If you were the God who ruled everything, would you be what?

Editor’s Note:

If you were God, would you do something about what?

The imaginative comedy movie “Fake Gods” tells such a story.

Bruce, the TV broadcaster who had a bad time, blamed [God] for all the bad things that happened to him. Unexpectedly, God really showed up and decided to give Bruce the power of God for a week and let him try to take charge of the world.

Bruce is a journalist for a column in Buffalo, New York.

He is smart, handsome, talented and academic, and has attracted many audiences with his humorous hosting style, including his girlfriend, kindergarten teacher Grace.

One morning, Bruce sent Grace to the scene of the blood donation activity. Grace said that blood donation could help more people, but Bruce did not think so, believing that the blood donated would be poured out in vain.

After seeing off his girlfriend, Bruce had a bad day:

Rushing to the meeting, I encountered a traffic jam and was late for the meeting.

The news reports of workplace competitor Evan were adopted, and his reports could only be used as alternatives.

Unable to bear the cynicism of rival Evan, he lost control of his emotions and was dismissed by the TV station in the live report.

Seeing a group of gangsters bullying the tramp, he came forward to dissuade him, but was beaten violently by the gangsters.

When he got home, he had another big fight with Grace.

Driving into a telegraph pole…

All this made Bruce unbearable and full of resentment to complain about why God was so unfair to himself.

At this time, he received an invitation for a job interview. After keeping the appointment, he found that the boss of the job was God himself!

It turned out that God could not bear Bruce’s endless complaints about him and decided to give him his strength and let him manage Buffalo.

You can use God’s divine power in any way, but there are two rules: you cannot tell anyone that he is God and you cannot interfere with the independent will.

As a result, Bruce began his exploration of divine power:

Separate a pot of thick soup with bare hands;

Teach the gangsters who beat him violently before;

Bringing the moon closer to the earth, creating romantic scenes of the big moon and winning the favor of girlfriends;

He also made several big news stories in Buffalo Town with his divine power, making himself the first discoverer and reporter of the news, and making his former competitor make a fool of himself in public when broadcasting the news and being dismissed.

Bruce became the TV station’s ace anchor again.

However, divine power is not omnipotent.

When his girlfriend was filled with joy and thought Bruce was going to propose to him, he was bent on telling her about his promotion celebration.

At the celebration party, Grace happened to catch Bruce’s female colleague showing his kindness to him.

All this disheartened Grace and left him.

Even though Bruce used his divine power to constantly create romantic scenes and their memories around Grace, he still could not change Grace’s contradictory and painful heart and desire to leave him.

At the same time, the consequences of Bruce’s abuse of divine power gradually emerged:

The closing moon has caused abnormal tides in Japanese waters, leading to natural disasters everywhere.

The meteorite crash he made for news reports caused a massive power outage in Buffalo Town.

Everyone won the lottery, so each winner could only share the grand prize equally. People’s anger lost control and triggered riots.

Bruce finally realized that God’s work was not so easy.

Satisfying personal desires and ignoring common sense will only make the world lose its rules and become a mess.

People always pray to him to realize their wishes, but they do not realize that they have the ability to realize their wishes.

After understanding the true meaning of [divine power], Bruce began to help others by his own efforts, and Buffalo Town gradually returned to its former peace.

However, Bruce still could not change Grace’s mind. He stood on the highway in despair. He was knocked down by a big truck and saw God again in a moment of life and death.

God asked him to pray from the heart. Only then did he realize that what he really cherished in his heart was his feelings with Grace…

Bruce, who woke up, found himself lying in a hospital bed, receiving a blood transfusion due to excessive blood loss. The blood he thought would be poured out now saved his life.

His girlfriend also returned to him.

After recovery, Bruce has lost the divine power of God, but he has discovered his [divine power]-his enthusiasm, kindness and hard work for life.

He no longer prayed to God, but relied on his own efforts to realize his wishes step by step and help the people around him.

Separating a pot of thick soup is not a miracle in what, it is just a small magic trick. A single mother, who has to work two jobs a day, can still smoke out of the world to accompany her children to football training. That is a miracle.

People ask God to realize any wish, but they never realize that they have the ability to realize their wishes.

If you want to see a real miracle, try to make yourself a miracle!

Before, Bruce attributed his misfortune to God’s injustice and constantly complained about life. However, his girlfriend Grace is completely opposite to him. She loves life and everyone around her. Her active blood donation without compensation has also been incomprehensible and teased by Bruce.

In fact, there is still no way to artificially produce substitutes with blood function, so the blood used for clinical treatment can only come from human body, which means that enough blood donors need to donate blood regularly to ensure sufficient blood supply.

For individuals, there is no harm in donating blood without compensation, nor is there any special benefit of what.

But think about it, the blood donated by everyone can save millions of lives every year, and can help critically ill patients prolong their lives and improve their quality of life. Isn’t this a miracle created by everyone’s small contribution?

In real life, of course, you will not be God in charge of the world, but you can make your life and the small world around you better.