Is it an experience in how to take children to Clove Clinic?

Let me answer this question!

It is said that [a child’s illness is like a war, and hospital registration is like a Spring Festival], and the parents of Youwa must understand the sadness and helplessness.

If the baby suddenly falls ill on the morning of the working day, it is simply catching up with the [peak of the Spring Festival] and it takes two people to take it to the hospital.

Yes, my baby gave me such a show. Not only that, but also on the morning when the temperature was the lowest in Hangzhou, she suddenly began to cough.

I had already made a plan to take my little ancestor to see a doctor for a day off. Looking at the time, I basically had to queue up for another day at this point, and my mobile phone was already in a state where I could not make an appointment. Recently, the flu is serious. What should I do if I take it to the hospital and get infected with other diseases?

With this in mind, I decided to go to the clinic at the gate of the community to have a look first.


Before helping the baby get up and tidy up, I quickly made an appointment for the number of the clinic. When I was about to go out, the clinic staff called to confirm the time of the visit.

Arriving at the clinic, the staff (or call the front desk? ) registered our personal information and assigned a follow-up nurse to accompany us all the time.


There is a children’s playground in the waiting area where the clinic enters. After registering, the baby rushed over to play with toys as soon as he saw it, just like he went to a small park.

Standing next to me, I was really in tears when I saw this scene. I should know that every time I took him to the hospital before, it was probably because the hospital was crowded and the environment was too noisy. I would never stop crying for an hour before seeing a doctor.

The scene is basically the following figure, you can feel it:

Clinic to see a doctor

The accompanying nurse took us to the sunny children’s clinic, which was full of beautiful stickers. There were also many toys in the clinic. The baby was playing with toys while waiting for the attending doctor. He probably didn’t think he was seeing a doctor.

The nurse’s sister was not idle either. While the baby was playing, the ear temperature was obediently measured, and then we were left in our clinic waiting for the attending doctor.

Why should we emphasize [ours]? Because we are the only ones in the clinic, there are no other patients, and there is no need to worry about cross infection.

When the attending doctor came to see a doctor, he brought a small gift to the baby and did not wear a white coat specially. Even the hand disinfectant was specially used with the kind of comfortable taste, instead of the pungent taste before. All of a sudden, the baby no longer resisted the doctor like before, but became very cooperative.

The doctor’s examination is one-on-one, so I can ask the doctor if I have any questions in the middle. If I want to have an overall understanding of the baby’s condition, there is no problem at all. The doctor will patiently answer the questions in detail.

Each baby will be subject to personalized disease analysis and treatment, and every question must be answered. This kind of medical experience is completely unfelt in large hospitals.

Think of a doctor’s room used to be full of parents. It was extravagant to ask one more question. It was lucky not to be cut in line. It was probably like this. Please feel it again:

Pay a fee, take medicine

It’s still in the same clinic!

Yes, you are not wrong! When you enter this clinic, you will be taken care of in the whole process. The nurse service, doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, examination and charging are all carried out here, and you don’t have to run around by yourself.

For example, I can’t find a clinic, a doctor, a pharmacy, or the correct toll gate … It won’t happen here if I wander around in such a large hospital like a headless fly!

After the doctor completes the examination, he goes to the office to write down the case and takes the medicine prepared by the professional pharmacist directly to the clinic.

Seeing the cases, I still don’t quite understand how to take medicine. Dr. Li still explained patiently. Moreover, clinics all use electronic medical records, and doctors will print out a copy if necessary. Let’s say goodbye to the handwritten cases that don’t understand doctors.

In addition, what makes me feel most is actually the rationalization and humanization of prescribing drugs:

Prescribed a variety of different drugs, only a few tens of dollars. Because the medicine here is opened for sale, the doctor said, the dosage of children’s medicine is relatively small, many hospitals, a lot of money to buy back a pile of medicine, only take one or two tablets will pass the period, but there will be no such situation here.

Some babies may have asthma, allergy, eczema and other diseases that need to be checked regularly in the hospital. Clove clinics can prescribe drugs according to the course of treatment or review according to the course of treatment, which greatly facilitates us. There is no need to run to the hospital again and again.

After all of them are completed, the fees will be charged, and there is no need to queue up for the fees. In the Internet age, the fees are also very easy. Scan the two-dimensional code and you will turn the accounts around without touching the money.

Overall perception

The whole process of seeing a doctor only lasts for more than half an hour, and this half an hour is spent seeing a doctor instead of queuing up.

From then on, we will bid farewell to the dilemma of [queuing for three hours and seeing a doctor for five minutes], and we will no longer have to worry about taking Eva to see a doctor.

Generally speaking, there are several better places to see a doctor in Clove Clinic:

  1. All the activities are completed in one clinic, and there is no need to carry the children around the hospital for more than half of the time. There is no need to worry about finding various places, let alone cross infection.
  2. There is plenty of time to talk to the doctor about the baby’s illness. Any worries and worries can be consulted by the doctor, who will answer them patiently.

  3. Save parents’ time and cost. To go to the clinic is to make an appointment in advance, without queuing, and the time is controllable. In the past, when the baby got sick on weekdays, he had to ask for leave to take him to the hospital. Basically, after making an appointment, you can see a doctor when you arrive at the clinic, and you can leave after seeing it. You don’t have to ask for leave from the company any more.

In the end, my baby came out of the clinic and was reluctant to part with the doctors, uncles, nurses and sisters. He held him back and didn’t kiss him. Finally, he only sold a cute, Twinkle, and recommended a clinic with excellent service ~

It is said that Clove Clinic not only can see a doctor, but also has a personalized growth and development assessment plan for the baby. When the weather is warmer, I will also take my baby.

For our sake, I wonder if we can make a discount next time.