It is impossible to understand these things without understanding them.

We yellow people always take white as their beauty: [hands are like catkins, skin is like coagulated fat] Fang is considered as beautiful women. With the growth of age, the light spots of beautiful women become black spots, translucent to dark yellow, fine lines become wrinkles, and firmness changes to drooping. Among them, the color spot problem ranks first in the facial beauty problems of Chinese women.

Many makeup brands and beauty salons have [freckle removal] series of products, and advertisements are also very attractive. However, there are many facial color spots: some can indeed be improved through products; However, some color spots are [indifferent] to the products. There are also some color spots and even health risks of the middle-aged and the elderly. How to identify and treat them still needs dermatologists to judge.

Facial Spot Genealogy

We ranked the color spots according to their age.

    Freckles and post-inflammatory pigmentation: The smallest generation can occur in childhood and may perplex patients until puberty. As you get older, it will gradually deepen. Sunburn and chloasma: You can climb up your cheeks or forehead around the age of 30. Solar exposure, hormone level, chronic infection, drug use, etc. are all the causes of their occurrence and aggravation, which is also the most common [face problem] for young women. Old age spots, pigmented nevus, etc.: After middle-aged and old age, more pigmented spots will appear, such as old age spots, pigmented nevus, irregular pigmentation, senile purpura, etc.

How to treat color spots?

Many people will certainly ask, what about the color spots? I’ll give you some advice [three steps]:

1. Clarify the diagnosis of color spots

Due to the variety, so in the end is mentioned above which kind, must let dermatologists to clear. Most of the time, dermatologists also need to use certain methods to determine the type of color spots, such as dermatoscopy, Wu’s lamp examination, and even pathological diagnosis;

2. Based on diagnosis, targeted correction or treatment

    Freckles or sunburn: First of all, correct living habits to avoid aggravation of color spots, which can assist certain skin care products, external drugs or even laser treatment; Pigmentation after inflammation: First, treat skin diseases inducing pigmentation, such as acne, seborrheic dermatitis or allergic dermatitis, etc. Secondly, cooperate with appropriate safe and effective freckle removal products, because these skin diseases often make the skin in a relatively sensitive state, so more attention should be paid to the use of products to avoid the stimulation of active ingredients in the products; Chloasma: Systematic treatment should be carried out according to different inducing factors, and different steps of drug treatment should be selected according to the area size and color depth of chloasma. Some patients can cooperate with external drugs or laser treatment, but the treatment plan varies from person to person.

Old people grow old spots?

The scientific name of senile plaque is [seborrheic keratosis], also known as senile wart and basal cell papilloma. Its essence is a benign tumor of skin, but so far, the cause of its pathogenesis is still unclear.

Under normal circumstances, men appear after 40 years old and women appear after 50 years old. The probability and number of women appear after menopause increase.

However, in outpatient clinics, we often encounter patients around the age of 25, pointing to flat, light yellowish brown, 1 ~ 2 mm round or irregular patches on the face or back of hand to diagnose and treat. This is also [seborrheic keratosis]. This kind of patients with earlier onset age are generally hereditary.

However, the rash of the elderly is more characteristic: the face, back of hand, neck or trunk all occur, showing yellowish brown, tan or black patches or plaques, with rough surface, slightly bulged, some even obviously thickened, and greasy scab skin on it.

Does senile plaque need treatment?

In general, we advocate not to treat senile spots with lighter color and smaller rash and long-term follow-up observation.

However, if the rash site is special and affects the facial appearance, laser, electric ion cauterization or freezing can be used.

One thing needs to be emphasized is that any freckle-removing skin care products for old people’s spots are futile. It is useless to use freckle-removing products indiscriminately. Sometimes it is not used well, which stimulates the skin and aggravates the spots of the elderly.

Of course, the old age spot suddenly broke out in a short period of time, spreading from the head and face to the neck, and there is obvious pruritus. At this time, we need to be on guard against a [malignant seborrheic keratosis], which is an important indication of many visceral tumors (especially digestive tract adenocarcinoma). However, the probability of canceration in general cases of old age spots is quite low.

Can color spots be prevented?

For patients without family history, we will still tell patients some important preventive measures:

1. Sun protection: Solar exposure will induce the early generation of various color spots, and the skin rash that has appeared will further deepen its color and increase its area; This requires scientific use of sunscreen.

2. Quit smoking: Smoking can obviously accelerate the aging of women’s skin, which is a recognized phenomenon. Therefore, less smoking and less secondhand smoke are also one of the important measures to prevent some color spots including old people’s spots.

3. [Spot Prevention] Work: Long-term, Habitualized and Conscious

The freckle removal effect in many advertisements is [such as shelled eggs], As a matter of fact, If the freckle removing effect of skin care products can reach 10-20%, The effect of drug freckle removal is 30%, which is already an outstanding product or drug. Laser freckle removal is not once and for all. If it cannot be scientifically protected after laser, it will still [return to before liberation]. Therefore, everyone’s expectation of freckle removal should be reduced, but in daily life, attention should be paid to protection everywhere to avoid harmful factors. Only in this way can [freckle prevention] work be truly implemented.

Also, of course, it is to pay attention to Dr. Clove, learn more about knowledge and develop good skin care habits.

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