acid regurgitation be treated with steamed bread?

In fact, acid regurgitation is not a disease, but a symptom, mainly caused by stomach inflammation. Although steamed bread can be used to relieve stomach acid regurgitation, it cannot cure stomach inflammation.

Gastric Acid Secretion and Gastric Mucosal Protection

In order to digest food, the stomach secretes a large amount of gastric acid and other necessary substances.

We can imagine that the continuous secretion of gastric acid is like the enemy launching rockets against our city. The stomach has a series of defensive measures to resist the attack:

    Mucus barrier, equivalent to our moat, isolates close attacks; Mucosal barrier, equivalent to a city wall, prevents rockets from entering the city. The repair function of mucosal epithelium is equivalent to the wall repair craftsman on the city wall, repairing the damaged city wall. Abundant blood flow in mucosa and submucosa is equivalent to soldiers with water on and near the city wall, washing out rockets continuously. Prostaglandins and peptides, equivalent to military doctors and commanders, are responsible for treatment and command.

Under normal conditions, the secretion of gastric acid is balanced with the protection mechanism of gastric mucosa, which not only ensures the digestion of food, but also does not cause damage to gastric mucosa.

However, when stress, alcohol, tobacco, bacteria, drugs and other reasons destroy the protection mechanism, resulting in insufficient protection of gastric mucosa and insufficient repair of gastric mucosa cells exposed to acidic environment, gastric mucosa damage will occur, showing symptoms of gastric discomfort and acid regurgitation.


Steamed bread relieves the symptoms of acid regurgitation through the following two aspects:

1. 酸碱中和

Food can neutralize gastric acid, reduce the acidity in the stomach, reduce the damage to gastric mucosal epithelial cells, and have the effect of relieving symptoms.

2. 食糜隔离

In addition, steamed bread will become pasty chyme during digestion, which can isolate gastric acid from gastric mucosal epithelial cells and has a little protective effect, which is also the reason why some gastritis patients feel their symptoms slightly improved after eating.

However, the neutralization and isolation of alkaline substances in food are relatively short. With the emptying of gastrointestinal tract and the continuous secretion of gastric acid, their effects will soon disappear. Therefore, eating steamed bread can relieve gastric acid regurgitation, but the action time is very short and there is no fundamental therapeutic effect of what.

Doctor how treats acid regurgitation?

One of the therapeutic principles of modern medicine is to give priority to eliminating the etiology and reasonably control and relieve the symptoms. The first way for doctors to treat gastric mucosa injury is, of course, to remove the damaging factors, such as removing anxiety, quitting smoking, abstaining from alcohol, killing Helicobacter pylori, and stopping taking drugs that may damage gastric mucosa.

At the same time, doctors will use drugs to inhibit the secretion of gastric acid, giving the gastric mucosa a buffer time, so that the gastric mucosa epithelial cells and defense protection mechanism can be restored. We often hear omeprazole, rabeprazole, cimetidine, ranitidine and so on are drugs that inhibit gastric acid secretion.

At this time, alkaline drug can also be used to neutralize gastric acid, Decreasing the acidity of the stomach is like temporarily adding a shield against rockets on the city wall to reduce the damage to gastric mucosal epithelial cells. These drugs relieve symptoms in a similar way to steamed bread, but stay on the surface of gastric mucosa for a longer time than steamed bread, which can play a more effective protective role.

Therefore, in order to treat stomach acid regurgitation discomfort, it is best to avoid contact with stomach damage factors as much as possible and treat stomach diseases well under the guidance of doctors.