I’m a bad doctor

Recently, the weather has been a bit gloomy, with Chinese brand smog hanging over the earth.

An elderly patient who received a facial tumor had many years of medical history. The tumor had already taken shape and finally made up his mind to operate. He was anxious, nervous and manic. In this way, on a Happy Friday afternoon, a simple medical history was asked for an hour.

After ward rounds, the chief surgeon said: the patient’s tumor area is large, the position is deep, the possibility of nerve source is large, the probability of facial paralysis after operation is relatively large, and informed consent must be done well. I said: follow the decree. The talk with the patient was calm, and the patient firmly expressed the risk of accepting facial paralysis after operation.

However, it is not that simple.

The next day, the patient’s daughter angrily came to the doctor’s office to find me and ordered the patient to return to the ward. My heart silently cried out: No one is good at anything. Quietly tidied up the white coat, which showed that my aura was also sufficient.

After finishing, I looked at the patient’s daughter: Short hair with neat ears, Probably slept too hard last night, The short hair on the left ear is tilted high. It may be that the smog is too heavy and you didn’t wash your hair, Uneven-haired cliques, It may be that the shampoo is not of good quality, Dandruff is a little arrogant. The eyes may be due to glasses, It doesn’t feel too big, And 45 degrees above me, Let me really want to say, Can you open your eyes and look at me? It may still be the cause of smog, Wearing a mask, But wearing a mask looks very strange, Nostrils are exposed, It’s like peeling apples and eating only the skin of apples. After five years of love with my boyfriend, I married my boyfriend’s cousin and bought a condom to poke a hole and use it again. I was really puzzled, but after a while I also wanted to understand that I might be used to breathing through my mouth. Looking down again, I was in shape. Well, burly, strong and powerful, which made me very ashamed. Why am I so fragile?

A good doctor is strong and able to withstand blows.

[Are you looking for me to know about what?] I asked with my head tilted.

[I want to know about the operation. What calls the probability of facial paralysis after the operation so high. Is there such a high probability that facial paralysis can be performed during the operation? How is this done? ]

[Well, the patient’s tumor is large and deep, and the possibility of nerve source is high, so the probability of facial nerve damage is high, that is, the possibility of facial paralysis is high.]

[I know, in fact, this operation is relatively routine. It is completely possible to separate the facial nerve. It is impossible to destroy all five branches. At least the temporal branch and buccal branch should be preserved. Therefore, I asked to protect the nerve and sign the operation agreement at the back. Let the main surgeon come and sign with us. We will not sign without the main surgeon.]

Oh, it turns out that this is an X-degree encyclopedia, and this posture is that we are begging the patient to have an operation. Please, please, let me have an operation for you. [We can’t guarantee the separation of facial nerve and which branch to separate. The surgeon is out of the clinic today and may not have time. The operation agrees that I can talk to you.]

[No, it must be signed by the main knife, so that you can tell the operation again.] Then she took out her cell phone and began to unlock it, dot to dot.

I tactfully thought, maybe this is to record? [I just said in general that I will say it in detail when signing the operation in the afternoon.]

I told you to tell me again now! ]

[I will say it in detail when I sign the operation in the afternoon.] Alas, how can I answer the patient’s request like this? I am a bad doctor.

Pa, pat the table and rise, [You are what’s attitude, I’ll let you say what’s wrong again, why don’t you say, and I will say in the afternoon, I want to know now! Where is the director? Who is your director? Let him out! ]

At this time, I am very worried about our table. Although this is solid wood of better quality, she is so burly, strong and powerful. If she pats it down with a big palm, she will have 90% internal force visually. The table will crack. [You are a little excited, sit down and say slowly.] Alas, I should first care about whether her hands hurt or not, so I don’t cherish the patient’s family members. I am a bad doctor.

[what is excited, Look at you, At first it was what’s attitude, I just want to know about the operation.] And then, A few more shots of the table, Pat it on the table, It hurts in my heart, Maybe there was no crack just now, There must be one now. Although I still looked at me with white eyes through my glasses, I still felt a strong murderous look. Her penetrating and vigorous voice succeeded in attracting other doctors in the office to stop their work and turn their heads to look at us. She shouted so loudly that she must be thirsty. I didn’t pour her a glass of water. Alas, I am a bad doctor.

[Why, I am her superior doctor, you can talk to me.] As soon as you listen to this magnetic subwoofer, you will know that this is my ward comrade-in-arms who invited reinforcements in time. Thank my comrade-in-arms.

[Ha ha, that’s her, scaring us to have facial paralysis after surgery. I asked her to say about the operation, but she didn’t even say about what. What’s attitude.] I sat, she stood, pointing at me with her hand. I saw her face was so big, and it was estimated that she saw my face was quite small.

[Come on, sit down, Let’s talk slowly, Well…] I feel her anger has subsided a lot, He also spoke softly. Well, the superior doctor’s Yan value really killed everything. Beautiful things will make the mood better and delicious food will make the anger dissipate. A word often tested in primary schools is called “delicious food”. In the two happy conversations, I secretly lifted the tablecloth and looked at the injury of the table. It was good and there was no obvious crack.

[Well, I’ll wait for the surgeon to talk to us that afternoon. I can ask a lawyer for notarization. I also think notarization is necessary.]

I think it is very necessary to report to the clinic and the surgeon.

[Teacher, the patient’s family asked you to sign the operation agreement with them. I did not perform well, which made the patient’s family have opinions on me.]

[Let patients and their families come here to find me. I’ll take time to talk to them.]

I took the patients and their families to the arms of the surgeon.

[Teacher, here they come.]

[Wait a minute, there is a minor operation. You should sit outside in the rest area and wait for me for a while.]

At this time, I went to other departments to see a doctor. I had a hard time hanging up my number. I hope I was not late. Although I am a bad doctor, it does not affect my illness. Just five minutes after walking, my cell phone rang, [where are you, the teacher asked you to come over.]

I hurried back without the last button on my white coat, which made me feel very stylish.

[Teacher, I’m coming.]

[You weren’t with the patients just now, were you?]

[No, I don’t want to be with them anymore. I’m afraid my breathing will affect their rest.]


After a minute, I suddenly realized that the teacher was concerned about me. Oh, I was happy to fly.

Five minutes later, the four of us came to the VIP reception room, and the teacher began to introduce the operation and risks in detail.

[I know that this is clearly a routine operation. Facial nerve can be preserved. I require facial nerve to be preserved, followed by tumor resection.]

The main knife helplessly looked at me, I curled my pie mouth.

[Facial nerve cannot be preserved, this is definitely a problem of surgery.]

The main knife looked at me helplessly again, and I picked my eyebrows.

[Even if notarization is done, if there are problems after surgery, you will not be able to run away.]

The master looked at me helplessly again, and I shrugged.

[I want to cut the tumor first.] The patient said.

[I want to preserve the facial nerve.] The patient’s daughter said.

This seems to be a question of having children and protecting adults and children.

[In this way, the two of you have discussed it first. They don’t agree. The operation can’t be done. Also, your blood pressure is so high these days after admission that you can’t do the operation.] The surgeon said exhausted.

[You should agree quickly. Notary lawyers only have time at noon. If they miss the time, lawyers are not here, so they cannot sign and the operation cannot be performed.] I warned.

[Hum, then I don’t care, the lawyer is not here, you go to find it, such a big hospital is not even equipped with lawyers, why, anyway, it’s all your problem.] The patient’s daughter felt angry again.

Shit, I made her angry again. Why can’t I speak so much? Alas, I am a bad doctor.

[Let’s discuss it now. My blood pressure is not high normally. I can take it again later. It is definitely not high.] The patient took his family away.

I face to face with the teacher, rubbing my hands and looking at each other, but I was speechless and choked.

Back to the ward, in the process of waiting for the blood pressure test, there were several small things that happened again. I couldn’t find the cell phone charger, lunch, money, and being late for the doctor. Look, this is retribution. Who made me a bad doctor?

The first blood pressure test, 180/90. [Doctor, I’ll take another rest and take another test later.] The second blood pressure test, 183/94, [I’ll take another rest and take another test later.] The third blood pressure test, 170/91.

I said: [The blood pressure is too high, the operation is estimated to be impossible, and I may have to be discharged from the hospital.] With that, I plan to report to the chief surgeon, and it is estimated that the possibility of discharge is high.

The patient’s daughter chased him out, Stop me, The index finger of the right hand is stretched out, The thumb wraps around the other four fingers, Arms parallel to the tip of my nose, As he said, On one side, [Hey, I said, Why are you going, You let us out of the hospital with what, The best thing is not to have surgery, We didn’t say we were leaving the hospital, You make decisions without authorization and report to the chief surgeon that we will be discharged from the hospital. Your what heart, what people, what character, I think all your general practitioners know that you are from what. Hum, tell you the chief surgeon, I want to change the resident, I want to change the resident, I want to change the resident.] I have to say that the principle of saying important things three times is perfectly mastered.

At the same time, I would like to thank her for her mask. How much spit wind and rain have I blocked, otherwise, I can definitely wash my face with a close distance of less than 20 cm. But now it is the time for lunch break and spring dream, and it is because of me that the patient’s family is angry, causing her to scold me so loudly and disturb other people’s spring dream. They should hate the patient’s family. Alas, it is all my fault. I am a bad doctor.

At this time, the master surgeon came like a divine help and saved me. [This doctor what’s attitude is to tell you privately that we will be discharged from the hospital, no matter, I will change to a resident doctor…] The master surgeon invited the patient and his family to the doctor’s office to discuss in detail again, motioning me not to follow but to rest first.

I am hateful, I am cruel, I am heartless, I make the patient’s family sad, I make the patient’s family sad, I make the patient’s family vulnerable, all kinds of tastes come to mind. Alas, I am a bad doctor.

I have a problem since I was a child. I will faint after crying for a long time. It is probably respiratory alkalosis. Sure enough, after five minutes, I was out of breath and had difficulty breathing. Finally, I personally practiced that sentence: I have cried and fainted in the toilet. The last consciousness before fainting was: the place was wrong, the toilet smell was not very good, and what could only be found.

I’m a bad doctor.