Are you still buying drugs that can cure gout?

Now as soon as the TV is turned on, there are various provincial and local TV stations putting some advertisements about [health care products] and even [drugs]. Turn on the computer and search for the name of a disease. All kinds of [magic drugs] are also everywhere.

Among them, the treatment of various rheumatic diseases accounts for half of the country. [Medicated Liquor] [Plaster] or [XXX Ling] can treat a wide range of diseases, basically covering various joint diseases in rheumatology, including drugs for gout.

The advertisement claims that the therapeutic effect is extremely good, and there are no side effects, diseases are cured, and diseases are not strengthened. The advertisement makes me want to buy some and try it. So, is this really true?

There are also friends around me who told me that there is no magic medicine for gout. Even if you have an acute gout arthritis attack, taking that medicine will not hurt immediately, and you can stutter seafood and drink beer in large cups, which is much better than a doctor’s ability. So, is this true again?

Why are fake drugs so rampant?

In fact, the rampant use of these fake drugs is closely related to the patients’ eagerness to cure the disease and their fear of the side effects of commonly used [Western medicine].

The manufacturer started from these two psychology of the patients, and the advertisement hit the patients’ heart directly:

The curative effect is very good and there are no side effects.

However, even traditional Chinese medicine should treat all diseases according to syndrome differentiation. It is impossible to cure all diseases with one prescription.

Some advertisements advertise that they contain so-and-so valuable traditional Chinese medicines, and are these medicines harmful to liver and kidney functions? Is it applicable to all patients? Businessmen don’t care about all these problems. As long as they buy medicine and pay for it, they will be all right.

Is the curative effect of these drugs really good?

Take gout as an example. Older patients may know that when the medical profession does not know much about gout, anti-infection treatment has been used when gout attacks, that is, oral or intravenous antibiotics. When gout recurs and a large number of tophus form, it is often only by taking hormones for a long time to control inflammation and pain.

1. Antibiotics are ineffective in treating gout.

First of all, antibiotic treatment is ineffective for gout, and uric acid reduction is the [king]. Due to the self-limiting nature of gout itself, even if it is not treated with drugs, the pain can be relieved within 2 weeks. Unless there is a combination of infection, antibiotics are generally not required.

2. Hormone therapy must be regular

Secondly, patients should also be very clear about the side effects caused by long-term irregular use of hormones. Often behind the shiny appearance of these [magic drugs], there is hormone as the [mainstay].

Taking a certain amount of hormones every day can really control gout attacks well. At the same time, when acute gout attacks occur, giving large doses of hormones can really relieve the pain of patients quickly, and can also stutter seafood and drink large glasses of beer.

3. When [magic medicine] fails, the illness is often delayed.

However, when these [magic drugs] cannot be controlled, the patient will come to the hospital again. Gout has often seriously damaged joints, kidneys, even cardiovascular system, etc. At the same time, it is accompanied by side effects caused by long-term irregular hormone administration, which brings great difficulties to diagnosis and treatment.

Is it true that regular medication has poor effect and large side effects?

Drugs for gout have been told a lot in articles before gout doctors (micro-signal: tfyisheng). Objectively speaking, the current uric acid-lowering drugs, as long as they are taken regularly, have a positive effect on uric acid reduction.

Many patients have gout attacks from time to time after taking uric acid-lowering drugs. Investigate its reason:

    In the process of reducing uric acid, gout attacks are caused due to large fluctuations in uric acid levels in the body. No treatment was carried out to prevent acute gout attacks while reducing uric acid drugs were used.

If you don’t understand the reason, the patient will think [how did uric acid drop, gout or attack? As a result, he joined the [fake medicine] camp again.

Secondly, [drugs are divided into three parts], and any drug has side effects. In the article, I repeatedly stressed with everyone that the monitoring of allergic manifestations such as liver and kidney function and rash during medication is to [dissolve] the side effects before they come.

However, the [magic drugs] in those advertisements do not mention any side effects. First, there is no clinical verification at all. Second, if these are written, the patients will not pay the bill. It is too late to wait until serious side effects occur.

After reading the above, are you still worried about the side effects of Western medicine? Click directly on the blue link below to learn more details.