Is it only three steps from health to liver cancer? Teach you to avoid taking the wrong first step

China is a big country with liver diseases. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization in 2016, the number of hepatitis B patients in China has reached 90 million.

The key is that hepatitis B is closely related to some liver cancer (hepatitis B, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer), so many people say:

It turns out that liver cancer takes only three steps!

Is this really the case? Today, Dr. Clove will tell you about it.

It only takes three steps to get liver cancer?

Some media have come to the conclusion that [only three steps are needed from healthy people to liver cancer] based on the evolution step of [hepatitis B, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer]. I think it is a bit sensational.

Although the path from hepatitis B to liver cancer is relatively clear, it should be emphasized:

Any cancer is caused by many factors, not all liver cancer is related to hepatitis B.

The most commonly mentioned liver cancer is actually primary hepatocellular carcinoma. The vast majority of patients with this kind of liver cancer are indeed infected with hepatitis B virus.

But even so, we can effectively prevent or even block every step of the so-called “liver cancer trilogy”.

In a word: It is not so easy to get liver cancer.

To prevent liver cancer, we can also take three steps.

Step 1: Reasonable Response to Hepatitis B

First of all, hepatitis B vaccine is very popular. Most of them were vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine when they were born in the 1980s, so the incidence rate of hepatitis B has decreased year by year.

Secondly, even if there is no hepatitis B antibody in the body, more than 95% of people exposed to hepatitis B virus are acute infections, and less than 5% will evolve into chronic infections.

    Acute infection can cause acute inflammation and liver function damage, but it can heal itself. Only 0.5-1% of the people will die from acute infection. Chronic infection will change into [hepatitis B carrier] and [hepatitis B patient].

Therefore, it is not so easy to take the first step to get liver cancer.

Step 2: Hepatitis B to liver cirrhosis, also have the opportunity to block

For chronic hepatitis B infection, as long as regular antiviral treatment is carried out, the process of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer can be delayed or even blocked.

Step 3: Early detection of liver cancer, the therapeutic effect is also good.

Even if the first two steps have already gone out, liver cancer can be found early as long as regular physical examination and close monitoring can be carried out, and the effect is good after active treatment.

The third-level prevention of tumors will prevent the first step from going wrong.

The World Health Organization (WHO) proposed tertiary prevention of tumors in 1981, which is especially suitable for liver cancer, a tumor with definite etiology.

For liver cancer, the specific preventive measures are as follows:

Primary Prevention: Etiological Prevention

Is to avoid infection with hepatitis B, the specific methods include: vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine, attention to blood hygiene, avoid unclean sexual intercourse, etc.

Secondary prevention: preclinical prevention

That is, early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.

At present, the anti-hepatitis B virus drugs used clinically can effectively reduce hepatitis B virus and benefit countless patients. Even those patients who have become cancerous, as long as regular antiviral treatment can greatly reduce the risk of liver cancer recurrence, which is also the consensus of many studies.

Tertiary prevention: clinical prevention

Specific to liver cancer, is through transplantation, resection, radio frequency, intervention and other treatment methods to actively treat, the already cancerous cells are removed, so as to prevent cancer cells from flowing around and reduce the risk of metastasis. In addition, regular reexamination is required after surgery to find problems and solve them in time.

I believe you can also see that whether we can walk out of the so-called “three steps of liver cancer” depends to a large extent on ourselves.

Don’t let yourself take the first step, do a good job in every step of prevention, it is estimated that liver cancer can’t help you.