Is it really possible to have sex during pregnancy?

Perhaps because of the influence of traditional ideas in China, few people will ask doctors for advice on sex during pregnancy, as if it is a natural thing to ban sex during pregnancy.

In fact, don’t say at home, even in the West, the number of people who take the initiative to consult doctors in this regard will not exceed 20%. It seems that people all over the world avoid talking about sex during pregnancy.

Can I have sex during pregnancy?

Sexual desire will change during pregnancy.

According to medical literature, most women’s sexual desire will decline during pregnancy, while the decline of Chinese women’s sexual desire is more obvious than that of Western women.

Research on Western women shows that about 60% of women’s sexual desire decreased significantly during pregnancy, while about 30% of women did not change much. As for the research on Chinese women, only Hong Kong data are available at present. More than 70% of women’s sexual desire during pregnancy has decreased, while the other 25% have not changed much.

This shows that from the perspective of women, most people’s demand for sex life decreases after pregnancy.

For men, more than 40% of Chinese men have decreased their sexual desire after their wives became pregnant, indicating that men are also more cooperative.

Therefore, most of the time, it may not be impossible, but people do not want to.

Can you have sex during pregnancy?

As for whether you can have sex during pregnancy, it is rarely covered in domestic textbooks, but it is clearly written in foreign textbooks:

(1) Will sex during pregnancy lead to abortion?


Although many people have such concerns, on the whole, early abortion is mainly related to chromosome abnormalities and embryonic dysplasia, but it has little to do with whether you have done what or not.

(2) Will sex during pregnancy harm the fetus?


The fetus is protected by amniotic fluid and thick myometrium, and sexual life will not cause harm to TA.

(3) Will orgasm lead to premature delivery?


Although orgasm can cause uterine contraction, it is mainly vaginal and anal sphincter contraction and lasts only a few seconds, so it is not enough to cause premature delivery.

If you are a healthy pregnant woman and there are no high-risk factors for pregnancy, then normal sex life is not restricted during pregnancy.

Foreigners are indeed more open than Chinese! However, there is also evidence for their conclusion. The statistical results of nearly 30 years of research show that sex during pregnancy will increase the adverse pregnancy consequences of healthy pregnant women.

Which situations during pregnancy are not suitable for sexual life?

Although most women can enjoy sex normally during pregnancy, sex should be avoided as much as possible if:

  1. Have a history of premature delivery;

  2. Vaginal bleeding of unknown cause;

  3. Premature rupture of membranes, i.e. Premature rupture of membranes wrapping the fetus and amniotic fluid;

  4. Cervical insufficiency, i.e. Premature opening of the cervix, weight gain of the fetus in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, cervical dilatation without abdominal pain, etc.;

  5. Placenta previa, i.e. The placenta partially or completely covers the cervical orifice;

  6. Multiple pregnancy;

  7. Other high-risk factors, such as partners having sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

The word “health” should be emphasized here. If there are the above-mentioned high-risk factors, sexual life should be avoided, and the promotion of condom use during sexual life can reduce the risk of mother’s infection.

After reading the above statement that sex during pregnancy is harmless, it may touch some traditional bottom lines [deep into the bone marrow], which is hard for some people to accept. In order to avoid possible misunderstanding, it is necessary to say one more thing:

Sex life during pregnancy is harmless, which does not mean encouraging sex life during pregnancy, but only means that normal sex life is not restricted for healthy pregnant women.

Finally, I would like to emphasize the problem of [normal sex life]. Too frequent sex life may change the vaginal environment, lead to a decline in disease resistance, lower reproductive tract infection, easy to cause premature rupture of membranes, etc. Therefore, there are also literatures that should avoid sex life in the third trimester of pregnancy.

If there is one who can’t get around the snag in his heart, he will endure it first. After giving birth, he is another hero!

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