If you don’t take care of your teeth, there will be a big problem.

As the saying goes, people get old before they get old. But because we dentists often come into contact with relevant patients, So we will feel that, [Yagao] is the black hand that makes people age imperceptibly. Now that everyone’s living standard has improved, But [anti-tooth aging] consciousness did not keep up with it, All continue to be influenced by the old fallacy that people will naturally lose their teeth when they get old. Our dentist is very anxious. I really can’t rely on old age to lose my tooth. In fact, Periodontal disease and dental caries are the main causes of tooth loss in the elderly. [20 teeth should be retained at the age of 80] is one of the ten standards of human health defined by the World Health Organization. There are three major hazards to allowing tooth loss. For the elderly, Missing teeth can seriously affect chewing ability, pronunciation and beauty. 1. Affect eating, Further leading to malnutrition, impaired chewing ability, It is not good to eat [mouth], Something [can’t bite], This is mainly reflected in the adverse effects on the physical health of the elderly. Healthy people have 14 pairs of 28 teeth in their oral cavity. Share the burden of chewing. Studies believe that people over 60 must have at least 8 pairs of teeth. Its function is complete. Once the cutting and grinding effect of human on food is weakened, It will affect the initial digestion of food in the oral cavity, Increasing the burden of gastrointestinal digestion. Impaired masticatory function, Can seriously affect the intake and balance of nutrition, So as to affect the health of the body. 2. The voice of the vocal cords cannot be clearly spoken. It cannot be made into speech without processing. Among them, Consonants are sounds made by blocking air flow in the oral cavity. It is difficult to form lip-dental and dental sounds (such as F, V, S, Z, etc.) smoothly after missing teeth. Causing blurred speech. 3. Missing teeth, It makes people look older. When there are more missing teeth, Because of the loss of teeth to maintain the height of the face below the nose, to support the soft tissue of lips and cheeks, Then the lower face will become shorter, the lips and cheeks will collapse, wrinkles will deepen, and the mouth will droop. In a word, it will make people look old. No matter whether the pronunciation is vague or the face is old, it will affect people’s vitality. No one wants to slurred speech and gaunt face, right? Teeth must be filled as early as possible. The development of any disease changes from quantitative change to qualitative change. Teeth are like a team. In the absence of a few, The remaining teeth can share the work of losing teeth. Therefore, the parties may not feel inconvenienced, It is also not serious. This is also one of the reasons why many people ignore the problem of missing teeth. However, It is very important to fill your teeth in time: 1. Slow down the damage of remaining teeth: When there is a missing tooth, The adjacent teeth will gradually tilt and shift towards the vacancy, Destroy the normal close abutment of teeth, As a result, the rest of the teeth become more likely to be stuffed between the teeth by food, Difficult to clean, Accelerates the damage of the remaining teeth. 2. Reduce pain: As that number of lost teeth increase, Many patients may suffer from bite inconvenience or pain, Gradually form the habit of unilateral chewing, It further leads to dysfunction of the oral and maxillofacial system, Increasing the joint burden, Causing joint bounce, pain and locking. 3. Reduce alveolar bone degeneration: if things go on like this, The alveolar bone in the missing teeth will absorb and atrophy itself. This will be a slow and irreversible process. It often leads to the future when you want to do dental implants and removable dentures, Losing the necessary physiological conditions, Resulting in poor repair effect or even completely irreparable. 4. Reduce oral wear: Bare gums will have degenerative changes, The elasticity and wear resistance of mucosa gradually deteriorate, Sensitivity increases, Easily sensitive to pain, Becomes more and more afraid to chew. So, The old man’s missing teeth will not be repaired as soon as possible, In fact, it is very [uneconomical]. Because the longer the delay, the more complicated the problem, The cost of remediation has risen, The effect of repair is even worse, The damage to health is also gradually escalating. You need these loose, painful, root-only teeth. Not only can it not exert its chewing function, On the contrary, it will bring trouble to the teeth in this area and will not dare to bite normally. For these teeth, What can be treated, what can be preserved, do your best, Otherwise, it is recommended to remove it as soon as possible. Prepare for restoration. As for the vacancy after the tooth falls, there are many kinds of restoration forms. From people’s common removable denture, fixed prosthesis, to the flourishing development of dental implants in recent years, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the application is different. For the elderly, sometimes it is not necessary to blindly pursue the most advanced and advanced scheme, and what is suitable is good.