In addition to distinguishing the positive and negative sides, male breasts also have what functions?

In addition to distinguishing the positive and negative sides, male breasts also play a what role?

Although men’s breasts have mammary glands, they cannot feed the next generation of breasts and have no what’s eggs. However, the more perfect aesthetic consciousness of modern people gives it a chance to turn over completely-pectoral muscles! Men’s breasts have finally been accurately positioned in this era. They can show men’s strength, health and wildness.

Oh, by the way, there is also a function. It is rich in nerves and sharp in feeling. It is a good choice for foreplay.

Why don’t men’s breasts choppy?

The mammary gland of adult men is similar to that of young girls before puberty. As male development is dominated by androgen and lacks the effect of estrogen, male mammary gland tissue is atrophic.

If estrogen increases or androgen decreases in men, men’s boobs can also be choppy, even no less than women’s. Please refer to Thailand’s Ren Women (Yao), you know.

In reality, will male breasts become larger?

Yes, and many more!

(1) Fat accumulation

When boys are obese or overweight, fat will accumulate in the chest, making the appearance of boys’ breasts plump and elastic. Although it also looks like breast enlargement, it is not the hyperplasia of mammary glands caused by estrogen increase, so there is no lump or pain in the breast, so it is also called pseudo-female breast.

(2) Male breast development

This is the main cause of breast enlargement in men. When the ratio of estrogen or estrogen/androgen in men increases, unilateral or bilateral breast development, distending pain and lumps in men will occur.

It should be noted that breast development in men in three periods is likely to be a normal physiological phenomenon:

    Male newborns suffer from breast enlargement due to estrogen in their mothers. Usually disappears within 2-3 weeks after birth. Adolescent male estrogen secretion will increase, making breast development, usually will disappear automatically within 6 months to 2 years. 50-80 years old due to testicular function decline, estrogen and androgen metabolism changes, also can occur mammary gland hyperplasia.

Under normal circumstances, male breast development will be caused by the following reasons:

    Androgen secretion is too low or receptors are not sensitive to androgen, such as Klinefeher syndrome, anorchidism, etc. Estrogen/androgen ratio imbalance, such as liver cirrhosis, chronic renal failure, etc.; Increased estrogen production, such as testicular tumors, adrenal tumors, etc.; Effects of exogenous drugs, such as estrogen and androgen antagonists, long-term use of isoniazid, reserpine, calcium antagonists, phenytoin sodium and other drugs.

(3) Breast abscess

There are also a small number of breast swelling is due to bacterial infection, which leads to necrosis of breast tissues and liquefaction to produce pus, causing breast swelling. Due to bacterial infection, there are often inflammatory reactions, that is, breast skin will become red and hot, and the body may also have fever symptoms.

(4) Breast neoplasms

The probability of breast tumor in men is very low. Take breast cancer as an example, it only accounts for 0.2% ~ 1.5% of all cancers in men and about 1% of all breast cancers.

Tumors usually appear as painless lumps. If the surface is smooth, tough and elastic, and the touch can move, it may be benign tumors. If the lumps stick to the skin, the nipples and surrounding skin are sunken and red, and the nipples still overflow with liquid, it may be breast cancer.

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Breast has swollen, how to do?

Compared with the harm of the body, breast enlargement has a greater impact on men’s daily life and psychology, and even causes some men’s inferiority complex. Imagine not daring to take a bath in the bathhouse, not daring to go to the swimming pool, clothes are one size larger, and never daring to bare arms is an experience in how.

In addition to a very small number of malignant tumors, the vast majority of breast swelling can be cured. Therefore, male compatriots, finding their boobs have become bigger, do not feel ashamed, to go to the hospital in time, not only to treat the body, but also psychological relief.

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