Is there any specific medicine for striae gravidarum?

Less than 30 years old, I have been smearing oil from a famous brand from the early stage of pregnancy, and my weight gain during the whole pregnancy is also very slow. Why is it? Is that oil cheating? Is there any way to prevent this?

Asked my husband, although he is a doctor, he answered [I don’t know] and claimed: This kind of thing that your women care about very much about appearance does not affect their health in the doctor’s view. Why do you study so much?

Well, this is the gap between patients and doctors!

However, I still found two professional doctors to answer the questions of the vast number of [big belly]-Dr. Zhang Tao from the dermatology department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Dr. Gao Hui from the obstetrics and gynecology department of Beijing Tiantan Hospital. Which do you want to listen to first for some good news and some bad news brought by the two doctors?

Bad news

About 80% of pregnant women cannot escape the clutches of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are also called swelling marks and atrophic marks, and their growth is caused by the joint efforts of two major [culprits]-one is the change of hormone level, and the other is the enlargement of the stomach.

During pregnancy, estrogen increases greatly, causing adrenal cortisol secretion also increased by a full 3 times. The increased cortisol will not only inhibit the growth of elastic fibers in the dermis of the skin, but also promote the decomposition of elastic fibers, thus reducing the elasticity of the skin.

After pregnancy, the uterus gradually increases, and the abdominal wall skin is stretched. The pulling force is increasing, but the elasticity is getting worse. As a result, the elastic fibers will break, and then purple or reddish, irregular and slightly sunken stripes will appear. This is pregnancy! Pregnant! Tattoo!

About 80% of pregnant women will have this situation, so the probability of winning the recruitment is very high.

The younger you are, the better your figure is, and the more likely you are to have stretch marks.

Is the growth of striae gravidarum related to what factors?

In addition to hormones and excessive skin pulling, genetic factors have also been found to have an impact in the past ten years, but the specific mechanism is still unclear. In the past ten years, people have gradually realized that the faster the weight gain of pregnant women and the heavier the weight of newborns, the easier it is to develop striae gravidarum.

Is striae gravidarum related to which fetus? Some people think that the probability of striae gravidarum will decrease due to poor skin elasticity. However, it is strange that there are also some pregnant women who are not long when they are pregnant with the first child and become [watermelon peel] when they are pregnant with the second child. The reason is not easy to explain.

One of the worst news is that young age is the most prominent risk factor for striae gravidarum. Scientists have studied the incidence and severity of striae gravidarum in 324 parturients. The results show that 21% of pregnant women under the age of 20 even have severe striae gravidarum. However, the incidence rate is very low for those over 30 years old. Therefore, the younger the expectant mother, the higher the probability of pregnancy with long striae gravidarum.

Can it be prevented? -What can be used is not necessarily effective, and what can be used is not necessarily effective.

The question of whether various [oils] [ointments] such as olive oil and cocoa butter for external use can prevent striae gravidarum has been studied several decades ago, but no definite conclusion has been reached so far.

Although some people believed in 1972 that olive oil massage for abdomen had [unexpected effect]; However, a number of recent studies have shown that olive oil cannot reduce the incidence and severity of striae gravidarum and is not recommended. It is up to you to believe in which research results.

In fact, there are also some drugs that are useful, such as tretinoin, which is effective in treating early swelling marks. However, it may be that these drugs are not used casually during pregnancy, so there is no research report on whether they are useful or not.

What can be used is not necessarily effective, and what can be used is not necessarily effective. What should I do?

In fact, theoretically, striae gravidarum can be prevented to a certain extent.

Especially in the process of pregnancy, when the skin bears the pulling force gradually and slowly increasing, some moisturizing preparations should be appropriately added and gently massaged, which may increase skin extensibility. At the same time, weight control can reduce the degree of mechanical stretching, which may be useful.

Can you recover? -Once it appears, it is difficult to fade away,

To a certain extent, it can improve, but it is not easy to fade away.

Why? Although the uterus gradually returned to normal size after delivery, Abdominal skin tension drops, However, the broken elastic fibers cannot be recrosslinked. The broken part will be formed by tissue with relatively more fiber components. Instead of the original tissue, called fibrosis, scars are formed in this way. Scar contraction will cause slight depressions on the skin surface, and because the scar tissue has no melanocytes, striae gravidarum will gradually turn silvery white after delivery.

Mothers-to-be if very mind those silvery white stripes, can also be eliminated by laser, surgery, smearing medicine and other methods. Among them, the effect of smearing medicine is relatively poor. And laser for early striae gravidarum effect is good, but for old striae gravidarum, the effect is not ideal.

Good news

Stretch marks have no effect on local physiological function and will not deteriorate. Therefore, from the perspective of doctors, there is really no need to turn pale at the mention of striae gravidarum.

No matter how the research progresses, striae gravidarum is definitely a considerable business. You see, all kinds of oils, refreshments and ointments cost several dollars per milliliter and 1 milligram.

This article, children’s fathers, for the sake of your wallets, you also have to forward it quickly!

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