What should I do if I have a bad memory?

Doraemon has a magic weapon called “Memory Bread”, As long as you print it on a book and eat it, The content of the text can be remembered. In fact, Memory is certainly not that easy. We often complain about forgetting. I hope I can remember more things to guide my future study life. But from an evolutionary point of view, forgetting helps us filter out some unimportant information to reduce the burden and remove negative information to avoid depression. However, many times, there are some things that we do not intend to forget. What is the reason for these forgetfulness? Memory fading can be compared by cell phone number, I don’t need a mobile phone number for half a year and I don’t pay, It stops automatically, If you want to use it again, It takes a process of resuming the phone. Memory formation is like opening a mobile phone number. Telephone charges are electrical signals and proteins. In the early stage of memory generation, Electrical signals promote the enhancement of certain connections between nerve cells, increase the content of memory-related proteins, The telephone charges are sufficient, The call is smooth. But if you don’t recall it after a long time, Connections gradually become inactive, Or disappear completely, The protein content has also returned to its previous level. Telephone charges have been deducted, At last, it is cleared and you will forget. This reason is called the “memory fading hypothesis”. Information interference has three kinds of information interference: reverse interference, forward interference and output interference. 1. This is the “reverse interference” of information. Sometimes people go out together to travel and book two rooms. [We are 536, what is your room number? ] [548! [All right! Let’s go.] I came back dumbfounded, [Well, I remember you were 548, what was our room number? The interference of new memories with old ones, It seems that there has been some kind of [covering]. 2. This is the [forward interference] of information. Sometimes the cooking forgets to put salt in it. However, I clearly remember that I have let go. This may be that the old memory interferes with the new memory, which makes people think that I have already done it. 3. This is the [output interference] of memory. Sometimes I go to the supermarket and hard remember what things I have used up and what new things I want to buy before going out. I list them on the shopping list one by one. When I go to the supermarket, I find that I didn’t bring them with me! The process of recalling what you want to buy interfered with the original idea of carrying a shopping list. Lack of Situation or Clues [Deadly] in the Mouth of American Spectators in NBA Matches? This is auditory memory. Chinese, basketball, rocket, Shanghai, high number? This is about Yao Ming’s declarative memory. We search the memory and pop up the name in our mouth. Only when we get enough clues can the name come out. If you don’t know Yao Ming well enough and can only think of basketball players for a while, the name will get stuck and you can only say [who is that? That… I’ve got the name on my lips! [Thus, when the clues are not extracted enough and the overall image you want to recall cannot come out, it will lead to forgetting. If you lack attention, please close your eyes and recall the Apple logo. Is the bite mark on the apple on the left or right, and the direction of the apple handle? What about the bottom of the apple? Why can’t we remember the Apple logo every day? Because of our lack of attention to it, When you need to buy it, Just go to the exclusive store or buy it online. So we never paid attention to how it looked like what, There is no need to add burden to the extra memory. The solution is that if you are young, But very eager to have a better memory, Try the following methods. 1. Enough rest time when people are tired, It is easier to forget. Fatigue leads to physical decline and distraction, Seriously affecting the efficiency of learning and memory. Ensure adequate sleep at night, Good combination of work and rest during the day, It is the basis to ensure memory. 2. Record Although [a good memory is not as good as a bad pen] has been said for many years, But in life we still like to use our brains to remember, Too lazy to remember. Actually, Many things don’t need to be remembered all the time, Trivial or important, Record it on paper, pen, or computer, It is always a more reliable guarantee than our own memory. For the elderly whose memory has declined or has memory impairment, This is even more effective. 3. The connection between old and new things is very important to the brain. Continuous meaningful information is easier to remember, It is very difficult to use single meaningless information. Use pictures to connect different things, for example, Want to go to the supermarket to buy beef, cola, tomatoes and paper, But I can’t find anything at the moment. Write down the list. Let’s take a look at this picture in detail: You’re eating tomato brisket, Drinking Coke, After eating, I took out a piece of paper and wiped my mouth. Such a picture, It can effectively help you remember what you want to buy. Sometimes, Even if the absurd imaginary picture, It is also better than remembering all kinds of information sporadically. It is much more effective. The new name of the contact with nicknames is often independent, unfamiliar and difficult to remember. At this time, we can contact. For example, we have a friend named Li Si. Next time I meet a man named Li Siguang, You can connect him with Li Si. Or, Nickname directly. 4. Reminder Apart from setting alarm clocks and other reminders, Put the things to be used or done together in advance, which can remind each other. For example, if you always forget things when you go out, you may as well put a storage box by the door. You can put the key conveniently when you go home, and put the things you need to take out the next day into the storage box as soon as you think of them, so it is not so easy to forget things. For example, if you want to wash your clothes before you go out, You can put the washing powder beside the shoes in advance. When I saw washing powder before I went out, It’s natural to think about doing laundry. Anyway, Our memories are not always in a reliable state, Adequate rest is its foundation, plus external assistance and some good habits, can effectively help us to avoid forgetting important things. Then, even if occasional forgetting occurs, it is only harmless. However, on the one hand, with the growth of age, people’s memory will inevitably decline; On the other hand, if memory suddenly drops, it may indicate illness and need to go to neurology department as soon as possible.