Is Penis’s size really related to pleasure?

In previous years, a sexual health survey of about 12,500 people in 27 countries, including 6,291 men and 6,272 women, showed that more than 50% of men and women were dissatisfied with the quality of their sexual life.

While we were surprised by this data, we couldn’t help thinking: where did we go wrong?

[Hard] Truth Is the Key

Which of the three factors do you think [penis] is the most important for sex? Some people must think it is length, wrong! The answer is actually hardness.

Erectile hardness is crucial to sex.

So what kind of hardness is the qualified hardness? At present, a widely used self-test erectile hardness scale, also known as erectile hardness score, is used clinically to divide erectile hardness into 4 grades:

Grade 1, penis swollen but not hard;

Grade 2: The penis has hardness, but it is not enough to insert into the vagina;

Level 3: Penile erection can be inserted into vagina, but it is not completely firm.

Grade 4: The penis is completely erect and firm.

It can be tested by your own feelings. Usually, four kinds of food are also used to compare the above four kinds of hardness, namely, tofu, peeled banana, banana and cucumber. Grade 3 and Grade 4 can complete sexual intercourse, but Grade 4 hardness is the best hardness.

A tough plan to increase hardness

First of all, if you suddenly have a [hard] condition in a short period of time, you should consider whether there is a problem with any part of your body.

For example, cardiovascular problems are closely related to penile erection. Have you taken any drugs recently? Or is work and life overworked? If you encounter such a situation, it is best to go to the hospital for relevant examination to make sure whether it is caused by other diseases.

Secondly, it is also very important to adjust diet, work and rest regularly and take appropriate physical exercise. Excessive pressure and physical fatigue often lead to embarrassing situations where one’s heart is unable to do anything. Therefore, one must recharge one’s body. The car needs maintenance after running for a long time, and people are no exception.

Finally, you can also try to use some drugs to increase hardness, but you must use them under the doctor’s advice.

For example, we usually call [Viagra], the drug name is sildenafil. And similar drugs, including vardenafil and tadalafil, have appeared one after another. The adverse reactions of the three drugs are similar, but most of them are mild and short-lived. The main adverse reactions include headache, facial flushing, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, visual abnormalities, etc.

However, if you are taking sorbitol nitrate (isosorbide dinitrate), nitroglycerin, isosorbide nitrate, etc. at this time, do not take them at the same time, because it may lead to significant hypotension. In addition, if you suffer from diseases such as hepatitis, liver dysfunction or heart disease, which may have side effects, you should consult a doctor before taking them.

It is even more important to live well.

Many people think that the longer the penis, the easier it will be to bring sexual pleasure and orgasm. This is not entirely correct.

In fact, the source of orgasm mainly comes from the stimulation of the clitoris, not just the stimulation of the vagina. The clitoris is located in front of or above the female external genitals. The strength of the clitoris receiving the stimulation does not depend on the length of the penis, but on the contact point and hardness.

The nerves of women’s vagina are mainly distributed in the vaginal orifice and 1/3 of the outer part of the vagina, about 3 ~ 4 cm inside the vaginal orifice, similar to what is commonly called [G spot]. Although [G spot] is not an anatomical structure, women are very sensitive to this part of the vagina.

Therefore, in the process of sex, mastering sexual skills and teasing sensitive parts of women, [short and pithy] you can also make your sexual partner reach orgasm.

What about [Fast Man]?

In ancient times, living conditions were harsh, and primitive humans could be attacked by fierce animals at any time. Therefore, primitive humans did not mate for too long when reproducing offspring, and this habit was written into the DNA of offspring men.

In modern society, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and there are not a few [day trader] and [fast men]. A large proportion of these people are caused by psychological factors, such as fear of sudden intrusion when they love. Too excited when excited; Without paying attention to sexual skills, it was done hastily.

We don’t need to deliberately pursue the length of time, but we should pay more attention to the feelings of both sides. Honest communication between each other is conducive to increasing the sense of intimacy.

Tips for reaching orgasm

Most of the time, when the man is already [satisfied], the woman is still [not satisfied]. This is mainly caused by the asynchronous sexual reaction process of men and women, usually [men are fast and women are slow].

Therefore, while enjoying sex, one should learn some sexual skills, so that both men and women can more easily obtain sexual harmony.

1. Arrange a warm environment or create a romantic atmosphere in advance. You can make an appointment in advance. It is not appropriate to do it when you are in a hurry or tired.

2. There should be enough foreplay to mobilize women’s sexual desire. Foreplay time varies from person to person, generally in about 10-15 minutes. Can touch and kiss the sensitive areas of women’s whole body to gradually arouse women’s sexual desire. At this time, glandular secretion around vagina can play a lubricating role, reduce the discomfort of insertion, and is conducive to obtaining orgasm.

3. It is very important to express your feelings before and after sex. If both parties are silent and do not reveal their feelings to each other, they may never know each other’s preferences.

4. Try to change the same sex process. The same sex process can make people feel monotonous, and perhaps a small change will bring unexpected surprises.

For example, changing the time of sex, the busy life from 9 to 5 takes too much energy, and sometimes the sex process will be completed mechanically. In fact, as long as the mood, body and time are suitable, any time can be used.

In addition, you can also experience a variety of sexual postures and use props.


Love and sex are inseparable. A harmonious sex life requires the joint efforts of both parties. Don’t scold each other because of disharmony. Both parties take care of each other and care about each other’s feelings. It can strengthen the harmony of feelings and is a good way to enhance the sense of intimacy.

How of both husband and wife can achieve harmonious sex, which requires both parties to practice and explore to find the most suitable way for each other.

Responsible Editor: Fei Fei