Insomnia, a mental infidelity against the body

When I can’t sleep

You can try the following methods

01 Pay Attention to Sleep Hygiene Habits

The bedroom environment should be quiet and reduce light.

* Sleep three-piece set: earplugs, blindfolds, shading cloth

Avoid coffee, strong tea, alcohol and tobacco at night.

One hour before bedtime

Don’t look at things that will cause excitement.

Try relaxation therapy

Slow down your mind by relaxing your body.

Get out of the vicious circle of insomnia-anxiety

Progressive muscle relaxation is common

Slow abdominal breathing, etc.

Abdominal breathing training:

Lie flat on the bed and relax.

Slowly inhale through your nose, slowly straighten your abdomen as you inhale, and keep your chest motionless.

Hold your breath for 1 second, then exhale slowly with your mouth to feel the natural depression in your abdomen.

Repeat several groups and feel your breathing.

03 Stimulation Control Therapy

Eliminate the negative link between bed and anxiety.

Reconstruction of Sleep Awakening Biological Rhythm

Only go to bed when you are sleepy;

If you can’t sleep after lying down for 20 minutes, you should get up and leave the bedroom, do some simple activities, and return to the bedroom to sleep when you are sleepy. Don’t force yourself to sleep.

Don’t do activities unrelated to sleep in bed, such as eating, playing with mobile phones, thinking about complex problems, etc.

No matter when you fall asleep, you should keep a regular wake-up time.

Try to avoid taking a nap or dozing off during the day and leave all sleep at night.

Insomnia is painful at night. If it has affected the normal life during the day, go to see a doctor and don’t carry it alone.

Tonight, I hope we all sleep well.