Is it really good to drink more [lactagogue]? What is the real effective lactagogue method?

Is [lactagogue soup] [Yuezi wine] really good?

According to folk rumors, drinking milky white soup can lactagogue, and even many nutrition doctors recommend it.

First of all, let’s briefly analyze two popular lactagogue methods:

  1. White soup is not nutritious: White soup usually refers to chicken soup, bone soup, pig hoof soup, etc. The reason why this soup is milky white is, It is because fat and protein emulsify. Usually, this milky white soup contains very few nutrients except a small amount of soluble polypeptide and amino acid, and because it contains a large amount of saturated fat, cholesterol and purine, it may make it difficult to regain weight after delivery, so it is not a healthy food.

  2. Yuezi Wine = [Alcoholic Milk]: There is also the custom of lactagogue with Yuezi Wine in the south. Yuezi Wine usually refers to rice wine or yellow wine. This method not only has no scientific basis, but also any wine is alcoholic, even if boiled, there will be residues. Alcohol can enter the baby’s body through mother’s milk, which is very unfavorable to the baby’s physical and intellectual development.

The truly scientific and effective lactagogue method is [four more and one less].

To sum up, it is:

    Feed more water, supplement more high-quality protein, rest more, decompress and relax.


Babies sucking nipples is the best way to lactagogue.

The sucking process can promote the mother to secrete prolactin, which in turn can promote the synthesis and secretion of milk. Therefore, as long as the baby wants to eat, it should be fed.

Drink plenty of water

Nearly 90% of milk is water, so intake of sufficient water is conducive to synthesis and secretion of milk.

After drinking all kinds of so-called [lactagogue] broth, new mothers feel their breasts swell because there is a lot of water in the broth.

Recommended Drinking Water Quantity:

The Recommendation of Reference Intake of Dietary Nutrients for Chinese Residents Released by the Chinese Nutrition Society in 2014, Ordinary adult women, in addition to normal diet intake, drink at least 1 500 milliliters (about 7 ~ 8 cups) every day, for new mothers during lactation, they need to drink 600 milliliters more on the basis of 1 500 milliliters. That is to say, in addition to daily meals, they should also drink 2 100 milliliters (about 10 ~ 11 cups) separately every day. If the weather is dry or sweats more, they should also increase the amount of drinking water.

However, drinking so much plain boiled water every day is also a burden to many mothers. What should I do?

All kinds of so-called chicken soup and broth are not forbidden. However, if mothers choose to drink soup, they must pay attention to light, less oil and less salt. It is recommended to skim off a layer of white fat with a spoon after the soup is cooled and drink it after heating. While supplementing water, they will not consume too much fat.

Eat more high-quality protein

Mothers can eat more fish and shrimp, lean meat of livestock and poultry, eggs and milk, which can provide a large amount of high-quality protein.

Breast milk has a high protein content, and most of these proteins need to be taken from food. Ensuring sufficient intake of high-quality protein is very important to improve the quality and quantity of milk.

Recommended protein intake:

The recommendation of the Maternal and Child Branch of the Chinese Nutrition Society is: the total amount of fish, poultry, eggs and meat (including animal viscera) is 200 ~ 300 g per day, which is about one or two for each category of fish, poultry, eggs and lean meat; The recommended intake of milk is 300 ~ 550 mL per day, preferably low-fat or skim milk.

Therefore, when new mothers drink all kinds of [lactagogue] broth, they must not only drink soup and not eat meat. [Nutrition is in soup] This statement is wrong. As mentioned earlier, the main ingredient in soup is still a large amount of fat, and the really useful protein is still more in meat.

Rest more

Milk synthesis and secretion are affected by many hormones. Adequate sleep and rest are conducive to hormone balance, which is conducive to milk synthesis and secretion. New mothers should try their best to sleep regularly instead of sleeping hard the next day after staying up late.

Decompression and relaxation

When mothers relax, parasympathetic nerves, which control visceral activities, are relatively excited, which can promote milk secretion.

When young new mothers start nursing, they will feel nervous and anxious, and it is normal that they cannot master the skills. Family members should understand them more and try their best to create a relaxed and comfortable feeding environment. They should not blame them indiscriminately, so as not to add to the psychological burden of mothers and affect milk secretion.

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