How to do children constipation?

As a parent, Children’s eating, drinking, pulling and scattering have become the top priority of the family, The problem of children’s defecation has also become a problem for many parents. Either don’t pull for a few days, Either the stool bleeds as soon as it is pulled, The child was crying with pain, All kinds of methods have been tried and have not yielded much effect. It’s really big. In fact, the problem of defecation has always been the focus of pediatricians. Whether in pediatrics or pediatrics, Many diseases are related to defecation. Constipation in children, Not only does the child suffer, Parents are also very upset. After the first defecation after birth, Intentional parents will pay attention to the fact that what pulled the child’s first defecation after giving birth, It’s like what. This is important to eliminate some congenital diseases. More than 90% of full-term infants will excrete dark green thick stool within 24 hours after birth, This is normal stool. If the first stool is delayed, Especially over 48 hours, Or abnormal stool color and character, For example, there is only some white or yellowish mucus. It is necessary to pay close attention to whether there are any other complicated symptoms. Such as belly distension, vomiting, If you have these symptoms, you need to check with a neonatal surgeon. See if there are any surgical diseases. Beware of organic constipation. Surgeons should be alert to newborns with delayed fecal discharge and vomiting. It is generally recommended to have an X-ray examination of the stomach, Intestinal obstruction caused by some congenital malformations, Need urgent surgical treatment, Such as intestinal atresia, meconium intestinal obstruction, Prolonged procrastination can lead to serious problems such as intestinal perforation. However, some intestinal obstruction will disappear after symptomatic treatment. For example, the tire is too sticky, By washing intestines and relaxing bowels, The stool is gradually normal. There are also some diseases accompanied by intestinal obstruction that have relieved after symptomatic treatment. But after a while, the stool could not be pulled out again, At the same time, there will be belly distension, vomiting, Such as hypothyroidism, Thyroxine is needed to improve the symptoms. Of course, Hirschsprung’s disease, A congenital disorder of the intestinal nerve, A section of the intestine near the anus lacks ganglion cells, causing intestinal spasms. When the stool reaches the diseased intestinal canal, it is difficult to discharge it. The result is constipation, bloated stomachs, Once the disease is diagnosed, it requires surgical treatment. There are also cases where the child’s stool is quite normal when he is just born. I can pull it every day, However, after adding supplementary foods, it is found that children often suffer from constipation, Once in a few days, And when he pulled it, he turned red. Later, he came to the hospital for examination. Only to find that the child has no normal anus, The anal orifice is particularly narrow or not in its normal position. Some openings are close to the scrotum, Some of the openings are under the vagina. These children have not suffered from constipation before because they have been eating breast milk or formula milk. The stool is thin and pasty, The anal opening is small and the arrangement is very smooth. However, once the stool becomes hard and thicker after adding supplementary foods, It won’t come out, These conditions also need surgery to solve. Not long ago, I met a 10-month-old child. I saw many doctors because of constipation, After taking a lot of medicine, it didn’t relieve, Finally, I ran to the surgery department to see, When I looked at the position of the anal opening, the shape was completely normal. But it is a good habit for our general surgeons to do anal finger examination routinely for constipated children. As a result, when your finger reached in a little, you found an obvious narrow ring inside. Stuck your finger like a ring, This kind of rectal stenosis is rare and hidden. It is difficult to find it without finger examination. Even less common are some intractable constipation that occurs only after growing up. At the same time can be accompanied by urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, lower limb spasm, Examination revealed nerve damage caused by spinal deformity. Common functional constipation in addition to the above organic constipation, Most of them are functional constipation, This is what we often call constipation. Unlike organic constipation, Functional constipation is not impossible to pull out, But more or less there are intentional or unintentional stool holding behavior, As to why he suppressed his defecation, Why constipation, The reason is not very clear. At present, it is believed that it is closely related to diet and defecation habits. Changes in living environment can also induce constipation, Heredity and mental psychology may also be related to constipation. For different reasons, The focus of treatment will also be somewhat different. Many parents may also notice that Children have good defecation when breast-feeding, But when you eat formula milk, you begin to constipate. Sometimes it is better to change a kind of milk powder. There are also some children who have been defecating well. Constipation began after adding solid supplementary foods, The reason may be that some ingredients in the food affect defecation, For example, too much protein and too little carbohydrate may lead to constipation. Other investigations have found that the food of constipated children is generally low in calories. Therefore, it is believed that eating too little is one of the causes of constipation. However, this conclusion is suspicious, because constipation itself will also affect children’s appetite, eating less calories will naturally be low. At present, the common consensus is that cellulose and water in diet are very important for defecation. Cellulose cannot be digested by human beings, can increase stool capacity, retain water and make stool soft; Some cellulose is decomposed by intestinal bacteria, The gas produced can stimulate colon peristalsis, Moisture helps to keep stool moist and soft, Is good for defecation. So any constipated child, What the doctor said most was, Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water. There are also some children who are unwilling to defecate due to various reasons, such as fond of playing, such as attending classes and going out to play, which is not convenient for defecation. Instead, they subconsciously suppress their defecation and intentionally contract their sphincters to retain their defecation in the rectum. After a long time, the rectum adapts to the tension of feces, and the defecation disappears instead. Feces accumulate gradually in the rectum, Moisture is further absorbed, Getting drier and harder, Excretion is even more difficult, Rough stool causes anal fissure, Pain in defecation, And further inhibits defecation, Forming a vicious circle, Serious can cause fecal blockage in the rectum, The upper loose stool flows out of the surroundings of the feces, Dirty stool and incontinence occur. As for the influence of mental and psychological factors on constipation, The current conclusion is not so clear, An article in the American Journal of Pediatrics clearly points out that constipation can affect children’s social, emotional and learning. But the problem is, Constipation and mental and psychological factors which cause which result is not certain. In particular, Between 28% and 50% of children had a family history of functional constipation, Therefore, genetic factors may also be an important cause of constipation in children. Treatment of constipation the impact of constipation on children, In addition to the mental and psychological aspects mentioned earlier, It also directly brings a lot of physical pain to children, Abdominal distension, abdominal pain, Poor appetite, Even fecal incontinence, Affect children’s development. Therefore, constipation caused by any cause needs treatment. The sooner it is discovered, It is also relatively easier to treat. Mild functional constipation may be cured quickly by adjusting diet and defecation habits. For intractable constipation, Further examination is needed to eliminate organic constipation. Of course, you can also do some special examinations to understand the function of intestines. These doctors will make different treatments according to each child’s condition. For those with severe functional constipation, In addition to the diet adjustment mentioned earlier, Can let children exercise more, You can also do abdominal massage, But the most important thing is defecation training. You can first use Kaisailu, enema (preferably in hospital) and other methods to remove stool retention in rectum. Eliminate the pain of children’s defecation, At first, you can also take some stool softening drugs such as lactulose and polyethylene glycol. Let the child not be so afraid of defecation, Then there will be defecation training. Children can squat on the bedpan for 5-10 minutes after each meal to try defecating. After eating in the stomach for a few minutes, In a short period of time, the colon will contract and become more active. To promote the excrement, And produce constipation, this is called stomach colon reflex, this method is conducive to children to establish the habit of independent defecation. This kind of training may not be effective at the beginning, children are also difficult to adhere to, this requires parents’ encouragement and persistence. Although these methods may not be able to solve all constipation problems, but good defecation habits will benefit children for life.