Is there any reliable way to relieve alcoholism?

The first time Xiao Feng and Duan Yu met was in the pub. Duan Yu saw Xiao Feng’s strength and grandeur. After a burst of impulse, he looked capricious and said to the bartender, “I bought the man’s list.” Xiao Feng looked back at the white and clean Duan Gongzi: “Is this product sick? ] A few worthless opening remarks were made, The congenial two began to fight for wine, Duan Yu seemed to raise his glass generously and gulp down the wine. On the other hand, the six-pulse Excalibur was used in a dark way. Let the wine run out of my fingers. And Xiao Feng, But he forcefully carried dozens of bowls of Erguotou on his own liver. Heroes meet, Hormones decide to hit it off, dopamine decides to worship brothers, epinephrine decides [when it’s time to hit it off], and self-esteem decides who pays the bill. If you can’t learn Duan Yu’s six-pulse magic sword, you finally decide who gets drunk first, or alcohol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase in the liver. What is drunkenness? [Cheers] After that, A large amount of alcohol (scientific name ethanol) flows from the oral cavity into the esophagus, Being embraced unsuspecting by the gastrointestinal tract, The most enthusiastic are the stomach and duodenum, In fact, These two parts usually absorb more than 90% of the alcohol. Alcohol absorbed into the blood from the digestive tract quickly reaches various tissues of the whole body along with the blood circulation. Except that less than 10% of alcohol is excreted through urination or respiratory tract, More than 90% of the remaining alcohol metabolism is done by the liver. Simply put, The metabolism of alcohol after it enters the liver, There are two steps. The first step: Under the action of alcohol dehydrogenase, Decompose into acetaldehyde, Acetaldehyde is far more toxic than ethanol, It can dilate blood vessels, It makes people blush, heart beat, nerves excited, And because it could damage DNA, It is believed to have carcinogenic effect. Step 2: Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2) in the liver, The acetaldehyde is converted into acetic acid, Part of the acetic acid is excreted with the urine, Parts are further decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, Generate energy. If the acetaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 in the body [does not give force], After drinking, Acetaldehyde will accumulate in large quantities in the body, Soon you will blush and get excited. The activity of ALDH2 in the body is determined by genes. It won’t change for a lifetime. Some vomiting-inducing toasts often say that [the capacity for liquor can be developed slowly], Nine times out of ten it was to get you drunk, Don’t believe it. Drink a little wine every day, It doesn’t make your poor ALDH2 strong, The increase in capacity for liquor, It is because the body has been immersed in alcohol for a long time. Tolerance to blushing and nerve excitement, It is not easy to get drunk. However, the accumulation of acetaldehyde in the body is increasing, causing greater harm to the body. More than 30% of the Han people will blush after drinking, which is called Asian Flush. In other words, I suspect Xiao Feng is not Han Chinese even after drinking dozens of bowls of white wine. How is the most reliable way to relieve alcoholism? From the metabolic process of alcohol, it can be seen that there may be two so-called [reliable] ways to relieve alcoholism: 1. Delay the absorption of alcohol in gastrointestinal tract and avoid the sudden rise of alcohol concentration in blood; 2. To really relieve alcoholism, we also need to increase the amount of alcohol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, or improve their activity. The first way is still possible: some food before drinking can slow down the speed of drinking, and can slightly reduce the absorption of alcohol, giving some time to alcohol metabolism; Eat something and drink water at any time during drinking, It can promote the excretion of alcohol in urine, It can also supplement water and minerals. Some Russians advocate eating fried potatoes while drinking vodka. I think it makes sense. On the second point, Since the quantity and activity of ethanol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase are genetically determined, Exogenous sources are difficult to supplement, Humans have still not invented truly effective drugs. All kinds of [anti-alcohol drugs] on the market can’t help either. The reason why some [anti-alcohol drugs] make drunken people feel awake and comfortable is that, Just because it contains diuresis, analgesic and exciting ingredients, which can relieve headache and nausea symptoms, they cannot really [relieve alcoholism]. On the contrary, they make the liver metabolize alcohol and at the same time [distract] to deal with these foreign drugs, thus increasing the burden on the liver in the end. Is the folk anti-alcoholism treasure book reliable? There are all kinds of secrets circulating on the wine table. Is it really reliable? Let’s analyze one by one. 1. Add carbonated drinks such as Sprite to the wine? Transparent sprite mixed with white wine is a common [eye barrier] on the wine table. However, it should be noted that carbonated beverages are rich in carbon dioxide gas, which can expand the stomach volume and increase the area of alcohol absorption. And carbon dioxide can also promote the speed of alcohol entering the jejunum and increase the absorption of alcohol, so mixing carbonated drinks with cocktail parties makes people more prone to drunkenness. 2. Drink honey water after drunkenness? Studies have shown that fructose in honey water can make the alcohol consumed by the body disappear in a shorter period of time, but further studies have found that fructose only improves the efficiency of alcohol dehydrogenase and has no effect on the product of ethanol-acetaldehyde, which is more harmful. 3. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin? It is helpful to relieve headache after drinking, but it is not beneficial to alcohol metabolism, and when taken together with alcohol, it will increase the risk of stomach bleeding and liver injury. 4. Chinese herbal medicines such as kudzu root soup? Pueraria lobata is a good prescription for relieving alcoholism mentioned in traditional medicine. Some commercially available [anti-alcoholism drugs] contain Pueraria lobata ingredients, However, some studies have shown that kudzu root is an inhibitor of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase 2. Drinking kudzu root after drinking a lot of alcohol may increase the risk of acetaldehyde-related tumors. So, there is no reliable way to relieve alcoholism. On the wine table, if there is no Xiao Feng’s body and no Duan Yu’s life, it is better to drink less. Remember: drinking hurts the body and relieves alcoholism.