Is depression unhappy?

Depression is what?

Depression, as its name implies, is unhappy. [Depression] sounds like a [very unhappy] disease. Some people ask, [I am often very unhappy, which is so easy to be regarded as a disease? I’m afraid the word [unhappy] is used lightly. A more appropriate term should be [depressed to despair]. What about how’s scientific definition of [depression]? To be identified as depression, It must conform to three characteristics. First, It must be [depression] beyond the normal baseline of life. Emotions like weather, There are ups and downs, But there is a range of fluctuations. Take the time as the abscissa, A person’s emotions do the ordinate, Draw a line. If there is a very abnormal and long emotional trough, You have to be vigilant. In other words, Unlike the usual unhappiness, Depression and despair in patients with depression are severe and last for a long time. And it is often difficult to recover on its own. Second, Depression has affected function. In other words, [Unhappy] Not just lip service, Symptoms should really affect normal life, work and study. Due to cultural ties, Not used to observing and expressing inner feelings. After depression, I will not talk. Therefore, Some depressed patients do not know that their emotions are abnormal, Because of appetite, sleep, energy and other derivative problems, Was seized by his family and sent to the hospital before he was diagnosed. Third, Confirming [depression] also has to rule out some other factors. Including recent external stimuli, Drug effects, etc. For example, most people can get out of the shadows after losing their loved ones for a month or two. Only when a long time ( Half a year, a year) can’t get out of the way before considering the diagnosis of depression. The brain has changed. Mental diseases have a characteristic-listen to Xuan. It seems invisible and intangible. Some people often think that patients with depression just [can’t think of], Go to a dead end. Just pat him on the shoulder to make him [be optimistic and strong], If you make up your mind, you can immediately regain your energy. So as to complain about people suffering from depression [why are you so hard to think of], It seems to be the patient’s fault. Scientific research has confirmed that The brains of patients with major depressive disorder, A series of structural and chemical changes have taken place. Unlike people who are in a mood for a while, The epinephrine, norepinephrine and other [monoamine transmitter] transmission systems in the patient’s brain (wolf smoke signals that communicate between neurons) have become abnormal. Just like traffic signals, The red light won’t go off, The green light won’t turn on. So, The patient lost his normal judgment, Shielding positive signals, positive thinking, Full power is used to create negative energy. [Eating, Drinking, Whoring and Gambling] The fun function is turned off, Clear thinking, planning and judgment are lost. Long-term chemical imbalances have brought about structural changes in brain information processing. Like a red light for too long, Weeds on the road are no longer the way. The function and vitality of some structures responsible for emotion and reason (such as hippocampus, amygdala, prefrontal cortex, etc.) in depressed brain have undergone lasting changes. These brain changes can be seen in MRI examinations. At this time, It’s not just that simple. These changes in the brains of patients with severe depression can be seen and touched, and are real materialism. These changes cannot be reversed by themselves without external intervention. How to identify [unhappy] and how to identify the possible symptoms of depression so as to seek medical treatment as soon as possible? 1. The mood continues to be sad and depressed, And basically every day when I wake up, I feel depressed. 2. Losing interest, No pursuit. Patients who usually love playing mahjong, You let him fight again, Not only did he not touch it, I’m lazy about you. 3. No appetite, Or can’t sleep, There is no need to set an alarm clock to wake up early every day (for the author who cannot sleep in the morning, It hurts to think about it). A few [atypical depressions], They do the opposite, eat and drink too much, Or sleep with your head on your head every day. 4. No energy, no strength, Always tired. Mental inability to concentrate, Can’t think, Can’t make judgments and decisions readily. 5. Some people will also show restlessness. Or slow and weak. It’s like watching a slow motion movie with twice the frame. 6. Fall into inferiority and self-accusation, feeling that your life is meaningless, worthless and worthless. What’s more, a few patients not only have negative thoughts, but also various delusions and even hallucinations. Is what delusions? Is all kinds of stubborn strange ideas, such as fear of wind, fear of water and fear of light; For example, the end of the world is approaching. For example, he is ill and will soon die. Is what an illusion? It is [an alien came to see me last night] and other different-dimensional auditory hallucinations and hallucinations. 7. The last point is the most frightening: Patients may have repeated fantasies of death. When crossing the road without looking at the red light, I thought [it’s good to be killed like this, It’s over]. Severe patients will commit suicide in a planned way. The above symptoms often appear in combination with depression. Although patients may not have all the rules, But there are usually more than 3-5 kinds, And lasted for weeks. In addition, Patients may have other symptoms (such as stomachache and other [physical manifestations]) that are not listed in the diagnostic criteria. The complexity of symptoms will interfere with the judgment of patients and their families. Therefore, it is reasonable to identify and seek professional help as early as possible. Moreover, the treatment of depression is effective and can set the brain right. Please remember that depression can be managed and cured in most cases. Everyone can seek professional help through their own strength to make their relatives and friends (or themselves) suffering from depression regain a happy life. However, if depression is allowed to go unchecked or not followed the doctor’s advice, it may lead to bitter consequences.