I hit a bag on my head. Should I go to the hospital?

This is a true story.

A few days ago, Xiao Ming came to me and asked me for serious medical advice because of an accident that happened to him.

[I squatted down to shovel cat excrement… when I got up… my head hit the marble windowsill… it hurt… and I bulged a big bag… does it matter if the bone? Do you need to go to the hospital? [10, 000 words of nonsense are omitted here.]

I observed for a moment and smiled: [It should be just a hematoma under the skin, which is not serious.]

Xiao Ming shivered: [Subcutaneous hematoma? What’s that? Do I need to go to the hospital? ]

I hit my head. I don’t need to go to the hospital until I reach what?

Different groups have slightly different treatment after hitting their heads, which can be roughly divided into these three categories:


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    Elderly people with mobility difficulties, people who have undergone brain surgery or cerebrovascular diseases,

After suffering head trauma, it is recommended to take a look at the hospital first.

    Most people

You can observe first, but if you meet one of the conditions I will put forward below, stop observing and see a doctor immediately.

  1. Nausea and vomiting;

  2. Have seizures;

  3. Severe or aggravating headache or dizziness;

  4. The degree of redness and swelling of scalp or face gradually increases.

  5. The scalp was knocked out of a hole and blood flowed.

  6. Very sleepy or unable to wake up as usual, even unconscious;

  7. One or both legs and feet have no strength or pins and needles, walk unsteadily or fall down;

  8. Recently, I have been taking anticoagulants (such as aspirin or warfarin);

  9. Fluid (including blood) flows out of nose or ears, and the rim of the eye is black (panda’s eyes);

  10. Can’t speak clearly, amnesia (can’t remember how to hurt), blurred vision, double image, even blindness, hearing loss, or nose can’t smell;

  11. The head is subjected to a greater degree of violence, such as falling from high altitude and touching the head, car accident, or being hit on the head with all one’s strength by a solid object, etc. At this time, even if there are no obvious symptoms of what, one needs to go to the hospital for examination.

Therefore, I don’t think it is necessary for Xiao Ming, who can still find me alive and kicking even though he hit a bag on his head, to go to the hospital.

Xiao Ming unloaded his psychological burden and began to wrangle with me.

What happened to this [bag] that was knocked out?

Under our black and bright hair is a tough and firm scalp, which is not much different from the skin structure in other parts of our body. It is strong and resistant to pulling, but only slightly weak when encountering sharp and sharp things.

If you can carefully [tear] off the scalp, you should be able to see a relatively uniform, slightly yellow and greasy layer of tissue. Touch it and it will feel firm. This layer is the lower layer of skin.

The blood supply of scalp and subcutaneous layer is quite abundant. When impacted, if the fragile small blood vessels under the skin are damaged, the blood will slowly accumulate in the subcutaneous layer to form hematoma. This is the bag we can touch, that is, the bag on Xiao Ming’s head.

The problem of bones can be more assured. In fact, there are still two or three layers between this hematoma and the skull. Moreover, this degree of collision will not shake the strong bone.

If this is the only problem, there is no need to worry at all. It is enough to apply cold compress for a short period of time to prevent further bleeding. Generally speaking, the mass will disappear on its own in 1-2 weeks, and the time required for lighter subcutaneous hematoma to dissipate may be shorter.

My head trauma, and my precious IQ

Xiao Ming and I took this opportunity to have in-depth and sci-fi medical discussions. He asked me:

[If I hit this, will my IQ get lower? ]

I didn’t tell the truth that [you don’t have a high IQ or not]. On the contrary, I began to analyze it with him from a medical point of view.

IQ, in fact, is a very complicated and vague concept, involving many factors, but behind this complexity, there is only one [simple] basis: [brain function]. For example, logical operations, memory, and the interconnection between things in what all depend on the stable structure of the brain to play its own function.

When we accidentally touch a computer with our knees or elbows, will it slow down? It should not, because the structure inside it is still very stable.

So what do we do to smash this computer? It may become [slow] or lose some of its computing power, because the processor or memory may be a little loose.

What about harder? It could crash.

In this way, I don’t think touching a small bag on my head will affect everyone’s so-called [IQ]. It is possible that touching a bag will not affect IQ.

However, if the external force is large enough to cause serious enough damage to the brain, then we will see obvious effects on [IQ], such as obvious memory decline, difficulty in concentration, even dementia, etc. This effect may be temporary or long-term.

After all, the brain is the most complicated structure in a person after all, and who dares to clap his chest and give a guarantee?

Therefore, if you accidentally hit your head, the consequences can be large or small. You must pay more attention to the changes in your body in a short period of time.

In addition to bumping out a bag, many people may ask: Will you have a concussion?