In the era of nationwide online shopping, these four things must not be bought!

In this age, Whether you need what, Can be bought online. But for health care products and medicines, The risks of online shopping cannot be ignored. Those who sell health products online, In fact, it doesn’t care about the health of consumers, They are more concerned about their own interests. Greed often leads to fraud. Therefore, When shopping online, Please be careful. For the following 4 products, Don’t buy online. Prescription Drugs If a website allows you to buy prescription drugs without a prescription, This is a great risk. Even if treatment is needed, Nor can you buy ephedrine-containing drugs such as Baijiahei, Tylenol and Neocontec without a prescription. And prescription drugs like cough water with codeine. Because, The public does not have the ability to judge the disease condition and prescribe drugs. Abuse of drugs or the wrong use of drugs can lead to serious adverse consequences. It is worth mentioning that The prescriptions issued by so-called online doctors are also unreliable. In addition, If you buy drugs from an irregular website, You may buy fake drugs or drugs containing dangerous ingredients. For example, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has tested Tamiflu, an anti-flu drug bought online, I found out that what I bought was not Tamiflu at all. It’s a mixture of talcum powder and acetaminophen. If you need to buy medicine online, You should select an approved drug selling website, The detailed list can be found in the [Data Query] column of the official website of China Food and Drug Administration. And actively consult professional pharmacists, Understand the advice on purchasing drugs. However, please note that, According to the law of our country, These pharmacies can only sell over-the-counter drugs to individual consumers. In fact, Consumers have no idea what the weight loss health products they buy online are. In the inspection by China’s Food and Drug Administration, It has been found many times that the so-called weight loss health care products contain unidentified and unsafe ingredients. Many weight loss health care products sold online have not been approved. This means that there may be a lot of false publicity for these products. In addition, Some weight loss products sold online contain a lot of caffeine, For people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, It is especially unsafe. The best way to lose weight is to have long-term healthy eating habits and regular exercise. If a weight loss health product promises to ensure weight loss effect or accelerate metabolism, Even though it claims to be pure natural, Please also consult a professional doctor before purchasing. In addition, You can also download the [Doctor Clove] App, The [fake drug exposure] function can help quickly identify fake drug advertisements. We all know that breast milk is the best food for newborns, but breast milk bought online is not the case. Selling breast milk online is an unregulated industry and may be contaminated by the following viruses: such as hepatitis or HIV; Bacteria: If stored or transported improperly; Prescription drugs; Illegal drugs. In addition, In a new study published in the American Journal of Pediatrics in April 2015, Many online purchases of breast milk are not 100% of breast milk. Researchers tested 102 online purchases of breast milk samples and found that 10 of them contained at least 10% milk, which may cause allergic reactions in babies. We can understand that some women may want to buy breast milk because they cannot breastfeed or lack milk for various reasons. Other women may want to donate or sell their surplus milk. However, for online sellers, they are often tempted by interests to mix milk with or dilute breast milk. Therefore, if new mothers can breast-feed, that is the best. But if not, Formula and baby foods are second best, It is not worth the risk of buying a stranger’s breast milk. Besides, If you want to donate breast milk, Choose a formal non-profit organization, Such as the local breast milk bank. Hormone products some climacteric women, May be tempted by advertisements to buy hormone health products, creams or herbal preparations online. Products abusing hormones may have side effects. For example, vaginal bleeding, breast pain and other problems. Many online shopping products are not as good as the publicity said [contain a lot of active ingredients], and their safety cannot be guaranteed. For any hormone product, even if it is claimed to be [pure natural], it also needs the guidance of a doctor to ensure effective and correct dosage.