Parents must read it. Do you really know children’s toothpaste?

Bao’s parents are always very careful about what they buy for their babies. Many mothers often take some [said] [heard] [said] to Ding’s mother for verification.

Recently, some parents asked Dr. Clove, how should children choose toothpaste when their baby is going to have teeth? I heard that fluorine-free toothpaste should be used. But some people say low fluorine is better?

Dr. Clove doesn’t know who to listen to and who to listen to… But Dr. Clove feels that it is necessary to have a good talk with parents about children’s toothpaste.

Is children’s toothpaste more suitable for babies?

Not the word “children” in the product, it is more suitable for children. What children’s soy sauce, children’s milk… honest and frank’s Ding Ma has torn her hands.

In fact, the classification of [children] [adults] as toothpaste is not accurate either. The most common classification of toothpaste is based on whether fluoride is added, that is, fluorine or non-fluorine. (This is also what parents are concerned about.)

No matter how toothpaste advertises itself, saying that it is low-fluorine, fluorine-free, swallowing, fruit-flavored, crunchy, or kawaii-shaped… these are not the most important!

The most important thing is actually a moderate amount.

Babies under 3 years old only use toothpaste the size of rice grains at a time, while babies between 3 and 6 years old should not exceed the size of a pea (about 5mm in length) at a time.

Whether you use what type fluoride toothpaste for your child, this is a very safe dosage.

What if the baby swallows toothpaste?

Doctor Clove knows that many parents are still not at ease with fluoride toothpaste, especially if their baby can’t gargle or spit toothpaste, and swallow some toothpaste every day, which has been going on for many years…

What if there is too much fluoride? What about fluorosis?

In fact, dentists have already weighed this problem. As long as the qualified toothpaste is produced according to the standard, according to the dosage recommended above, even if the baby cannot gargle and swallow it into the stomach, it will not cause excessive risks.

Do you want to buy children’s toothpaste?

Some children’s toothpastes are fluorine-free and some are low fluorine (compared with ordinary toothpastes).

The American Dental Association and other authoritative organizations recommend that as long as the baby grows his first tooth, he should be given fluoride toothpaste, which can effectively prevent tooth decay. Therefore, if you must buy children’s toothpaste, it is also recommended to buy fluoride-containing toothpaste.

Moreover, even people living in high-fluorine areas are recommended to use fluoride toothpaste. After all, toothpaste will not be used as food.

If you want to help your baby prevent dental caries, you should use fluoride toothpaste. As for how to choose, doctor clove thinks that as long as the taste is not spicy, it is good to be happy.