Is red dates [enriching blood] OK or not?

Red dates have long been said to enrich the blood. Many women also keep red dates for special periods. Many girls also eat a few red dates every day or drink a cup of red date paste, which means enriching the blood. However, can red dates really enrich the blood? Are you anaemic? As you know, There are many kinds of blood cells in the blood, Among them, red blood cells bear the function of transporting oxygen and nutrients through the whole body. The volume of erythrocytes in human peripheral blood decreased, Below the normal range, You will not be able to transport enough oxygen to organs and tissues. In this case, It is [anemia]. Two of the main causes of anemia are more often noticed by the public: One is anemia caused by insufficient hematopoietic raw materials or utilization obstacles. Such as iron deficiency anemia, This is the most common anemia clinically. Hemorrhagic anemia is another common cause of anemia. But it is usually caused by disease, For example, the body’s coagulation function is out of order, Or serious trauma, tumor, peptic ulcer, hemorrhoids or diseases of genitourinary system. Among them, Chronic hemorrhagic anemia is often combined with iron deficiency anemia. However, in most cases, the blood loss caused by menstruation is only 20 ~ 60 mL per month, which is far from reaching the anemia standard. However, women pay more attention to [enriching blood]. Although there is no anemia, it is not bad to supplement it. Many people think so. So, can red dates really [enriching blood]? How of Red Jujube [Enriching Blood] Effect? Unfortunately, blood cannot be replenished, only iron as hematopoietic raw material can be increased through [replenishment]. What about the iron supplement effect of red dates in how? 1. That content of iron in dry jujube is not high. The content of iron in dry jujube is about 2 ~ 4 mg/100g, With some animal food, For example, compared with pig liver and chicken liver, It is really very low. 2. The iron absorbed and utilized by the human body at ordinary times is divided into heme iron and non-heme iron. The iron in red dates is non-heme iron. Non-heme iron is a little troublesome to be used by human body. First, the insoluble iron must be changed into a soluble state. Reabsorbed into the blood, In order to use it to synthesize heme by itself. In the process, There are also phytic acid, oxalic acid, phosphoric acid, dietary fiber and other obstacles, The absorption and utilization efficiency will be greatly reduced. And heme iron, The human body can directly absorb it and use it for its own use. Make your own hemoglobin, The utilization rate is much higher. Foods with high heme iron content are mainly animal meat, viscera and blood. Including pork, beef, pork liver, chicken liver, etc. Due to the high absorption and utilization rate of iron in animal foods, If you are really anemic, doctors and nutritionists suggest that the first choice is not red dates, but direct iron supplement, or suggest eating [blood enriching] foods, such as red animal viscera and red meat, and vitamin C supplement, because the effect is fast and good. It is difficult to improve by eating red dates alone. Therefore, the effect of “enriching the blood with red dates” is not as good as everyone imagined. How to eat [enriching the blood]? 1. Take it together with vitamin C. At present, International authorities, If the CDC, NIH, Britain’s NHS and others all recommend, There are two kinds of foods to prevent iron deficiency anemia: Foods rich in iron and vitamin C. Foods recommended by European and American countries for plant iron supplement often include iron-rich plant foods such as raisins, dried plums and dried apricots. There are also foods rich in vitamin C such as cauliflower and orange. The iron content of dried red dates is higher than that of raisins and dried apricots. However, the reason why it is not recommended may also be related to the yield. 2. Although eating with organic acids is not as good as red meat, But in plant foods, Jujube, whether dried or fresh, They are all good ingredients to supplement iron. Although non-heme iron is troublesome to absorb, But if there is a lot of vitamin C and organic acid to help, The absorption rate of non-heme iron can be improved. For example, hawthorn, Rich in VC, And rich in organic acids, Iron supplements are good. 3. A survey shows that many foods are eaten together. A mixed diet containing meat, seafood and vitamin C, The bioavailability of iron is about 14% ~ 18%, The utilization rate of iron in vegetarian diet is about 5% ~ 12%. Therefore, Considering the whole diet, Iron in plant foods can still play a role. In the United States, Half of the iron people need every day also comes from plant foods such as bread and grains. Therefore, Non-heme iron is also very important to human body. 4. Eating fresh jujube is better than dry jujube. On the effect of iron supplement, Fresh jujube is better than dried jujube. Fresh jujube is rich in vitamin C, It can improve the absorption rate of iron. Especially fresh jujube in autumn and winter, Sour, crisp and refreshing, Its vitamin C content is as high as 200 mg/100g. 5. Another important reason why eating red dates as snacks can be used as a food source for daily iron is that, Red dates are delicious, It is also very convenient to eat. But the main ingredient of dried red dates is sugar. 70% ~ 80%, If it is a woman who needs to lose weight or a person with diabetes, But be careful. Whether it is dried or fresh red dates, The taste is very sweet and delicious, Very popular with women, Not only is it a good snack between meals, It can also be eaten in desserts and pastry. Such as tremella jujube soup, jujube cake jujube longan eight treasures porridge, It is very convenient to eat, It is easy to eat a lot of dates, Conclusion Jujube is one of the sources of iron, It is also a better snack and dessert, eating a little every day is a beneficial supplement. However, it cannot be used as the main measure to solve the anemia problem. If the clinical standard of anemia has been reached, it is necessary to seek medical treatment as soon as possible to find out the cause of anemia, and at the same time to adjust the diet comprehensively. Never think that eating a few jujube grains can be easily solved.