Is wisdom tooth extraction a what experience?

Editor’s Note:

I have heard a saying before: doctors are the group of people who are most likely to avoid medical treatment. Now I believe… as a medical student, pulling out a wisdom tooth can be delayed back and forth for more than two years. How dare you persuade others to treat their diseases early?

Wisdom tooth is what?

My wisdom teeth were discovered by accident: during the anatomy class, the teacher said that adults should have 32 teeth and 4 teeth on the four corners. Not everyone has them. Some people grow late, which is wisdom teeth.

I counted my teeth, all of which were 28, and then put my hand into my mouth and touched it well (wrong demonstration! Everyone must not imitate! ) Indeed as expected in the lower right innermost touch a hard corner, wisdom teeth no doubt!

After discovery, I occasionally feel dull toothache. I thought it was wisdom teeth growing. I never cared about it. I touched it and pressed it hard, hoping it would grow out early. (Remind again: wrong demonstration! Everyone must not imitate! )

Toothache is killing me

In this way, several years have passed. I don’t know that since what, the other side of wisdom teeth has to suffer from pain every other period of time. In serious cases, eating is affected. After a week, I will be fine.

Once the pain was so great that I couldn’t open my mouth. Finally, I couldn’t help looking for a student majoring in oral cavity to show it. He said, This is a typical pericoronitis of wisdom teeth. This suppuration is a bit serious! When the inflammation subsides, pull it out quickly! Then I asked the teacher to prescribe some antibiotics for me.

Pericoronitis of wisdom teeth

When wisdom teeth grow out or cannot grow out, food residue is easy to accumulate between them and the gums covered on them, thus becoming a paradise for bacteria. When the resistance decreases, bacteria begin to make insurrection, inflammation and suppuration, gums swell up to a high level, and even cannot open their mouths, etc. This is called wisdom tooth pericoronitis.

My classmates abandoned my oral hygiene for half a day and warned me that I must extract my teeth as soon as possible, otherwise it would also affect the surrounding teeth over time.

Problematic wisdom teeth should be pulled out in time.

Wisdom teeth are not only easy to cause pericoronitis pain, but also may affect the surrounding teeth, such as dental caries, squeezing other teeth crooked, etc. Moreover, if inflammation is serious, it may also cause fever, systemic infection, etc.

In addition, tooth extraction is not suitable when pericoronitis infection is serious, which will not only increase the risk of infection spread, but also increase the traumatic reaction after extraction. Therefore, it is recommended to pull out when there is no inflammation.

After pulling out wisdom teeth, one is relaxed.

A few days later, it was not swollen or painful, and then I forgot about the tooth extraction. After that, I spent two years in the monthly cycle of “it hurts me to death, I must pull it out when I am not inflamed” and “it hurts no more, I will pull it out when I am free”.

Until one night shift, the pain was so bad that I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t open my mouth, and half of my face was almost unconscious. It was really too painful. So when the toothache was over and I had a good meal, I went to take a dental film and immediately asked a doctor to pull it out.

The doctor said to my tooth film: You should have pulled it out long ago. This tooth is crooked. It is impossible to grow out completely against the front one. It may also squeeze the front tooth crooked and broken. Your root is still bent very badly and is not very easy to pull out. I will try my best!

Hearing this sentence, I became even more nervous. When lying on the chair of the stomatology department, a feeling of “man-made saber, I am fish” came to my mind.

The doctor said gently, “Just open your mouth. It hurts a little when you take anesthetic, but the others are all right.”

I had to concentrate all my attention on opening my mouth hard. I felt the doctor wiping my gums with a cotton ball a few times, and I saw the syringe out of the corner of the eye. Then, a sharp pain spread from the right side of my mouth to half of my head, again, again, again. I couldn’t help snorting twice and tears came out.

In my heart, I thought: This is the feeling of sticking to the periosteum … When I do bone wear for others in the future, I must be more gentle.

Soon, half of my face became numb. It felt as if the doctor had taken a what thing and poked the meat on my teeth. Then something was tugging at my teeth, shaking while tugging. I heard the doctor say [OK, OK, almost ready ha! Okay! I felt that the wisdom tooth was empty, and then I was stuffed with a cotton ball.

I tried my best to bite the cotton ball, because half of my face was hemp, and it was really a little difficult to bite the cotton ball tightly. Then I saw the little tooth that had tortured me for several years, with its pointed root tilted and a piece of meat with it, sprouting slightly.

After pulling out the tooth, the doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs for 3 days. The key points are:

  1. Bite the cotton ball for half an hour, spit it out and leave the hospital.

  2. Eat and drink water after two hours, and use the other side without tooth extraction.

  3. Don’t brush your teeth and rinse your mouth that night, so as not to wash away the blood clots that coagulate in the wound.

  4. Don’t suck the tooth extraction place with your tongue, which is not conducive to hemostasis.

  5. It is normal to gargle with blood within a day or two, but if there is more and more bleeding, it will not work. You should come to the hospital quickly.

I asked the doctor if he would like to eat [soft rice] before the tooth extraction wound grew well. The doctor smiled mysteriously [hey hey, the anesthetic has passed for a while, and you will definitely suffer from pain for several days in this place. Besides soft rice, it is estimated that you can’t eat anything else.]

Sure enough, the pain at the place where the tooth was extracted lasted for almost a week, but it was much lighter than before. Later, the toothache was never committed again. I ate it delicious and relaxed.

Remind you that toothache is also a disease, and you must go to see a doctor early. The wisdom teeth that should be pulled out must be pulled out early. Otherwise, you will suffer for a long time in vain and miss a lot of delicious food!