Ice cream, humidifiers, light salt water can deal with colds? My God, is it so magical?

Thanks to the continuous efforts of popular science workers, many people have already got a correct understanding-[colds are upper respiratory tract infections caused by viruses and do not need antibiotic treatment] [colds can be cured without taking medicine, but they can take medicine to relieve symptoms].

But I know a lot of truth, but I still have a bad cold, sore throat, dizziness, sour nose, and then my heart is very tired…

Therefore, in this article, we should talk less about the big truth and give more small tricks.

Ice cream relieves sore throat

Will the children laugh happily on the [deathbed] when they see this move?

When catching a cold, if there is pharyngeal pain, when it is not too serious, eating some ice cream or cool throat candy can relieve the pain. This is safe and effective, parents please rest assured.

If the sore throat is severe and can’t stand the stimulation of cold food, don’t do so. You can choose drugs containing ibuprofen or acetaminophen to relieve the pain.

Light Saline Solves Nasal Obstruction

The best way to deal with nasal congestion is to keep the nasal cavity moist. Normal saline (0.9% concentration of saline, 4.5 grams of salt dissolved in 500ml of water) can play an important role at this time.

For children with nasal congestion, Can clean children’s nasal cavity first, then let the child lie on his back. Drop two or three drops of saline nasal drops into each nostril, gently press and hold the tip of the nose, so that normal saline drops can flow in more easily, let the drops stay in the nostril for 30-60 seconds. Finally, let the child turn over and discharge mucus from the nostril with paper towel or gauze, or bring mucus and saline out by coughing or sneezing.

Adults or older children can use more normal saline. Or put normal saline into a nasal washer and use it to flush the nasal cavity.

It is worth noting that normal saline is also effective for nasal symptoms caused by other diseases, such as chronic rhinitis. Nasal congestion and runny nose will be relieved.

If you think it is troublesome to configure saline, you can buy ready-made nasal drops, which is slightly more expensive.

Skillfully Use Honey to Stop Cough

Mother Clove has always opposed the myth of the efficacy of honey. However, parents can try honey to relieve cough. A scientific study in 2012 showed that honey can reduce the frequency and degree of cough in children. Based on this, the American Academy of Pediatrics pointed out that when children over 1 year old cough due to the common cold, they can choose to use honey to relieve cough, with an amount of 2-5 milliliters at a time.

The specific antitussive reason of honey has not been fully confirmed, but some studies have proved that it is useful, and the sweet taste itself can also make sick children feel better, so parents may as well give it a try.

It should be emphasized that the main components of honey are fructose and glucose, and eating more is easy to get fat. Don’t expect honey’s so-called health care and immunity enhancement effects. Because babies under 1 year old are prone to Clostridium botulinum poisoning when eating honey, honey and honey foods are forbidden for children under 1 year old.

Humidifier shortens disease course

As mentioned above, drinking a lot of water and using humidifiers (it is recommended to keep the humidity at 40% ~ 50%) can also relieve cough and reduce the irritation of dry air to nasal mucosa.

In addition, because influenza viruses and some viruses that cause colds have the best stability when the humidity is 20% ~ 40% and 60% ~ 80%, they are easy to cause diseases and spread. Therefore, reasonable use of humidifiers, especially humidifiers that can set humidity and ensure appropriate humidity, can prevent colds.

In addition, although a cold is a viral infection, it can be secondary to bacterial infection in some cases, the most common of which is group a streptococcus that already exists in the upper respiratory tract. Too low or too high humidity can easily lead to secondary infection of group a streptococcus.

Therefore, controlling the humidity of the living environment within a moderate range plays a very important role in the prevention and treatment of colds.

Here, I would like to remind you of three points.

  1. Be sure to clean the humidifier sink in time, which is the basis for reducing bacteria growth.

  2. When using humidifier, local humidification should be avoided, and the range of humidifier mist should be paid attention to so that the whole room can be humidified evenly.

  3. For health reasons, it is recommended to choose humidifiers with non-chemical sterilization and humidifiers with ultraviolet sterilization technology.

Reasonable Choice of Cold Medicine

Some common cold medicines on the market contain many ingredients in one pill to deal with various symptoms of colds respectively. This is the so-called [compound cold medicine].

There are hundreds of viruses that cause colds. Some viruses cause nasal congestion, some cough, and some sore throat. If there are multiple cold symptoms, the compound cold medicine can be taken in one tablet to relieve the symptoms.

It should be emphasized that according to the requirements of FDA, compound cold medicine is forbidden for children under 4 years old. When children are ill, let doctors prescribe and take medicine. Remember.

Of course, it is not possible to take the [hodgepodge] of compound drugs every time for convenience. According to the specific symptoms, choose a single component drug with corresponding efficacy, which is more reasonable.

The functions of each component are roughly as follows:

Take a closer look at the medicine box? If there is only a single symptom, only targeted drugs need to be selected.

Careful Selection of Antiviral Cold Drugs

Since most colds are caused by viruses and antibiotics should not be used, is it always right to use antiviral drugs?

Indeed, drugs such as Tamiflu (oseltamivir) can relieve symptoms and shorten the course of disease by inhibiting the release of influenza virus, and have been widely used in the early treatment of influenza.

However, unfortunately, so far, we really do not have any antiviral drugs available that can directly deal with the common cold.

There are no more than three situations to publicize anti-cold virus drugs.

The first is that various proprietary Chinese medicines are antiviral. The ingredients are complex and both Chinese and Western medicines have common characteristics-there is no strong evidence to prove their usefulness.

The second is amantadine. At the beginning of its birth, amantadine was effective against influenza virus, but now it is seriously resistant and is not recommended for treatment.

The third is ribavirin. Its efficacy is not as good as amantadine, and its efficacy against most virus infections is not supported by reliable data.

Therefore, clove mothers do not recommend using antiviral drugs when their children catch a common cold.

In a year, it is inevitable to catch a cold twice. If you are unlucky again, I hope Mother Clove’s tricks can help you.