If you don’t pay attention to these five points, you will be tragic if you are not careful.

With the popularity of Korean dramas, many girls have a crush on the beauty of the heroine, oh no, eyebrows.

If you happen to have a bad heart [hand] and are too nervous to trace your eyebrows every day when you go out every day, one way to do it once and for all is to tattoo your eyebrows. (Of course, men can also tattoo their eyebrows.)

Well done, one word, beauty;

If you don’t do well, one word, miserable…

In order to prevent more people from being blind [into the pit], today Dr. Clove will tell you about the five things that should be paid attention to most when tattooing eyebrows.

First, select specialized medical institutions

Attention! It is a medical institution, not an ordinary beauty salon or a barbershop.

Eyebrow tattooing is actually a minimally invasive medical operation. Its invasiveness and injury belong to the category of [medical cosmetology].

It requires the operator to have special eyebrow tattooing tools, medical disinfection equipment and medical operation concepts, as well as certain aesthetic and communication skills.

Professional medical and beauty institutions mean that the preoperative explanation, disinfection, aseptic operation and postoperative precautions of the eyebrow tattooing process will follow certain rules and procedures and will be supervised by the health department.

If you choose [eyebrow tattooing workshop] for the sake of cheap prices, you will do more harm than good if you are infected with infectious diseases. After all, safety is the most important thing.

Second, fully communicate with the operator

There are many ways to tattoo eyebrows, tattooed eyebrows, embroidered eyebrows, Korean semi-permanent tattoos…

If you don’t know which eyebrow tattoo to choose, please fully communicate with the operator.

    Traditional eyebrow tattooing machine is a single needle, the tattoo effect is not very natural, the color of pigment will become blue or even green with time, but the advantage lies in simple composition. Now the equipment is mostly needle-arranged, the pigment property tends to be stable, plus the improvement of technique, it will make the eyebrow shape more natural, but the composition may be more complicated.

In addition to eyebrow tattooing, communication with each other should also include:

If you want to talk about your understanding of your facial shape and the desired effect, you can even put the desired eyebrow shape in your mobile phone before fine-tuning, etc.

Make sure the operator knows what you want to look like and don’t be afraid of trouble. (Think about simply telling the barber [just trim it] every time, and then what? )

But you put your face in the hands of the other party. In case you fail, the dream of eating on your face will be hopeless.

Third, avoid dangerous pigments

The principle of eyebrow tattooing is similar to tattoo: first draw the ideal eyebrow shape, then implant the pigment dye into the skin epidermis with eyebrow tattooing equipment, and some pigment dye remains on the skin epidermis as [foreign body] to achieve the effect of color development.

At present, the pigments for eyebrow tattooing, whether made in China or imported from abroad, are not controlled, and they have not undergone strict composition determination.

This means that many pigments may be [unsafe] and there will be risks such as excessive heavy metal content, allergy, etc.

When laser washing tattoos (eyebrows), some pigments will not only fail to wash off, but will change color and even develop into granuloma. In serious cases, they can only be solved by surgery.

Once again, even if it’s just eyebrow tattooing, you must choose a professional medical institution.

Fourth, postoperative nursing to prevent infection

Pigment penetrates into the skin, and this process will definitely cause inflammatory reaction of local skin tissues, which may last for as long as one to three weeks depending on the depth of the prick.

The most important thing is to prevent infection:

    Before scabbing, attention should be paid to avoid touching tap water. The scab skin will fall off 5-7 days after the tattoo. Do not cut off the scab artificially before falling off naturally.

After tattooing, you may feel that the eyebrows are getting darker and darker, which also has the influence of scabbing.

When the scab skin falls off, it will take away most of the pigment. If the coloring is not obvious after the scab is removed, it can be considered to supplement the color.

Fifth, pay attention to postoperative adverse reactions

Eyebrow tattooing is not only a modeling technique, but also a serious medical beauty technique.

It does have the possibility of postoperative adverse reactions, including infection, pigment allergy, decolorization and discoloration, dye diffusion, granulation tissue or scar formation, etc.

If these situations occur after eyebrow tattooing, do not hesitate to seek medical treatment in time and use drugs under the guidance of professionals.

The ideal eyebrow tattooing technique should achieve the effect of natural and symmetrical eyebrow shape after 3 weeks.

The long-distance looks like a natural eyebrow, with vitality. The short-distance effect can be known as a tattooed eyebrow, but it is soft and not false.

Well, if you are finally ready to tattoo your eyebrows now, remember one more sentence:

Be sure to straighten your mind before tattooing your eyebrows.

This can avoid psychological imbalance caused by high preoperative expectations and failure to meet [psychological expectations] after surgery.

The world of looking at faces is already so cruel, the most important thing is to be happy. Don’t worry yourself.