If you want to have good quality, is size enough?

Backstage people often leave messages asking Ji Ge, how old Penis is a good Penis? For such readers, Ji Ge just wants to ask: How old are you? You didn’t go to Lan Xiang to drive a pile driver. Why did you poke so deep?

Ji Ge’s articles are not long, because Ji Ge knows that the articles do not talk about heroes in terms of length and length. The key is hard goods and fun. Penis is the same. Hardness and skill are important.

Size is not the most important!

The average length of Penis in Chinese men under normal conditions is 4 ~ 11 cm, and the average erectile length is 10 ~ 12 cm.

Is it very different from what you saw in the small movie [18 cm]? Please, how old are you, and still believe in the plot in the small movie. That is artistic processing, of course, it is higher than life!

If size is really so important, wouldn’t it be that most people can’t happily snap?

In fact, women’s vaginal nerves are mainly distributed in the vaginal mouth and 1/3 of the part outside the vagina. About 3 ~ 4 cm into the place, is what we often say G spot. As long as it is not two or three centimeters [mini D], it is competent.

Is your Penis hardness up to standard?

Compared with size, Penis’s hardness is very critical. You can feel it yourself by comparing the 4 grades in the following erectile hardness scale:

    Level 1: Penis is swollen, but soft and collapsed. The hardness is similar to tofu level 2: Penis is slightly hard, but it still cannot work. The hardness is similar to peeled banana level 3: Penis is relatively hard, but it is not in the best state. The hardness is similar to banana level 4 with peeled banana: Penis enters a complete combat state, and the hardness is similar to cucumber.

Both Level 3 and Level 4 states can be snapped, but Level 4 states will be better.

Too tired will affect the combat state.

If it suddenly [cannot be hardened] in a short period of time, it may be that the body is not in condition.

At present, many people are overworked and under too much pressure in their work and life, and Penis will have more than he can do. How is it possible to ask the horse to run and not to eat grass? It is still necessary to work and rest regularly, eat well, go out for exercise and keep yourself in good condition.

What? You asked me if I could take supplements. Ji Ge smiled without saying a word…

You are a human being, not a pile driver.

Many people think that the bigger Penis is, the better. In fact, it is putting the cart before the horse. There is no difference between what and piling without mutual cooperation and understanding?

10-15 minutes foreplay

Because the reaction is not synchronized, girls generally enter the state slower than boys. Please take at least 10 ~ 15 minutes to touch and kiss sensitive areas.

More communication

Where is the sensitive area? Do you like each other best to be what? Everyone’s answer is different. If you hold back, do you want me to guess? I am not you, how can I know that the middle of the third rib and the fourth rib in front of your left is especially sensitive (don’t ask me where I am)? Find a comfortable time and have a good chat.

Try more

The nine-to-five life consumes too much energy, Sometimes it turns into the same task, which makes people feel monotonous. Try to change your posture and use toys. People are not tools, but people can use tools. You can also change the time and place to create some freshness. But Ji Ge is not asking you to book a home hourly room for 88 yuan.

Well, Ji Ge can only help you here, and if you go down again, you will become Xiao Huang Wen…