These things, menstrual period really can’t do

The question of whether you can eat cold food and chocolate during your menstruation has been discussed before. Interested friends can click here to learn more about what you can do during your menstruation.

Next, I will mainly talk about what I really shouldn’t do.

Is there any special menstrual period in what?

In short, menstruation is the phenomenon that hormone changes cause endometrium to fall off and bleed. Due to hormone changes, women’s bodies will also undergo some other changes.

1. Vulvar and vaginal congestion

During menstruation, vagina and vulva are congested, so some women have more frequent sexual impulses during menstruation.

2. Coagulation function deteriorates

Coagulation function refers to the human body’s own ability to stop bleeding. During menstruation, women’s coagulation function is worse than usual, but normal life is generally not affected, and women themselves are less likely to feel obvious abnormalities.

3. Immunity Declines

Affected by endocrine, menstrual women’s immunity will decline, so the risk of infection at this time is higher than usual.

4. Psychological and emotional problems

During menstruation, some women will have emotional problems. If some gynecological diseases are added, or dysmenorrhea and excessive bleeding, emotional problems may be more serious.

What should not be done during menstruation?

After understanding the physical changes during menstruation, let’s discuss what things cannot be done during menstruation.

1. Surgery and various invasive medical procedures

Coagulation function will deteriorate during menstruation. Some studies have shown that surgery during menstruation will increase the amount of bleeding. By the same token, menstrual period cannot be performed with various invasive medical operations such as tooth extraction, gastroscopy and colonoscopy, which will lead to bleeding.

Special reminder: Ear piercing is not recommended during menstruation.

Step 2 Donate blood

Menstrual women are already losing blood, and there is a risk of temporary anemia when they donate blood. At the same time, due to poor coagulation function, hemostasis is also a big problem.

Step 3: Bath

The mucus plugs secreted by the cervix during menstruation are thin, The cervix is basically in a unobstructed state. At this time, when taking a bath, bacteria in vagina and water may enter the uterus. At this time, the uterus is full of fresh endometrium that has just fallen off, as well as rich blood and fresh wounds. It is simply a paradise for bacteria to breed, and it is very easy to cause pelvic inflammation such as endometritis.

Note: It is only forbidden to take a bath, not to take a bath and wash your hair. Menstrual period is more susceptible to infection, so personal cleaning is more important. Even if it is not possible to take a shower every day, menstrual period should at least scrub vulva with clean warm water before going to bed every day. However, do not use any lotion, let alone rinse vagina.

What things are not recommended during menstruation?

1. Campaign

For women with dysmenorrhea and excessive menstruation, menstrual exercise is not recommended.

Menstrual exercise will not lead to serious consequences for what, nor will it be linked to cancer in what. It is only at this time that exercise will aggravate the situation, such as more severe dysmenorrhea and more bleeding.

There are also some cross-riding movements, which should be avoided as much as possible during menstruation, such as cycling for a long time. During menstruation, uterus and vulva are congested and relatively fragile. Cycling may cause damage and requires extra care.

If some girls have no symptoms during menstruation and are as active as usual, they can still exercise. There is no need to suspend their exercise plan because of menstruation. Everything is subject to personal comfort.

2. Sex

Sex can be carried out during menstruation, but most doctors do not object to it, but they do not encourage it.

For healthy women, sex during menstruation does not increase the risk of pelvic infection as long as they pay attention to hygiene. However, if they suffer from inflammation or do not pay attention to hygiene, having sex during menstruation may aggravate the disease or make them more prone to illness.

In addition, from the perspective of life, [fighting with blood] is too troublesome to pack up.

Diet during menstruation varies from person to person.

The above mentioned things are not recommended to be done during menstruation from a medical point of view.

As for other questions such as whether you can eat chocolate or ice cream, it depends on your personal situation. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t eat it. If you don’t respond, eat as you like.

To deal with menstruation, the most important thing is to be comfortable and not to let all kinds of unreasonable taboos tie you down.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Jingyuan