Is laser hair removal safe? Can you achieve the effect of permanent depilation?

The scorching summer is coming, and it is also a good time for girls to wear skirts with suspenders to show off their legs. Looking at the beautiful women in the streets, how can they allow their armpit hair, forearm hair and leg hair to be exposed?

Then the question arises, which is the best depilation method?

The well-known depilation methods include scraping, beeswax depilation, depilatory cream depilation, etc., but they only destroy hair stems and do not damage hair follicles.

This means that hair will grow again from the hair follicle.

In short, these are temporary measures that treat the symptoms but not the root causes.

Is there any way to remove hair permanently?

In recent years, the concept of medical cosmetology has gradually become well known to the public. Some women who attach more importance to shaping their own beautiful image have begun to seek new and more effective depilation methods.

They found electrolytic depilation (old method), thermal dissolution depilation (old method) and laser depilation (new), all of which can achieve the effect of permanent depilation.

However, electrolytic depilation and thermal dissolution depilation have low operability in actual use due to complicated operation, long treatment time, many treatment times, strong pain, possible skin injury and scar formation, etc., and have been stopped at present.

Can laser depilation achieve the effect of how?

The left (A) in the above figure shows the original state before depilation treatment, while the right (B) in the above figure shows the state at the 15th month after 3 treatments.

Figure B shows that most of the hair has disappeared, and the rest is much thinner than the original state, with lighter color, whitening skin color and tender texture.

You are not wrong, this is an additional (color) use (egg) of laser depilation. As melanin is also evenly distributed on the epidermis, during depilation, melanin on the epidermis disintegrates and breaks up after absorbing heat, and then metabolizes and discharges out of the body, which will whiten the skin.

Moreover, under the action of laser heat, collagen shrinks after being heated, and is converted from a triple helix structure to a disordered curled structure, so that collagen fibers become thicker and shortened with the folding of protein chains, and present a more stable conformation, and the skin [elasticity] is more sufficient, thus achieving the effect of skin rejuvenation.

How many times should laser hair removal be done?

In order to achieve good depilation effect, 4 ~ 6 times of laser depilation are required.

As the growth state of hair is in growth period, quiescent period and degeneration period respectively, Therefore, a single laser therapy is only more effective for those hair follicles in the growing period (high melanin content and multiple target colors), while the melanin content of hair follicles in the degenerative and quiescent periods is very small. The laser can only work after these hairs are transferred to the growing period (which often takes 2-4 months).

Therefore, laser depilation needs many times (usually 4 ~ 6 times) to ensure the therapeutic effect. The time interval for each treatment should be 1 month, and it can also be treated again when more regeneration of hair development is found.

However, some friends still have new hair after 6 times.

At this time, it is necessary to see whether the newly grown hair is the same [thick] terminal hair as before or the soft and fine [vellus hair] on the baby’s skin.

If it is the former, it needs to continue treatment-there is no way, this only means that there are hair follicles that have just entered the growth period; If it is the latter, then it is generally believed that [vellus hair] is already the end point of treatment. Such hair has less melanin content and poor response to laser, so it is of little significance to continue treatment.

Which parts are suitable for laser depilation?

    Upper lip and beard underarm chest abdomen, back arm, leg lower abdomen [bikini] area

Is laser hair removal expensive?

After reading the introduction just now, there must be many girls who are tempted. They do not hurt their skin or hurt their skin. The effect is exact. They do not need to ask for leave and rest after treatment. They can be treated once a month. After several treatments, they can have permanent depilation… So, is the treatment expensive?

The cost of treatment will fluctuate according to different treatment sites, but the principle is: the larger the area, the higher the cost.

At present, there are various kinds of laser equipment produced by various manufacturers on the market. From beauty salons to 3A hospitals, relevant treatment services are provided. The quotations range from several hundred to tens of thousands. It is hard to avoid being conspicuous.

The author’s suggestion is to choose hospitals above Grade II and private hospitals with formal business licenses for treatment, and pay attention to see whether the use of equipment is normal and whether the qualifications of relevant employees are complete. You can compare several hospitals and choose the hospital you trust most for treatment.

How is laser depilation realized?

We know that light has wavelengths. The longer the wavelength, the deeper the depth of penetration. Different substances have different absorption efficiencies for different wavelengths. Therefore, scientists have found a suitable wavelength range (600 ~ 1100 nm) so that the laser can penetrate into the depth of hair follicles and melanin can absorb the most laser energy.

In this way, the energy of the laser can reach the vicinity of the hair follicle, melanin in the hair absorbs a large amount of energy, and the temperature rises sharply, thus causing the hair follicle tissue to be destroyed and the hair to be removed.

In this process, hair follicle melanin absorbs most of the energy, so the energy diffused to the surrounding skin tissue is relatively low. During the treatment process, the skin has almost no special discomfort, and the skin surface has no obvious difference before and after the operation, so there is no need for [shutdown] rest.

What are the precautions for laser depilation?

1. Shave the visible hair on the skin surface first.

Laser is like an accurate sniper, aiming at a target (melanin) with a special bullet (wavelength), while passers-by a, B, C and D (other skin tissues and structures) are not affected at all.

Because melanin absorbs light energy, Therefore, it is necessary to shave the hair in the depilation area before operation. Otherwise, the local skin will produce burning sensation due to the absorption of a large amount of energy by the hair on the epidermis, and even cause pigmentation in serious cases, which not only increases the pain sensation in treatment, but also affects the treatment effect due to less light energy absorbed by hair follicle melanin.

After shaving the skin, the pain will be greatly relieved during treatment.

2. Need to complete a full course of treatment

Some friends may have only received 2, 3 or even 1 treatment without completing the whole treatment course. Will this lead to hair growth instead?

The answer is: it will not cause rebound hair to become more and thicker, but the therapeutic effect will be covered.

Only one treatment will destroy the hair follicles in the growing period, and some of them will no longer be able to grow final hair. However, due to the limited effect of one treatment, with the advancement of time, the hair follicles in the quiescent and degenerative stages at that time enter the growth period. Moreover, due to the limitation of the safe range of laser energy, the hair follicles in the growth period cannot be completely destroyed during the first treatment, and it seems that the hair density will approach the original state.

Therefore, if you only have one or two treatments and want to continue treatment after half a year, you still need to start from scratch.

3. Before laser hair removal, you need to make some preparations.

    Avoid sunlight in depilation area and use sunscreen for more than 2 weeks. Clean the skin in the depilation area, remove the surface grease, and shave the hair (just a shaving knife, stick to the root of the hair, and pay attention to prevent scratches); People who are particularly sensitive to pain can undergo topical anesthesia in advance, such as external application of compound lidocaine cream.

4. Laser hair removal has slight side effects,

During laser hair removal, there will be slight tingling sensation, slight burning sensation after operation, slight erythema and follicular papules on local skin, which can disappear within a few hours. Individual patients will have purpura, blisters, temporary pigmentation or hypopigmentation, most of which can recover after several months.

In addition, because of stabbing pain, pain stimulation may stimulate uterine contraction, pregnant women are not recommended to do it, expectant mothers should wait first.

The way to reduce side effects is to do a good job of sun protection before and after surgery, shave off epidermal hair before surgery, apply ice during and after treatment, and then apply skin care ointment externally.

After laser hair removal, attention should be paid to external sunscreen before outdoor activities.

In addition, a few people are sensitive to laser stimulation. In order to avoid side effects, experimental treatment of several light spots can be done locally first, and then large-scale treatment can be carried out after no problem is determined.