Is someone else’s hospital a good hospital?

Looking back over the past few years, the doctor-patient relationship has been pushed to the forefront. When netizens complained about the poor medical experience in mainland China, my first emergency visit to a public hospital in Hong Kong took place. Before I could see a doctor, I gave up automatically.

Automatic abandonment? Aren’t clean hospitals, high-quality services and low prices synonymous with public medical care in Hong Kong? Absolutely.

A timely ambulance

On that day, when I was walking on the road, I suddenly felt a burst of colic in my lower abdomen. Then my eyes turned black and my limbs were weak. I slowly spread out on the ground. I knew fairly well that my annoying dysmenorrhea had been reported on schedule. I belonged to menstrual symptoms that were especially serious.

Enthusiastic passers-by immediately called 999. It is not new to me in what to enter the emergency department due to dysmenorrhea, but it is the first time in Hong Kong. The ambulance arrived in three minutes and took me to the nearest public hospital.

Standard Process

Ambulance personnel registered me and sent me to the diversion station before leaving. The emergency registration fee of 100 yuan includes all the expenses for examination, surgery and drugs.

Emergency patients must first pass through the shunt station and be graded according to their condition. Generally, they are divided into five types: critical, critical, urgent, sub-urgent and non-urgent. The grade determines the waiting time.

Without any doubt, I was diverted to [emergency] and then pushed into the waiting room to rest. There was an electronic bulletin board on the wall, which showed the approximate waiting time for each grade. My registration time was over 6 pm, and the bulletin board showed that the patients currently being admitted were registered over 3 pm.

Endless waiting

I thought it would be my turn in more than three hours, but after a few hours, the bulletin board still showed that the patients calling were still more than three o’clock. After resting and keeping warm, I have gradually felt better.

At this time, from time to time, some [skilled] patients can be heard sharing their medical experience:

I hung up the number and went home for dinner and took a bath. Now it is estimated that it is almost my turn.

Hang up after 4: 00 p.m., not until the middle of the night is despise …

All of a sudden, I felt that my posture was rising. It turned out that public hospitals in Hong Kong should look at medical treatment in this way.

In the middle of the night, the pain seemed to have passed. I looked at the motionless numbers on the bulletin board, then at the old people and children lying in beds in wheelchairs around me, and decided to go home. Only then did I notice that the disease classification paper said “If I give up my diagnosis and treatment, the registration fee will not be refunded”.

I didn’t know until I chatted with my friends. My friends have had profound experiences of [sitting in the emergency department for more than ten hours for fracture, one year to make an appointment for ordinary electrocardiogram, and you can endure toothache yourself or sit in the emergency department for one day], My husband even delayed for a year because his general practitioner believed in his diagnosis and did not refer him to a dermatologist, only to find that the previous diagnosis was wrong.

After that, I also went to the emergency department because of other minor problems, and each time I ended up giving up voluntarily. So far I have not seen a doctor as a patient in Hong Kong. It is not so easy for a doctor to meet you here! Of course, there are private clinics and hospitals everywhere in Hong Kong, which can see doctors at any time, but the charges are relatively expensive.

My own moon

When my mother heard all this, she couldn’t help saying, “It’s still convenient for us to see a doctor.”

There is no denying that Hong Kong’s medical care is satisfactory, but how many patients can withstand the long wait? If mainland patients are allowed to come to Hong Kong to try, they will know that many things are actually just [the moon outside is extremely round].

Editor: Zhang Qing

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