How to see a doctor can save energy and money?

Today’s big hospitals are really crowded. After the long line at the registration office is finished, there is a waiting line in front of the clinic. The windows for blood drawing and testing are also crowded. It is not easy to see a disease, but the time the doctor can talk to me is only 3-5 minutes. What can I do? How to communicate with doctors most effectively in such a short period of time? Here are some reliable tips.

Advice for all

No matter going to the hospital to see the what department, making preparations in advance at home can not only save one’s own time, but also reduce the number of repeated visits to the hospital and avoid unnecessary expenses. It can be said that one can achieve more with one stroke.

1. Sorting out the problems you want to solve most,

For some elderly patients, there may be more than one problem, and when we go to the hospital to see a doctor, we can only see one department, so before going, we should first think about what kind of problems we want to solve, such as: do we want to adjust blood pressure or solve lumbago? Around this problem, doctors are good at specialized treatment and give some help.

2. Bring together the information of previous medical treatment,

Mainly with want to solve the disease related information, such as: hyperthyroidism with thyroid function test sheet, fracture with film. Generally includes [one head and one tail], the head is your first visit material, the tail is the latest visit material.

This information includes the development of the disease, treatment and previous examinations. It should be noted that if there are films taken in the past, don’t fold them indiscriminately, but wrap them into rolls to bring them.

3. Record long-term medication

If the doctor only knows from the patient that he is taking what-colored pills, several times a day, it is difficult to know whether it is what medicine. Moreover, dealing with the side effects of the drug and evaluating the effectiveness of the drug may be one of the reasons why you see the doctor.

It is necessary for patients to clearly know the name of the medicine they are taking. If they really can’t remember it, they can bring the drug instructions or the outer packaging box with them. If they think it is troublesome to bring the packaging box with them, they can take a picture with their mobile phone, so that doctors or pharmacists can help you with the medicine.

Step 4 Wear loose, soft clothes

Before seeing a doctor, try to wear clothes with zippers or buttons. The material is loose and soft, which is better for physical examination. Shoes should not choose boots or shoes with shoelaces as far as possible. It will be very inconvenient to get up and down the clinic bed.

Detailed Strategy for Medical Treatment in Various Subjects

With the progress of science, the branches of medical treatment are becoming more and more detailed. Generally speaking, they can be divided into internal medicine and surgery. Internal medicine is divided into various specialties such as heart, respiration and digestion. Surgery is also divided into general surgery, gynecology, otolaryngology and head and neck surgery, which deal with different diseases.

Each disease, due to its own characteristics, has its own requirements when visiting different departments.

Internal Medicine:

Mainly deals with hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, etc.

In terms of chronic diseases, common hypertension and diabetes actually require patients to record their daily blood pressure, blood sugar and medication. Blood sugar is recommended to be measured on an empty stomach one day a week. Blood sugar after three meals is not only measured on an empty stomach every day. As for blood pressure, it is required to be measured every day. With these, doctors can better help you.


It mainly deals with fracture, appendicitis, craniocerebral trauma, etc.

This kind of examination needs more auxiliary examination, such as orthopaedics. When you consult an orthopaedics doctor on how to deal with my cervical spondylosis, orthopaedics may need imaging data, films or CDs and USB disks currently used in some hospitals.


It mainly deals with diseases of female reproductive system, such as vaginitis, hysteromyoma, etc.

If it wasn’t an emergency, Please avoid menstruation for women’s examination, Preferably 3-7 days after the end of menstruation, Please avoid sexual life and vaginal lavage 2 days before examination, so as not to affect the examination results. Women who have no sexual life and are pregnant for more than 12 weeks recommend abdominal gynecological (uterus, ovary) ultrasound, transvaginal ultrasound needs to empty urine and after gynecological examination. Abdominal gynecological ultrasound needs to hold urine, and please do not deliberately empty urine before examination to prolong waiting time.


In addition to pediatric surgery, it can be called pediatric general practice. Almost any discomfort of children belongs to pediatrics.

The biggest characteristic of this department is dumb department, because it is difficult for infants to consult, so parents and guardians are needed to accompany them, and people who need to take care of children to provide medical history information. If children come to see a doctor because of infectious diseases such as hand, foot and mouth, pay attention to wearing masks and washing hands frequently to avoid cross infection.

Finally, it is not a matter for one person to see a doctor and treat him. Try to get the support of his family. After listening to the doctor’s advice, when deciding to adopt a certain treatment method, it is best to let the family’s opinions agree with you, so as to reduce the communication cost between the doctor and the family and allow the doctor to spend more time on the treatment of patients.